Primal Hearts 2 Review

The second generation Triple Seven ready to shake up the status quo or did he? trained by the son of the WORLD’S STRONGEST MARTIAL ARTIST and is the younger brother of BITCH OF BITCH.


Old cast meets new cast except Sera… sadly she’s having been written off having an icha icha good time with Kazuma… (in the Inn from Koi-iro Marriage) yeah it’s part of the verse

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Genre: Ren-ai, Student Council?, Drama?
Character Design: さそりがため、芦俊、ここのか、木場智士
Scenario: 吉川芳佳、近江谷宥、他


With a new cast at the same school, taking place 6 years later in the same school but with a new set of heroines. On the advice of his older sister, Daichi transferred into Ainoshima Gakuen in the second term. His heart was full of expectation for a new life, at least until he crossed the school gates where he was accosted by the two student council leaders. There are two student councils: the noble Gekka-kai and the fashionable Tendou-kai. They regularly compete against one another and their support is evenly split. As such, he held the sway vote and everyone greatly anticipated his arrival, much like what happened at the school 6 years ago. They say 777 is lucky, but to Daichi, who had planned to spend a quiet school life, it was extremely unlucky.

taken from Micchi’s summary description cause I’m a lazy.


アリスティア・ヴァレンベリ・華蔵寺 (Alicetia Wallenberg Kezouji)

Boy that name is a mouthful shortened to Alice she’s the current President of Gekka-kai, but due to her shy soft spoken personality she get’s little screen time towards the Gekka-kai council but is more represented by the Vice-president Mashiro, also because of her doormat/docile personality she’s rumored to curse anyone who makes contact with her not sure how but its more like she’s not accustomed to interacting with other people other than the student council of Tendou and Gekka. Oh and she looks up to Kanna Kana (who doesnt it’s been written back in the previous game girls like her)

栗生 真白 (Kuuryuu Mashiro)

Vice President of Gekka and is also the face of the student council due to the shy nature of Alice, she’s a Kouhai and has a stalker father. (taking elements from Haruhi’s route LITERALLY)

館林 たては (Tatebayashi Tateha)

Nephew of the Okama Tenchou, and also works part time in her uncle’s cafe the same place that Yuzuki once worked. Who also makes a cameo, she’s the secretary of Tendou, and she finally fulfilled the original wish I had in Yuzuki’s route… and she also has Yuzuki’s fang

月夜野 兎姫 (Tsukiyono Usagi)

Tendou’s student council president and is also a part time? Idol, she has her reasons all you have to know it has something to do with money (totally the opposite of Tendou’s Haruhi time, cause you know Haruhi is filthy rich) and Haruhi weirdly enough makes a cameo in her route… so is… THE SON OF THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MARTIAL ARTIST!… more weirdly enough being the quintessential idiot couple… I don’t know whats canon anymore… the route dramas bare little resemblance from the original game so… something should have been canon unless… THE SON OF THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MARTIAL ARTIST TOOK THE PATH OF KINGS. Cause hey he’s TRIPLE SEVEN NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

綿貫 杏那 (Watanuki Anna)

I’ll just make the same 4th wall comment from the demo… HOLY CRAP I HAVE AN H-SCENE?! you can guess what her role is judging from her uniform



Just like the old Title Screen side stories per heroine except Anna get unlocked after completing heroine’s route


A clean simple Textbox with all the buttons you need presented to at face value.


Scene rewind not sure why but hey… its a good thing to have


Screw the other selections this is the most important straight forward selection ever, the illusion of choice in this game is strong as ever.


Like the burriko engine also supports mouse gestures easy to browse through tabs including the save and load so no more main menu bungling nice design over all ohh also there’s system voice as well.

Load and Save

save and load are the same without any design changes no fuss no buss, click play easy as that. With little data management…

Omake mode

CG Menu

Nothing much has changed heck besides the old new Theme Song, Character ED songs much of the soundtrack was reused from the old game… and yes I’m saying this because the Omake CG mode has the Music Menu attached to it

Recollection Menu

Recollection mode
PxH still prides itself when it comes to ero writing lasting 1 day… man how much stamina do these characters have. Well its not like I have read other eroges with H scene being 1 day’s worth in-game time キミのとなりで恋してる! is one of such titles that I read recently… well there are those dark rapey nuki-ges where such things are common.

Opinions/Last Words

Chara-ge… not at it’s finest but it’s good to see the old cast well enough… still there’s the total lack of plot and or the moreness of plot I dunno… as the dramas no longer revolve around the central theme that involves the future of the councils themselves but the futures of the characters involved.


Story: 5/10
Character: 7/10
CGs: 8/10
Music: 6/10
michi never lives if down

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