I think I finally did it

Alas, I can no longer dream not could I fap… perhaps… maybe perhaps I have finally reached the goal in my life that I had always assumed to be my cause, first I lost my ability to dream and then my H drive simply diminished, porn no longer cuts it, hardcore eroge no longer cuts it, H manga even… perhaps its just my SAD fate that, this will be the path of my choosing bu if it was worth it who knows… I’ll probably do some reviews should the time for me to come back and have my H drive back but for now it feels like I have a sword inscribed to the very depths of my soul sucking all that out :<…

This Year’s sum up

Did I have a New Year’s Resolution?
Answer: NO

Failed thesis?
Answer: Twice no less

Will the year following this year be different?
Answer: Long have I been meditating for such a vague answer despite dissociating myself from this world.

Will I regret ever saying my words?
Answer: If it deals with my perceiving thought which is dead spot on, then no

Have I really given up hope for this world?
Answer: Maybe…? then again humankind really likes self-fulfilling destinies I wonder how that goes.

Answer: Who knows… all I know I want to see the world collapse under its own weight and pressure, how you people interpret this is not into my own accord take that if you will.

Answer: Im still psyched up! FOREVER BWEHEHEHEHEHEHE

秋空に舞うコンフェティ First Impressions

Akisora ni Maou Confetti etude’s third game along with Mikomai and Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori being their first and second game respectively, and also it paved the way for me to fine Ryou Ueda’s art; him being the character designer for all of their games, Akisora ni Maou Confetti what I can say about this game the general theme is Iyashii-kei, Slice of life and supernatural/mystery being their recurring theme with their first game Mikomai. In a way the game has similarities with Your Diary but if you consider the date Your Diary is like the successor to the same story theme.  I can consider the game more in the lines of a chara-ge so technically theres no true plot to the story asides from Hayato the protagonist has to save the drama club from being dissolved by joining it and there is also the legend of the town giving it some mysterious feel but is relatively weak in terms of it… as for the Drama aspect… well its there but its quite “shallow” as I could put it.

Graphics… quality wise is similar to TRUMPLE/ABHAR well but thats just me saying my opinions, as for the Music eufonius ahh eufonius quite good bunch well indeed medoicre but still good none the less.

go in the end I’m still debating as if I’m going to finish this or just move on to another game or just play the routes I want make a review and then move to another game but for now… Ill just get some nuki-ges… since yeah…

I dont even… CSL HK… JAPAN IPHONE?!

ohh yeah theres one thing i forgot

Ok I’m probably back but I don’t know how long…

as you guys could have probably see I haven’t quite posted for a long time but I’ll keep this post short and simple.


Jumping through eroges until I can find something to my tastes
Did so far:
Moribito Kozorite ~Joy to the world the lord has come~ by Clapworks
Ikinari anata ni koishite iru (Ikikoi) by makura
to try:
Duelist engage by Praline (you know hemi… was uhh… ranting on this)
Sukima Sakura (Silver Bullet)
LOVELY x CATION (akatsuki works)
relations sister x sister
Well then Ill be active in twitter for the mean time until I can make a review for any of the games