大図書館の羊飼い Review

… Welcome to the Elite Club… wait that isnt right… Welcome to the Library Club… yeah something like that where we make people happy so have you been having a happy school life?


Time to finally dig this

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Genre: School Life, Romance, Fantasy?
Character Design: Bekkankou (still draws nice tits)
Scenario: 榊原拓、内田ヒロユキ、安西秀明、他


Kyoutarou our ordinary protagonist who has been having dreams of being inside a giant library and an ability to see slightly into future deaths, whose also an avid reader as his past time and is also the sole “owner” of a room inside the library along with a cat he was taking care off which in turn becomes an over weight cat, asides from his past 2 years of having the student council president beg him to join the council that is ran by 2 people. But one morning as he was about to go to school his ability starts to kick in he saves one bishoujo from an accident only to end up in a precarious position that labels him as a sexual criminal through out school, thus he is being chased around the campus which is actually quite huge, by said girl’s whom he ended up with in a precarious situation earlier best friend, after explaining the entire situation earlier to both of our girls they receive a mail from someone called shepherd, thus starts the small group of people from different backgrounds trying to find out who this shepherd is while inside a room in the library that Kyoutarou frequents to and declares it as their “club room”.


白崎 つぐみ (Shirasaki Tsugumi)

Tamamo’s best friend, and has a somewhat shy personality when confronted with a large crowd that she somewhat overcomes as the group moves on dealing with their daily clubroom activities, despite Kyoutarou’s clubroom ownership she becomes the front personality for the said “clubroom”, also to add that shes the first life giver of the room which is actually important with the group’s dynamics, add to the fact that shes actually quite useless without Tamamo… thats how important she is really… same goes vice versa.

桜庭 玉藻 (Sakuraba Tamamo)

Shirasaki’s best friend, and is also the daughter of a noble line of families which is why Ikkei refers to her as hime, often a hard-working character and is also the mind to Shirasaki’s heart, she frequently deals with planning out the clubroom’s activities whilst also working as the negotiator with dealing in school’s policies and also manages the clubroom’s website. the dynamics between Shirasaki and her is actually what keeps the cast stick together through and through.

御園 千莉 (Misono Senri)


Currently club less, but she attends vocal lessons which she somewhat hates because of her past, so she uses the “clubroom” as a form of escapism and also makes the “clubroom” somewhat her comfort zone room, has quite an attachment with Giza-sama to a degree she can order him around and carries him most of the time.

鈴木 佳奈 (Suzuki Kana)


A junior to Sayumi who works part time in the school’s cafeteria? a very energetic character, I forgot the details much of her character sadly… might have to reread her route…

小太刀 凪 (Kodachi Nagi)


Club head of the library committee, in truth who she is… well yeah… other than the fact her dorm room is just beside Kyoutarou’s room and likes to watch soap operas in his room. Ohh and she hates cats or animals in general IIRC.

望月 真帆 (Mochizuki Maho)

Shiomi Academy’s student council president who for 2 years straight is frequenting the library to convince Kyoutarou to be part of the student council, you know somewhat for reason’s I don’t know I like her character… I mean come on for 2 years shes trying to convince our stubborn protagonist who just like to read books to join her that’s saying something, must be one of my fetish for silver hair… yeah she can also be quite a gambit maker with some her gambles when Kyoutarou is part of it… and do I add she actually harbors a crush on Kyoutarou I think…

芹沢 水結 (Serizawa Miyu)


Head of the radio broadcasting committee and also runs a radio show, knows Senri to a degree and wants to be her friend? if I got that right.

嬉野 紗弓実 (Ureshino Sayumi)


Kana’s senpai at the school’s… cafeteria?!  likes FPS Battlefield to be exact and hates Call of Darkness? nah… also has a genki personality who is also a gamer at heart, Kana must have inherited that genki personality from her.

