アストラエアの白き永遠 Review

Snow does not pile up for 3 years… since a snow fairy has graced upon the lands… and better than a self-proclaimed fairy of love deathgod despite being loli… WOOO Let’s get this ON this game also marks the 10th year anniversary same with ALCOT and that FAMILY IS THE THEME OF THE GAME just like Clover Day’s ALMOST EVERYONE HAS A SIBLING IN THIS GAME except Korona and Kotori

My first ever FAVORITE game read and finished

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Genre: School life, Winter, sci-fi, magic, Nordic Myths, memorable lolis, Family
Character Design: 司田カズヒロ、ヒラサト、なつめえり、GT、ミズタマ(SD原画)
Scenario: なかひろ、保住圭


For two years, snow had been falling continuously in the town of Tsukigasaki with spring nowhere in sight. Aside from the snow which never built up, the town was also struck by other abnormal incidents, such as tornadoes, thunderbolts and floods. Riku is an ‘elfin’ who possesses a mysterious ability known as ‘rune’, which he uses to save others. He returned to Tsukigasaki, where he grew up in an orphanage, along with fellow elfins Rinne and Hinata. Their duty was to protect two young sisters, Ochiba and Hazuki, from rune abilities which go out of control, while also keeping the existence of elfins a secret to the public.

When he arrived at the town, a girl in a pure white dress was waiting for him. He used to play with the girl Yuuki when they were small, having snowball fights and making snowmen. To his surprise, she still looked exactly the same as before he left. While she’s sad that the city has since changed a lot, she told him that he still remained the same to her even if he grows up.

taken from Micchi’s summary description cause I’m a lazy.


橘 落葉 (Tachibana Ochiba)

The daughter of the head of Cronus Organization from which Riku and co. comes from, she has a younger sister named Hazuki who they are also tasked to protect, one thing is certain about her route is that it’s a very emotional bursting route, SERIOUSLY WHAT KIND OF DAD LEAVES HER 10? year old daughter to TAKE CARE OF HER JUST BORN YOUNGER SISTER EVEN IF HE HAS LEGIT EXCUSE, and because of the state of her family… dead mother she died after giving birth to Hazuki, a dad who she resents for feeling like abandoning them, she isn’t very honest with her feelings which apparently becomes the driving force in her route as she feels obliged to take up the mother role and image in raising Hazuki, her route isn’t for the weak hearted and by means of weak-hearted someone who is suffering from heart conditions which apparently I’ am one, also in parallelism on Clover Day’s theme her route is closest to Izumi and Anzu’s routes

夕凪 一夏 (Yuunagi Ichika)

Miharu’s younger sister, very genki character but deep down inside she’s very lonely for feeling that her older sister has been ignoring her in-name of research about the weird weather surrounding Tsugisaki heck she even spent Christmas all by herself :X but she’s very honest with her feelings which is well uncommon because most of the characters aren’t really honest with them. And she desperately wants the attention of her older sister.

螢 りんね (Hotaru Rinne)

Rinne; Riku’s co-worker and is also known as pettanko-sensei by the kindergarteners, she has been watching Riku from the shadows ever since in the orphanage and has deep feelings for him which Hinata knows all to well who knows really if Riku is her onii-chan well anyway all you have to know she also has a close-kin.

コロナ (Korona)

Comes from the Valhalla Research Institute, do take note she has no “surname” and claims herself as a robot from Valhalla Research Institute OR IS SHE… anything more will pretty much spoil her route, but if your quite adamant about fucking a robot fear not… not unless your kinda jaded with Japan’s literary talent. ahem… Da Capo…

水ノ瀬 琴里 (Mizunose Kotori)

Kuudere and very serious, Iai practitioner and is like Ochiba not very honest with her feelings her sword is very special as THERE IS NOTHING IT CAN NOT CUT LITERALLY HER SWORD CAN BEND SPACE-TIME or that’s probably because of her abilities I dunno… she’s the only character that Riku states hates her abilities. her route unlocks Rinne’s route I’m not sure if the patch changed that.

