A Food guide to Shiratama Village

Who would have thought that the mementos left by her grandma and a mother would make such delicious summer memories.

Shiratama mura
Ahhh summer a time to make memories well not as much as summer memories I would say but hey, why not its a fictional town after all. With only so much few places to visit but I can’t deny the pristine beauty of nature surrounding the small village smack dib in the middle of nowhere where the only way to get to the place is by bus, with large tracks of farm land and the surrounding forest there’s bound to be a plenty of food. So let us begin this very food lusty journey that one can say would be borderline not safe for work… and or your diet, after all man needs to eat and so sometimes we just have to satisfy our gluttonous desires. So let us begin with the abandoned restaurant of an old lady


This is the main center of attraction of the village after a few months after the owner died also known as the grandmother of Yuzu, who was at a loss after not knowing what to do with her mother’s death. The restaurant was temporarily laid to rest until the grandchild of the owner decided to open the shop once more even with her clear lack of culinary skills, but with the arrival of Takefumi her guardian and complicatedly also her “step-brother” who took up the reins as the resident chef of the establishment. So let’s look at their first revival dish from the recipes left by Yuzu’s mother the first being a cha-han. Of course everyone likes fried rice
The very first dish that Takefumi made based on Yuzu’s mother recipe after some trial and error he finally got it right now look at that glowing steamy aura that if my eyes were to be deceived look like a stylized version of an already prepared dish and actually not hand drawn cool if it was but never mind the useless details WERE HERE FOR THE FOOD DAMN IT. How bout some taste of India for some unknown reasons Takefumi decided to dish up another dish based on pilaf

Though I would be honest for I do now know what I’m talking about but one can say that no matter where you go through the cultural view of a cook were always be united with our tongues and tastes in food and indeed I do not know what I’m talking about. But because this is somewhere in Japan we can’t forget the quintessential comfort food to most Japanese and that would be Ramen, so once more our chef decided to replicate another recipe.

Chip3.arc_000022While I daresay I have the knowledge of understanding the versatility of the Ramen I can’t seem to disagree that the simple preparation of grilled leeks, some chashu or cha-siew depending on where you are from, I also can’t say I dislike chashu in fact I like it and I crave for it, some Shimeji mushroom and what I think is Arugula over a light shoyu broth my mouth is starting to drool… Now that I think about it I think this is a bit too much so let us go back to our abode. For I’m totally not hijacking a place.


so let us rest for a while unless you are still feeling energetic why not explore the village a little bit more. So why not take a look at the forest.

Ahh the wilderness I remember how Japanese also like their wild edible vegetation surely with the abundance of culinary resources food can’t be quite short hopefully you have some grains of rice bought along with you, cause the next item brought me out of my senses.
Chip3.arc_000008I always wanted to experiment in using bamboo as a cooking vessel because its very interesting with a little bit of chestnut, corn and some seasonings you can totally make one, sadly I don’t have bamboo near my current vicinity so all I will be left to do is up into your imagination.
Of course there are some more places to go around the village like a river for example of  course everyone needs their fish so…
A shop that sells various goods and merchandise owned by a drunkard.
And the farm owned by a mother and her 2 daughters who decided to work part time in the restaurant opened by Yuzu.
Of course this being summer and finding yourself still in need to check out the nightlife in a village well there just happens to be a festival on the shrine, as everyone knows festival = food no?
sadly the lack of depth in creativity left the staff not knowing what to do but they decided to check out a very interesting discovery
how does a Danish sound like… hmmm not bad at all I might quite say.
Still feeling a bit hungry at midnight so how bout a mid night snack with limitations of what can be found in the firdge and pantry well creativity has once again rose to the challenge
Instant ramen with sausages, poached egg and seaweed over shoyu broth with a little sesame oil for fragrance.

Of course there are many more goodies to eat while on this trip so why not post them all cause summer is always been long but a little bit repetitive

When I finally realize that Summer was over it got me thinking Pulltop was onto something but they didnt know how to tackle it of course while I do like to respect the idea of food porn over porn they need to balance it all out hand drawing gratuitously delicious looking food may have not been their forte but if this was the case they could probably asked the help of the likes of George Kamitani, and or tosh… whose probably now known as the artist for shokugeki no soma which to me is still up there in the quintessential food porn list. But at least they tried… maybe they still need to study the true depth and meaning of food stylizing from a food stylist that way they can know what it means to do great food justice… only to a few occasion reading through the story did I feel inspired to actually try out what Takefumi did, and to a chef being inspired to cook through others inspiration is a way of a connection but that’s just me anyway for now that is all.

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