PSO2 close beta days over

well ok since I havent posted much recently let’s see what I was doing from April 19- April 30 from wake up to sleep time

First Phantasy Star Online 2 spiritual successor to Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Online to be honest I did not play Phantasy Star Online but according to what I have read thus far Phantasy Star’s engine was used as the base for Phantasy Star Universe when SEGA decided to close its PSO1’s server and opened PSU servers which at this point PSU US servers have died long long time ago making way PSU Japan’s server being the only one alive at this point this also includes my knowledge that Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) was a direct port of PSU therefore I’m going to use that as a basis of  what I know, SEGA also released PSP2 to be a direct sequel to PSP1 and therefore PSU, sadly PSP2 US servers died right away in a short run to the pain of probably US players SEGA again released another expansion to PSP2 called Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (BAD NEWS FOR US PLAYERS SINCE THE PSP2 SERVERS DIED NO EXPORT FOR YOU) some years ago, the JP server was closed down recently on February not too soon as they kinda released the Alpha Test for PSO2 to make way for HYPE!. PSO2’s engine is based on the changes they made in PSP2 so If you guys played PSP2 you will like the changes.

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