雪々 (Yuuki)

A snow fairy is fine too RIGHT?! RIGHT?!… anyway Riku’s childhood friend whom he had played with during his time in the orphanage a Snow Fairy and the true heroine of the game SO REJOICE YOU RORIKONS :X at least she’s better than some other fairy WHO ISN’T DOING HER JOB RIGHT.
There are a lot of sub-characters but it’s the kindergarteners that are very memorable… SERIOUSLY Marimo despite being still a little girl wears a babydoll night gown for a Pajama THATS SAYING SOMETHING HOW OPEN SHE IS even when she’s like what 6 years old? Shiina’s grandmother hahaha ohh god she… very unique for an elderly person knowing about tsunderes… and then there’s Ochiba’s imouto Hazuki… her innocence is very heart tending and ALWAYS PUTS HER onee-chan in a VERY TIGHT SPOT.



The image will only change when you complete all 5 routes which will display the Yggdrasil just to say you have unlocked the loli route then will go back to normal just as displayed on the picture

System Menu

System Menu
The Menu is quite fancy really its where you can access everything system related.


A clean simple Textbox with all the buttons you need presented to at face value. When the narration switches to another POV the textbox goes full transparency


It’s just like your ordinary back log


ahh… nothing special about this one


Mmm its your typical menu self explanatory stuff

Load and Save

Minute differences but you have a save data management system

Omake mode

CG Menu

CG mode
Mmm your typical CG viewer click and click some more till you go clickity click.

Recollection Menu

Recollection Mode
Mmmm nothing to special on this one you only have like a good number of H scenes but the writing makes up for that.

Music Menu

Music Mode
Man that’s a lot… uhuh… nothing that much memorable as I was busy reading.

Opinions/Last Words

MY VERY FIRST FAVORITE GAME and the only game I read for the month of July, quite a long game really but good overall read, will this make non-rorikons rorikons maybe… but at least compared to another “fairy” related game from another release this one was better, but man Ochiba’s route was actually one hell of a read it’s also a good introductory route not for the story but for the FEELZ TRAIN man… that route had so MUCH FEELZ my body couldn’t handle and I knew it will have the FEELZ route due to the fact I have read through Anzu’s route which had the same FEELZ but only to a lesser extent, but a certain aspect of the game was that I could not catch up with the info-dump they were throwing at me in Korona’s route and Yuuki’s route do that may have brought down some points but other than that it has some loli closure to the game come on when do you get to save people’s lives and screw a loli snow fairy at the same time :X ohh yeah I forgot to mention the background CGs are actually worth mentioning as I have once said over twitter the Backgrounds are like emulating if not probably paying homage to Shinkai-ism it’s not really Shinkai Shinkai background quality but it’s worth mentioning I mean when do you ever get to see an eroge company display background art alone as part of the graphics tab on the website.


Story: 7/10
Character: 8/10
CGs: 8/10
Music: 7/10

sorry I could not catch any of Kotori’s Maru eyes in the game :X
with this I think I’m done… I JUST… Primal Hearts and Ame Koi…

6 comments on “アストラエアの白き永遠 Review

  1. Will says:

    LOL at loli and snow fairy tag. Also LOL at mentioning that self proclaimed love fairy (deathgod). Nothing much memorable for its music? what about its OP song, ED songs, and insert songs? Those songs are really good, especially the last ED song (After Snow Shiroki Towa (Eien)). Some BGM in AstralAir is really good too. I think AstralAir score for music should be more than 7/10.

  2. christfall says:

    AstralAir CG and BGM deserves a 10 if not at least a 9, to be honest, how many games out there can match its resolution and that soundtrack? Many/most of the game’s best scenes are memorable exactly because of the music. It would be better if you just said the music were not your taste but it’s a shame since that isn’t really the case. Oh well.

    • Algester says:

      how many games… minori is the only one worth mentioning but man… they went HEUG BUSTS :X kinda off putting for me still TENMON music can’t argue with that…

  3. akerou says:

    While the music and cgs’re really are good, my story/plot rating is definitely lower. There are so many consistency issues in characters AND plot, so many parts that severly lack authenticity and man, those wanna-be science explanations… the writer should’ve listened better during physics classes. Actually, without looking it up, this is surely written by multiple writers, some stupid blunders like riku’s room sometimes having a heater and sometimes not can’t be explained otherwise t.t

    I have three major points that really bug me about AstralAir though, but it’s kinda hard to state them spoilerfree, so I won’t ;/

    • Algester says:

      your right about the inconsistency but indeed THAT WILL BE VERY VERY VERY spoilery something that I wish to avoid at all costs if we go into details… however there are only 2 writers 3/3 shared roles most likely

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