中の人などいない! Review

ALcot has tried to do it again, this time a gag take on Tokusatsu series, PS: Readers for Nakano Hito I would advise first reading Osananajimi ha Daitoryou, all routes or a bunch of routes


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Genre: Love Comedy, Parody
Character Design: 仁村有志、鳴海ゆう、あおなまさお、新庄聡美
Scenario: 空下元、宮蔵


The Tokyo Hero Project was a plan which was implmented two years ago, placing cosplaying heroes in each of the 23 wards to promote public order. But not many people knew that they actually possessed special powers and fought against the secret evil society Black Outsiders (BO) at night. Koutarou is a poor student who lives by himself. One night while he was making his way to a part-time job, he saw a fierce battle between a cosplayer and someone wearing a kigurumi. Due to the incident, he ended up missing his part-time opportunity and his friend Nagahiko suggested a new one for him. A young girl with a black manteau welcomed him: “How wonderful it is to have you here at the secret society BO group!”. From that day on, he battles against heroes while wearing a mascot character powered suit.

(Taken from Micchi’s Hau Omochikaeri)

Parodies in the Intro Ratman manga, Kamen Rider 1


本堂 絢乃(Hondou Ayano)

Chiyoda District Hero, goes by the alias of Maiden; Saori’s bodyguard and best friend. Works with her dad running an eroge shop among uhh… perverted products, Her hero powers grants her the ability to manipulate and control water… has some interesting effects depending on usage, a cup ramen otaku and eats it frequently hmm… all you have to know about her is shes looking for her sister who that is well… spoilers

桐原 佐緒里 (Kirihara Saori)

Ayano’s best friend and is also the granddaughter of Tokyo’s Mayor, I can’t necessarily say she lived a sheltered life but she likes to try new things often lol is an otaku for fast foods IIRC well to be honest didnt played her route but her route has something deep with Tokyo Hero Project.

神城 優香 (Kamishiro Yuka)

Yuri Otaku… just to make sure you dont between her and Rui-“sama” she hates heroes due to the incident with her imouto being wheelchair bound, as to what that incident is its related with Ayano’s route, a doujin mangaka and is quite hot-blooded with it a well, a tad bit chuuni when it comes to doujins as well helps with the BO-dan as the user of Neko-nyan a cat power suit/mascot

天元 ルイ (Amamoto Rui)

leader of BO-dan, an incident in the past has left her kinda “injured”. Being the leader of BO-dan she has her own reasons to be against the Tokyo Hero Project. Not necessarily the main heroine but her route is like the central point of events that drove the setting to its current state. I’m not sure being alien marks off a spoiler for her… but her alien race is the same as Quu little-little of daitoryou (hence theres a reason why you have to read that work first)

風間 晃太郎 (Kazama Koutarou)

Our hot-blooded protagonist who can have an alternate character interpretation of being both an “Ero-Sith” an “Ero-Jedi” a lolicon or a sis-con… he wants to become a hero which stems from the fact 3 years prior to the setting he was saved by a powerful woman from a traffic accident, but sadly to his demise gets to acquainted with the BO-dan as the pilot for Dorara a dragon type power-suit/mascot with an introduction similar to Kamen Rider 1, fighting the Heroes well pretty much that.



Originally the title screen has no transitions, the night-sky portrait is there because it means 3 routes have been finished upon doing the 4th/final route does the title screen get the time skyline transition, same goes for the Title Screen BGM it gets more “body” as you finish the routes.


Same with all the ALcot games simple looking textbox that moves from character sprite to another depending on the script.


Simple initially white when completed and chosen it turns to green.


Backlog looks ordinary but you also have the option to scene replay handy for those selection mistakes or well to pretty much recap everything from your save and quit.


Think that screen cap is straightforward enough.

Load and Save

Do I still have to  explain?…. its very straight forward no difference from Save screen either.


to make up for its simple textbox much of the normal textbox items will be found here.

Omake mode

CG Menu

just your typical CG menu as any other games out there very straightforward of me indeed.

Recollection Menu

4 H scenes per heroine 1 page for each…. typically simple click and fap away should you do so please

Music Menu

hmmm… all I can say so-so…

Sprite Viewer

unlocked once you 100% the game route wise… its only a sprite viewer though no BG changer IIRC

Opinions/Last Words

ALcot’s take on Tokusatsu parody genre when they did a political satire with daitoryou of course considering the plot relationship the same writers as daitoryou returned for this game, considering I played the game that is NAKAIMO I found this game more surprisingly a healthier alternative that was the disaster I just read, in fact despite being a mediocre release it was more enjoyable to read that Imouto no Katachi, or perhaps its because I just returned back to watching tokusatsu series with Kamen Rider and Super Sentai that made the game more enjoyable as well as being a parody of the genre as well, then there’s the daitoryou references and cameos… 1 word PUU-CHIN!!!!!!!


Story: 5/10
Character: 6/10
CGs: 6.5/10
Music: 6/10

Review’ done…


5 comments on “中の人などいない! Review

  1. Amoirsp says:

    It’s too bad according to your review the game appears a bit subpar.

    Maru eyes Ayano was worth it though. 😛

    Ayano’s base character design reminds me of Favorite’s Mio oddly enough.

  2. Surprised I understood your post for once!
    I still have yet to try Saori’s route, currently on Hanairo D:

    P.S. Needs more Ayano
    P.P.S. Needs more Rui going ぷー
    P.P.P.S. Needs more Yuka going んんん!

  3. bakahyl says:

    I liked the game more, probably because i probabky enjoyed the parodies and characters more than you.

  4. kiinoshita says:

    How do you get screen shots of the game with text and everything? Did you just use the wordpress crop thing? Or paint?
    The art makes them look really young and makes me feel kind of guilty lol..

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