ALIA’s CARNIVAL! First Impression

Ok again sorry for the long “disappearance” but I really got busy with reading anyway to start my return let’s start with my first impression of Nanawind’s second title ALIA’S CARNIVAL, art is done my Mitha the former mainstay artist for MOONSTONE and Naru Nanao well… Da Capo 1-2 by CIRCUS and ef by minori. Just try to ignore the HEUG BAZOONGIES of the cast I MEAN…. THEY ARE HEUG bordering 90+ cm in bust size… :X


ok the setting is magical school, where our Saijou Ren enrolls to Sakumodai Gakuen which is also located in his hometown of Sakumo to be reunited with his little sister, the school is special as such there is an event which is called ALIA’s CARNIVAL which is basically a club-fest brawl hosted by the school and the last club standing becomes the next ALIA, which grants privilege to school authority, this is where our protagonist Saijou Ren finds out he is “special” as he has the ability of granting impossible probability or something similar to foresight and extreme luck oh and he can project an infinite library in his mind which has formulas that ensure victory so hax. Ok cliche stuff anyway I only did 2 routes and technically they are the “Main Heroine” routes ok from 5 heroines… bleh so.

Ousaka Asuha

First off we have Ousaka Asuha the genki club president of “Ashita ha Mirai no Kaze ga Fuki ku Kenkyukai” AKA Asu-ken, which aims to live a better school life, she was the one who got our protagonist Ren into joining the club after saving her from trouble at the start of the story and saying to aim for becoming the ALIA or whatever that means. she is a practitioner of pyrokinesis and basically has the most destructive magical attacks in school the total opposite of her rival Sakurakouji Tsukuyomi who is instead practitioner of cyrokinesis. Character Designed by Mitha

Sakurakouji Tsukuyomi

Second we have Sakurakouji Tsukuyomi the cool (puns she uses ice spells), and calm club president of the Moral Committee whose connections with Asuha go quite some way back prior to the story and is also her rival sort of in-fact in Tsukuyomi’s eyes Asuha leads nothing but more trouble. The polar opposite of Asuha’s genki personality including he fact she’s a practioner of cyrokinesis and has countless of fans in her own “club”, and unlike Asuha she has nothing against being an ALIA unlike Asuha who is instead very driven. The reason I think they are the “Main Heroines” of the game because of how their relationship is deeply tied and why Asuha is so driven making the plot of the entire story revolve around these 2 characters… PLOT TWISTS aside. Character Designed by Naru Nanao

bleh ok for me this game is SOOO CLICHE there’s nothing special to it except this being a “magical” theme game has pretty effects but it’s only until there characters are somewhat likable but in the end my fetish had to decide who goes first… so yeah… I chose Tsukuyomi as my first route then Asuha after that I lost the drive to read the other 3 routes :X is it a good game I don’t know really you readers decide for me it was not something that it would be a memorable game for me except to reminisce Mitha’s art since I miss her? art fapability… mmm unless you readers like staring at HEUG BAZOONGIES then fine with me as I still have not yet acquired my H-drive yet. Well for me the routes I did not read were the Osananajimi; Asamiya Shiina, the imouto; Saijou Karin, uhh Shinomori Yumi… well that is what I think of the story but eh…

3 comments on “ALIA’s CARNIVAL! First Impression

  1. gangrelion says:

    Naru Nanao, huh? This explains Utamaru being in the game…
    How can you not choose the imouto route and yaddayaddayadda. To be honest, you wouldn’t lose much, anyway. The routes are not so different in terms of writing level. If you like one, you will probably enjoy all others, so: “Please, select your character!”

    • Algester says:

      I was like black hair then I was like no Blonde because she’s also a Cool-onna so she won my fetish vote then I was like try Asuha’s route then I was like *blech* no more :<

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