Well well… I just decided I have too much time so here we go DO NOT READ UNLESS READY

Ok as I said before the Nekonade list is being made well because I don’t think I want to continue reading Harvest Overray by GIGA now (BECAUSE THE EPIC WEEK IS DAWNING UPON ME DESPITE I’LL ONLY PLAY 1 TITLE)

LET US BEGIN, DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU WISH NOT TO SEE ME ENDLESSLY RANTING PS: like this post this one will be one text heavy post


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This Year’s sum up

Did I have a New Year’s Resolution?
Answer: NO

Failed thesis?
Answer: Twice no less

Will the year following this year be different?
Answer: Long have I been meditating for such a vague answer despite dissociating myself from this world.

Will I regret ever saying my words?
Answer: If it deals with my perceiving thought which is dead spot on, then no

Have I really given up hope for this world?
Answer: Maybe…? then again humankind really likes self-fulfilling destinies I wonder how that goes.

Answer: Who knows… all I know I want to see the world collapse under its own weight and pressure, how you people interpret this is not into my own accord take that if you will.

Answer: Im still psyched up! FOREVER BWEHEHEHEHEHEHE