Giga I do not wish to drop you to my Kuso-ge list but if this keeps up…

Seriously GIGA most of your latest games are no longer laptop friendly… I mean sure my laptop is already 8 years old but I can still play most eroges by most companies but ever since the Kiss series it has boiled down to very fancy engine that my laptop overheats… I know I can’t play most modern games long on my laptop but please seriously… I’m still trying to like your games but if your going to weed out people with “weak” rigs… thats no longer healthy seriously GIGA what made your games too fancy… I CAN PLAY E-MOTE ENABLED GAMES PERFECTLY HAVING PLAYED WITCH’S GARDEN WITHOUT OUT A HITCH BUT YOUR GAMES STILL HAS SOME STATIC SPRITES/tachi-e HARVEST OVERRAY ASIDES I know I have patience but when the config menu only pops up 15-20 seconds after pressing the config button we seriously have a problem

I’m sorry Sakusaku but… you failed me


Just for prosperity I’ll ride through Tina’s route just to probably screw her for what she has done… MAYBE JUST…. YES YES my seal came in first but thats that

but perhaps… I’ll just show my appreciation for my favorite character



ZByaranethis is how flags develop

In a Total unrelated note I have been addicted to listening to these

despite I’m not going to get the game… PROBABLY, Yes yes entice me all you want Visual-arts FOR ALL THAT DUCA, SHIMOTSUKIN+MANYO AKA Canoue now also part of the Peak A Soul+ production group, and Luna (I still dont know her works)



WHY… 1 route done just when  thought it would have the dorama in most eroges they just gave me candies and rainbows… ohh well the total lack of plot was nice though… its basically like reading vanilla ero mangos where everything just escalates quickly…

PS: I’m also done with Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki… its not that good either… god damn its been so long since I remember its predecessor series Vestige no less <_< hah… don’t expect me to review Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki BUT AGAIN I DO LIKE KUWAHIMA REINE’S ART

What now…


I seriously do no know what to do… I think I’m happy with what I have done so far for Magical Marriage Lunatics by MOONSTONE… even though I have done 3 of 6 routes and then….

rorikon heh

or Karumakura CIrcle… my progress on this one is 2/7 (including true route?) I dunno… If I’m like ready to first impression this one

finnish really?

or just screw around… I dunno… screwing a half Finnish LOLI? REALLY?! REALLY?!

This hallowed feeling

So you readers may have noticed that I haven’t been actively posting on the blog, including reviews because of all these empty feeling I’m having, I know I felt empty to begin with… but there’s something lacking… right… Interesting Eroges to read… nope nothing all these time nothing interesting is out there for me to read at the moment… however I can still be contacted through usual means twitter for one, or just comments here I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities. But seriously there has been no Eroge for like 4 months that has interested me… nukige, chara-ges alike… sure I played Lovely x Cation 2 but its not worth noting, till then just watch the twitter timeline it will reflect on what I’m thinking