できない私が、くり返す Review

So this is the result of Akabeesoft’s restructuring… they are now perhaps I can say repeating the Kishi-series if you know what I mean… if you really can’t do it don’t repeat it SERIOUSLY


I won’t ever see the day that I could actually repeat this now do I?

Game Info


Random Gist

Genre: Time PARA…nope…, Romance, T… NO!, NAKI-GE WAT?!
Character Design: 秋空もみぢ、蒼月しのぶ
Scenario: 中島大河


Five years ago, Riku was given a pocket watch by Ren. It could rewind to any moment in time and repeat the same events as many times as one wished, while still keeping the memories of the time traveller. However, it was impossible to change the future. For example, one who is destined to die soon will still die even if they complete a major operation. She told him that it was futile to try to change it. She too had once tried to do so, but failed. However, she won’t stop him if he wished to attempt it.

He tested the powers of the pocket watch, helping many people along the way. He met by chance a young girl Shino and they quickly became friends. However, she had cancer and will die within a couple months. Before long, it was time to say farewell. She was prepared for the moment, but there were still many things that she wanted to do before her death. He decided to turn back time to grant all her wishes, and to possibly change her destiny.


泉 詩乃 (Izumi Shino)

The girl that Riku meets early on after he jumps 5 years into the future, she’s currently suffering from cancer what type of cancer no one knows… or was vaguely stated in the route, honestly I’m not sure I how I should be feeling about her route I mean before route divergence SHE HAS TO DIE AND THIS WILL KEEP ON POPPING UP EVERY SINGLE TIME! I think that made her death in her own route very less… touching <_< in short in the entire story she has to die 5 TIMES I think that’s… bad writing?

岩出山 未喜 (Iwadeyama Miki)

The short girl senpai… she works part time in a book store else she will be working at her brother’s curry restaurant “Saji”, she likes very… strange food if the Sausage Curry Parfait has any say for it, her onii-chan Atsushi is a giant sis-con… take that if you will.

栗原 ゆめ (Kurihara Yume)

An otaku true and true, she has a lesbian yandere stalker/friend named Miu. I think that pretty much sums up the climax of her route? she also knows about Riku’s time traveling device noting that her grandfather also had one or at least the watch looked like one and was given to another person Ren?

瀬峰 藍里 (Semine Airi)

Ace of the badminton club in their school, a girl with few words or at least thats how I view her and has if not close to none amount in the emotions department I mean she talks in a very very deadpan manner, Shino’s close friend. And has a rival in the form of Yumiko vying for the top spot in badminton only that she later suffers a wrist injury that makes her stop playing or at least forced her to stop playing.

古川 漣 (Furukawa Ren)

The owner of the time traveling pocket watch that she soon gives to Riku, Riku sees Ren in Shino so she’s also suffering from cancer but is perfectly fine with her time left, she tried to use the clock as well but you know the corrective forces of fate has to ensue. Let’s just get over that fact future never changes… which is weird because this is lightly ever tackled outside Airi and Shino’s routes



simple the Piece of Memory is Shino’s append story while Re:Call is what you can say as the “true” route only unlocked if you finished Shino’s first end


A clean simple Textbox with all the buttons you need presented to at face value. The menu options will be found on the bottom part of the textbox


Very simple backlog not too much gimmicks.


Your usual selection… just use a walkthrough if you can’t get to Miki’s route I apprently look over her route branching option…


Very simple Config screen

Load and Save

save and load are the same without any design changes no fuss no buss, click play easy as that.

Omake mode

CG MenuCG mode

Mmm your typical CG viewer click and click some more till you go clickity click.

Recollection MenuScene Replay

Hotness may vary 3P with a yandere lesbian… MAYBE… WAIT… yeah…

Music MenuMusic

There are some good ones there are some mediocre ones

Opinions/Last Words

GEH… and not to mention this is after akabeesoft’s restructuring the scenario writer no less is very new… I dunno, knowing that Shino will die I just could’nt get to be attached to her as a character… I don’t know really perhaps 中島大河 should take note from 鏡遊、御影 especially during their ef days… on how to make deaths dramatic… 鏡遊 worked on some routes on Mirai Nostalgia and I believe that game has some positive reviews… pretty much that


Story: 4/10
Character: 8/10
CGs: 8.5/10
Music: 6/10

for prosperity

bleh next thing I know it I will be waiting for お兄ちゃん、右手の使用を禁止します!, 彼女が俺にくれたもの。俺が彼女にあげるもの。 adamant about パサージュ! ~passage of life~ since I can barely play the demo

One comment on “できない私が、くり返す Review

  1. mdz says:

    I didn’t really have difficulties with getting attached with Shino, even knowing that she’d die. My largest complaint with the series was in the fact that the minor characters had absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline. I disliked the fact that there were virtually more CGs dedicated to each respective side character, than there was to Shino herself. I think the CG quality was really good during the common/demo part of the series; but that it fell off notably in the midst of the actual routes.

    I don’t think that the storyline to the novel was bad. It just didn’t really have much that much development despite it being the central part of the series.

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