筧 京太郎 (Kakei Kyoutarou)


Our main protagonist who has kept on dreaming a large library and has a gift of disastrous foresight, his room is filled with books that he actually finds enough time to read… heck I dont even want to see a book mess of his room, he likes to read is quite a straight type of guy, who has somewhat attracted bishoujo’s around him… he “owns” the room he rents in the library that soon becomes his group’s hangout room/”clubroom”

高峰 一景 (Takamine Ikkei)


somewhat acts as Kyoutarou’s best friend character

ギザ様 (Giza-sama)


The epic fat cat who was taken care by Kyoutarou whose somewhat like another certain talking fat? cat from a certain manga, and has taken a fascination with Senri he’s quite a mysterious cat.




The title is interactive in a way that it is in-fact a slideshow just click the background after finishing 2 routes for all slides, simple menu if people played Eustia they will know the feeling.



A simple red box though I didnt put it here but the script is written in such a way unlike other VN’s where the speaker is referred by their first name it displays their surnames instead… which can get pretty confusing since you will somewhat find yourself referring the characters by their surnames instead… I take this from experience… if my tweets have a say in it as I was having a hard time when I was playing the game.

Scene back


Similar to minori’s backlog this is actually a scene replayer than a backlog entirely scroll up to go back a line I like this system to be honest.



As you can see with the quick jump button and a scene back system you know what it means, clean easy to read and yes a jump back feature… just what I always want… except when the story really gets confusing and out of hand (I’m looking at you Nekonade Distortion) you can also click the line to replay it.



White text originally then switches to a gray violet color once’s selected, you can use textback system to go back with the selection. ahh Maho…



The config typical except that this game is actually playable with a gamepad (heck you can also configure it) and you can set the background to your own liking… yes clearly I have my favoritism… my first favorite character I’m sure you guys know my second favorite… added with the engine’s support for gestures which I don’t know why since August updated the Burriko engine since Eustia and an emergency mode for those awkward real life moments.

Load and Save


SAVE BACKUP?! and a more user friendly save management system PROPS August PROPS to your developers err… yeah… (clearly I have my fave character) drag to rearrange save files click on copy to save it on another folder.


ok enough with the reds on with the blues same as the remarks from the save section really I like this.

Omake mode

CG Menu

CG mode

Bekkankou art… NUF Said plus I did notice that he? added hair texture to the character sprites not sure if it was back in Eustia… its been so long since I last attempted to play it categorized by character that is all…

Recollection Menu


2 H scenes per main heroine n their common route + 1 from the true route + 1 from the append story, Bekkankou still draws nice tits… sub heroines have 1 H scene each.

Music Menu


the tracks are so so but I do like their rearranges from the included Jazz Piano Music disk that came with the collector’s version of the game… man wish I could buy it… :< ahh Active Planets group really does like to make their arrangements sound better. plus Ceui’s vocal tracks for the PV and common route ED/ Senri’s ED has her seiyuu’s do the performing I do like that voice she uses.

Opinions/Last Words

My third August title to really accomplish excluding the Yoake fandisk and its PS2 to PC re-port, even though I played Eustia I could’nt finish it due to its pacing, well nothing special about this game but if you think about Seitokai no Ichizon, the feeling is the same disregarding the fact that instead of 1 male in the club room you have 2, goes the same its the same room that houses Kyoutarou’s harem?… most of the heroines like him and the feeling was mutual, but somewhat delving in to slight mystery with the shepherd part and school life yeah… quite a normal game for the new year… well then again this came out a month after the fated day that the world was suppose to end when all the games that time were nukiges…  guess its refreshing to read it. Did it live up to its hype? well certainly I hope so it did, it didn’t disappoint me who had to live through 3 months chuck full of nukiges that I literally lost my H-drive. And thats bad when your playing nukiges imagine fapping but at the same time you can’t fap its like a major cockblock. I would’nt recommend these for those heavy readers as this is more casual but a good game for a change of pace, provided you really like to read daily school life settings.


Story: 7/10
Character: 9.5/10
CGs: 9/10
Music: 7/10

Will do

PS: I like Maho and Tamamo

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