Why inactive and unworthy eroges being played

Right now I’m in a stump of worthless eroges being played games that I find bad… and is bad… ok… maybe not all but majority of them are not worthy of a review, however I may perhaps end up reviewing ALIA’S CARNIVAL when it’s out and Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort also when it’s out… but to those who are curious I just recently played Shoujo Kyouiku from Tanuki-soft (loli nuki-ge… preggo sex…) and is in an attempt to run through Koisuru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki by Sugar Pot… I’m sorry but as of right now I really can’t do anything worthy of a review :X however if people fancy Happy Mea FD Amaenbouda A-team maybe going to make a review for it.