Game Jumping

even all the angst
Lately I found myself jumping from one game to another… said games I have been jumped so far above Agarest Senki 1 which thankfully is now available on Steam MMMmmm Ellis… sadly I still can’t screw her till 5th gen which I’m still in 3rd gen and having a hard time choosing the ladies… I’m inclined to Noah but really I don’t know who to choose however 4th gen is Silvi that I know will be fixed on me.


Kokoro@Function by Pulltop, It’s a so-so game compared to their current Magna Opus KonoSora though theres still the twins route which I actually gusta, played Asagao’s route as well, I can’t say its a “badly” written story but its just… to mediocre for my liking well the theme of this game stems from friendship and the drama… is well character exclusive, however all the plot lines revolve around Asagao’s route so if you want a “feel-good” and “true-route” feel go play her route; and by “feel-good” because if you like incest and a Hikkikomori for an imouto go ahead… I’m not stopping you people, and like KonoSora your locked at the twin’s 3P route until you clear them both MMMmm imagine what their Kokoro Function can do.


Another game from the WillPlus group (same group as PULLTOP) is 夜這いする七人の孕女 from Guilty its a nuki-ge, what else is there for me to explain… uhh the Protagonist happens to go to an Island where his grandfather lived to take his place as the doctor of the island, it just so happens that the village has a tradition of night visits and that the protagonist is in the middle of it all such that there’s a festival in the island that was made by the protagonist’s fore-fathers that they must impregnate one of the women of the village selected through these night visits… err yeah… he has 7 to choose from harem route is added as a patch no “bote-play” in it though.


Played SaruOto demo it was ok… though quite very long for a prologue of the game, as what ensemble is now going to be known for fully voiced games for their TRAP games… err yeah, so what is the plot all about, Aoi; the protagonist has an imouto named Yuri, because of their family has been moving all the time just before going back to Japan they were in Europe because of their father’s occupation, but after another relocation this time to a southern country where the sun shines brightly their mom decided it won’t be good for ill girl Yuri’s health so their mom decided to send them back to Japan, and study in the school ran by their Uncle and Aunt which happens to be an all-boys school (Ikka Gakuen) and all-girls school (Ouka-gakuen) respectively at the same time neighboring schools as well, in additional worries for Yuri their mom also decided to force Aoi to study in Ouka-gakuen, but their Aunt also said that he should also go to Ikka gakuen as well thus living his life as a cross-dressing student who ends up being accepted in Ouka gakuen’s higher circle called Ouka-kai which operates like the student council for Ouka-gakuen, at the same time as a helper for Ikka-gakuen’s Student council president who also happens to be his friend Soichi. Hi-jinks ensues

maybe for old times sake

PS: still thinking whether or not to play Walkure Romanze… and its FD also I played Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki’s demo from ALcot Honeycomb one thing is certain I like Kuwashima Rein’s art in that game compared to いんぴゅり -ヒトとアナタとアヤカシと- from Rosebleu I guess because I got used to her? CG which shines in Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki