Family, Happiness and 10 years… Honestly I DID NOT READ CLOVER HEARTS BUT THAT DOESNT STOP ME :<


the 4 leaf clover of happiness in Yokohama :X WAIT…. WAIT…

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Genre: Family, Twins, Futago-shimai donbuuri, Ren-ai, PLOT TWISTS, School life
Character Design: 仁村有志、鳴海ゆう、ちこたむ、あおなまさお
Scenario: 空下元、宮蔵、瀬尾順、保住圭


This is ALcot’s 10th anniversary work, set in the same setting as their debut title Clover Heart’s. Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain. He was adopted by a trader Yoshiomi and brought to Japan. Even though he could hardly speak any Japanese, he was supported by his twin imoutos Anzu and Anri, and his classmates Tsubame and Izumi. They didn’t know the meaning of love, but they laughed and cried together and forged irreplaceable and precious bonds.

It’s been 10 years since and both them and their surroundings have changed greatly. But there is one thing which hadn’t changed at all. Another pair of twins, his osananajimi Hekiru and Hikaru, returned to Japan from overseas. “Do you remember… our promise from that day?”

Hidden feelings, eternal promises, sincere wishes, lasting regrets. Those ‘feelings’ which had stopped once again began to move. Their ‘Clover Day’s’ begin here.

taken from Micchi’s summary description cause I’m a lazy.


鷹倉 杏鈴 (Takakura Anzu)


Anri’s elder twin sister, a playful older sister to her little sister’s more stern and strict attitude, was once bullied by her classmates because she inherited her mother’s dominant british genes hence kin… nah… anyway, somewhat dotes on Anri as well. despite her route does not concentrate on her her route is one of the good written routes overall.

鷹倉 杏璃 (Takakura Anri)


Anzu’s twin little sister, a hard working genius girl was once a part of the student council along with Yuuto, along with Shion trains Yuuto to be the successor of the Takakura household. Quite a tsundere as well infact she hold the figure of the neo-tsundere… yeah Remember kugyu.

加賀美 ヘキル (Kagami Hekiru)


Hikaru’s twin elder sister, gifted in the arts soft-spoken to Hikaru’s loud and is very my-pace TOO my-pace in-fact also holds Yuuto’s sacred first kiss.

加賀美 ヒカル (Kagami Hikaru)


Hekiru’s twin little sister, a model and a tsundere; a reverse mirror (pun) to Hekiru while not gifted in arts she’s gifted in other arts she loud to Hekiru’s soft-spoken. She honestly tries to protect her elder sister from Yuuto only to deny herself of some hot D honestly their route was weak…

結橋 泉 (Yuibashi Izumi)


Poor Girl… anyway… yeah Poor Girl… tsundere of the cast next to Anri but that’s probably she blends in with the boys better, works part-time in a bakery cafe, I tactically placed her character before Mizuho… hush hush.

西園寺 瑞穂 (Saionji Mizuho)


Saionji-sensei’s niece, Ill girl and class representative, I’m quite clever with how I place her character next to Izumi, hush hush… speak no more.

竜胆 つばめ (Rindou Tsubame)


Torakichi’s twin little sister, shy about her Kansai-ben unless inside the house and very personal does she only slip into full Kansai-ben, member of the drama club. She has the largest bust in the cast.

竜胆 虎吉 (Rindou Torakichi)


Tsubame’s elder twin brother uhh… is very outspoken about his Kansai-ben, and typically acts like that idiot from Osaka. Member of the drama club along with his little sister, acts as the stage director.

鷹倉 義臣 (Takakura Yoshiomi)


Anzu and Anzi’s biological father, a very doting father who encourages his foster son to create a harem… BUT BUT BUT… no more than 1 set of 3P ACTION WTF YO. Anyway other than that he’s been busy most of the time to take care of Anzu and Anri and left them to Yuuto’s care in anycase.

乃木坂 紫苑 (Nogisaka Shion)


Takakura Family’s only maid from Clover Heart’s Kuon’s relative?! Mother figure of Anzu, Anri and Yuuto, a maid through and through but eh… Yoshiomi doesn’t treat her like a maid spoilers in bound she is in-fact his assistant/secretary of sorts.




As with recent ALcot games the background becomes a transitioning background and the BGM becomes “livelier”



A clean simple Textbox with all the buttons you need presented to at face value. also along with kirikiri engine the textbox has a dynamic size and there’s a tab along the bottom right corner of the screen to release the menu



REWIND FUNCTION YEAHH!!!! clean simple and brown



Black to green option nothing special



2 tabs main config setting then sound and voice setting

Load and Save

Save Load

save and load are the same without any design changes no fuss no buss, click play easy as that.

Omake mode

CG Menu

CG mode

Mmm your typical CG viewer click and click some more till you go clickity click.

Recollection Menu

Recollection Mode

Anri’s H-scenes… MMM actually just the outdoor part other than that eh… 3P though with Hekiru and Hikaru EVEN THEN… EVEN THEN… WHERE’S YOUR SHIMAI-DON COME ON EVEN MIZUHO KNOWS ABOUT IT!!!!

Music Menu

Music Mode

MANYO and Mannack huh… I do like the OP 1 but honestly… I dunno some good to listen too some are just meh…

Opinions/Last Words

ALcot’s greetings to the new year after that last year’s April Fool’s boy time sure flies by… 10 years since they debuted with Clover Heart’s 10 years of eroges anniversary, and 10 years of people waiting for sequel and miyazo delivered that promise, honestly I did not read Clover Heart’s heck my introduction to ALcot was no other than Triptych; good deep game, MANYO’s music as well but probably for the people who read Clover Heart’s this game is for that good ol nostalgia sake for following ALcot for 10 years ahhh Puu-chin… Opps wrong game… anyway. Out of 5 routes I honestly liked 3 in-fact, Anri’s route was a bit so-so, I was not going to read Anzu’s route until I asked MasterOOt and Micchi good thing I pushed through, the complete lack in the game was the 3Ps though… SERIOUSLY IT AINT A FUTAGO GAME WITHOUT IT HEKIRU/HIKARU route not with standing, COME ON ALcot you could do even better PULLTOP does it Good yo they do IT GOOD MMMMMmmm




when all you have are twins


Story: 7/10
Character: 7/10
CGs: 8/10
Music: 6/10


SHOULD I REALLY REVIEW BAD EROGES?! I’ll try to live through the mess of Nekonade just for you guys to see me cringe and froth my mouth in pain maybe some Parasol soft games…

4 comments on “CLOVER DAY’s Review

  1. gangrelion says:

    “Neo-tsundere”? What would this be? I know the (those who are forever stuck between the dere and tsun, but much more towards the tsun, because everyone is M). How would a neo-tsundere behave in its natural environment?
    Don’t know why, but a warning for your new post appeared TWO TIMES in my wordpress account! It must be a really important post for this to happen…this or wordpress is just broken…

    • Algester says:

      Neo-tsundere when Rie Kugyu pretty much reigned as the loli twintail tsundere voice Zettai Ryouiki Grade S is also a must then the classical tsundere… back when Ranma 1/2 and Eva made the stereotype also I published the post wrongly had to edit maybe that’s why

  2. Sheltis says:

    Hahahaha This game surely reminds you of Kurafuta with the twin’s and stuff, yet they weren’t able to give us a 3P with Anri and Anzu which I still find UNFORGIVABLE!

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