イモウトノカタチ Review (NAKAIMO!!!!!!)

okk…. time to get crunching….


NakaImo Is that you?! THEN WHO THE HELL IS MY IMOUTO, WHO THE HELL WAS MY IMOUTO I LOST IN THAT EVENT 15 years ago… says our tennen shujinkou.

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Genre: School Life, Romance, Slice of Life, Sci-fi
Character Design: 武藤此史、こだまさわ、橋本タカシ、源之助(サブキャラ原画)、すいみゃ(SD原画)
Scenario: なつかぜかおる、朝倉誠理、太刀風雪路


Yukito doesn’t have a single relative after a great flood which claimed the lives of his parents when he was small. That was also when his imouto went missing. One day, he happened to hear in the news that the past records pertaining to the disaster would be available to the public for the 15th anniversary of the event. He decided to return to his hometown of Kugumi-shi, holding on to the belief that if he checked those records he might be able to reunite with his long lost imouto that he only faintly remembers.

(Taken from Micchi’s Hau Omochikaeri)


瀬名 美優樹 (Sena Miyuki)

The first girl Yukito meets when he arrives in Kugumi-shi when he thought he lost his wallet upon disembarking from the train, she also comes to Kugumi-shi to find her missing onii-chan who also “perished” on that fateful disaster 15 years before, ohh guess who her onii-chan is -_-… becomes classmates with Yukito when both of them transfer to the school. Since she comes from an all-girls school and rarely meets opportunities to associate with men she becomes awkward… really awkward -_-, a trait that you may like or hate depends on the route.

澄稀 あやか (Sumeragi Ayaka)

Tsundere Oujo need I say more? she ran away from her house because of her “onii-chan” being somewhat strict and abusive of her a plot point in her route, thus she freeloads in the dorm the cast is staying at making her somewhat a “homeless” Oujo. But most of the time shes staying at her grandmother’s house that was given to her.

美馬 千毬 (Mima Chimari)

OHH GOD SPARE ME THE DETAILS!! an annoying girl claiming to be Yukito’s TRUE IMOUTO, really energetic, and a bit too clingy on her Onii-chan. A VERY ANNOYING CHARACTER DIDN’T TAKE HER ROUTE sorry people… I have to be an Honest Prick

ミータ (Meta)

A (MEdical Treatment and Nursing Automaton) for shit her route was at most a better written one WAIT YOUR GOING TO PLAY THE GAME FOR HER ROUTE CAUSE SHES AN AWESOME CHARACTER with her antics and dialogues. Fufuri Uncanny Valley Robot here people, at least shes not empowered by bananas… oh the Ahoge of hers is also expressive.

清宮 真結希 (Suzumiya Mayuki)

Who is this wheel chaired bound girl? hmmm… who knows only known fact Meta was created for her…

美馬 雪人 (Mima Yukito)

no Pics for the Tennen Protagonist of the game, who is he?… hes a Protagonist without common sense empowered by Imouto power, no logic runs in his head for some odd reasons, but all is known of him is that when he meets his imouto who he vaguely remembers a Kiss and a Hug, seriously this guy has not a single logical train of thought.




Hmm the Title screen has no gimmicks but the button layout, the buttons when pressed evident in the Omake Menu spreads into a “relationship Diagram”


I adjusted the transparency so yeah… the Green text happens when you replay passed scenes otherwise they are white hexagonal theme buttons to give it a “future” esque like look


Asides from one minor selection the Map system is the “route” factor therefore thats what I included, gives you the full view of Kumugi-shi with SD portraits of the heroines.


Like the Textbox ahh fuck it… Atlas is seen… -_-, Backlog is still a Backlog nothing much has changed ohh right you get line selection function IIRC


Config 2 tabs Main system menu and Sounds… nothing much of note.

Load and Save

Save screen design reddish background.no gimmicks

same as Save

Omake mode

CG Menu

The CG mode just like most of the Cuff games recently have the same engine you can zoom in the CGs as you pic, refer to my Your Diary post for more info.

Recollection Menu

YOU SEE PEOPLE NO CHIMARI H SCENES… truly I’m an Honest guy so ask how I got to Meta? simple savedata back up initial save load savedata pass through Meta’s route intro replace initial save data. Hotness may Vary I liked Meta and Mayuki 3 P…

Music Menu

Duca as the vocals and ANZE HIJIRI for the BGM… someway somehow I think ANZE HIJIRI’s flair is already loosing… I liked some pieces in the game but majority feels kinda meh… I liked this piece though 光と水の楽園 relaxing mmm.

Opinions/Last Words

TELL ME SO WHERE DO I BEGIN… WHO THE HELL ARE MY IMOUTOS?! notice that word because Kugumi-shi is a place laden with convenient deus ex machinas… waiting to be unleashed into the world sigh… that writing, Drama?… low… slice of life moderate, this game suffers from a writer’s deranged mind of convenience… I wonder why… NAKAIMO? probably has to be responsible for the plot, is this a god game to play? NO! however Meta and Mayuki are just as fine a more refined written route compared to the rest of the cast other than that… well I’ll recommend you guys NakanoHito which is actually more interestingly written.


Story: 4/10
Character: 6/10
CGs: 7/10
Music: 6/10

Review’ done…


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