ダイヤミック・デイズ Review

Ha ha after a long time procrastinating this post I guess its now time, a Very Ordinary School Life game… nothing to dramatic nor anything special.

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Genre: School Life, Romance, Slice of Life
Character Design: Sesena Yau
Scenario: セロリ、てつじん、AtH、あおいひなた、姫ノ木あく


Rei our protagonist along with his osananajimi Kisa, just transfers to a new school, in a town that is divided into east side and west side districts, but before the start of the new school term they meet a lost girl in the west shopping district looking for her onee-chan; so they decided to help look for her onee-chan whilst shopping around, at the en of the day they meet the onee-chan of the lost girl and then on the following the at the start of the school term, only do they find out that the school did not register their name, but to a surprising turn of events do both our protagonist Rei and Kisa find out that they have been transfered to the sister school on where they transferred, it is they find out that the onee-chan of the lost girl they help was the “Director” of the new school and de-facto “tyrant” Kanaka, it is here she assigns Rei to take the role of the Student Council President, to which he refuses, so Kisa takes up the role with Rei taking up Vice-president, Along with Kanaka’s admirer  Renko as the Secretary and Kotora the little girl they helped as the treasurer, and thus starts Rei and co. new school life.


初芝 希沙 (Hatsushiba Kisa)

Rei’s osananajimi and the School’s Student Council President as appointed by Kanaka, despite being the president she’s not clearly capable enough and slacks off most of the time and depends on Rei for pretty much on the rest of the work along with Renko, she was the one who gave Kotora the idea of going to school because she finds out that Kotora does not have any idea about school life which prompts Kanaka giving in to the idea as well.

篠山 時羽 (Shinoyama Tokiha)

A soft spoken Oujo who likes to sew, lives in the eastern district of the town, she makes dolls which look weird in a way but people think they are cute, people refrain from associating from her because the Shinoyama family kinda operate like the Yakuza groups, initially the town was really under their control that was until the Himenogawa claims it, because she is the only one who can cook in the house she wears the pants in the relationship when it comes to her brothers especially the eldest one when he becomes uncontrollable.

姫野川 コトラ (Himenogawa Kotora)

The girl who Rei and Kisa found during their “date” before the start of the school term, she has unbelievable strength which surprises Rei, only does he find out that she was kidnapped? and lost in the jungle for 3 freaking YEARS 3 YEARS… as explained by Kanaka, which results her not being able to cope with her studies well and write. Acts as the treasurer of the Student Council.

小星 蓮子 (Koboshi Renko)

A very chuunibyou character when it comes to Kanaka, nothing stands between her and her idolization of Kanaka, she’s the only one supporting her large family of 6 brothers? and as the secretary of the student council she makes sure Kisa does her job when she goofs off like a homing missile.

姫野川 かなか (Himenogawa Kanaka)

Also known as “Tyrant Loli” shes the “owner” of the school and her family owns pretty much half of the town, secret heroine I never expected that but what the heck, shes the onee-chan of Kotora albeit shes a bit smaller than Kotora…

由槻 舞花 (Yuzuki Maika)

Our protagonist absurdly youthful IDOL mom… I think that explains why she’s a single parent… a gamer chick yes she pretty much spends some of her salary on games even begs her manager and Rei to buy her games… dont ask me… she also doesnt know how to cook so this pretty much leaves her son Rei to do much of the house work Tokiha’s eldest brother Akira idolizes her…

ステッチ (Stitch)

TiS WAS A TRAP!… uhh… HES BACK still as a Maid this time for the Himenogawa family I don’t know how he does it but yeah… initially was a maid in training back in Prismrythm so I think he kinda graduated…

由槻 零 (Yuzuki Rei)

Kisa’s osananajmi who also transfers to the new school… considering his mom is kinda “useless” he technically controls how his house runs, semi-perfect character, not that hetare nor donkan but he doesnt like the idea of carrying more heavy responsibilities than what he has now… well look at his mom… shes pretty much at a pityful state if it wasnt for him… hmmm… also to add hes the protagonist of the game.

The cast also includes the only known teacher in the school Nonowe and Tokiha’s 2 brothers Akira and Seijirou?


Title Screen

It’s a tad bit plain… ok… and Omake mode doesnt unlock until 1 route is not complete.


Colorful I should say icons can get a bit deceiving but easily understandable. box reserve for portraits as usual.


Like all Lump of Sugar games the Selections initially doesnt have those stamp mark and this is the only selection in the game similar to Natsuyuki the selection is very straight forward.


Jump back function like the past Lump of Sugar games pass Tayutama will have this feature… well considering there is only one selection option its not that helpful but for reviewing events it could be used.

System Menu

4 tabs main system, text, voice and misc pretty much self explanatory.

Save and Load

Similar to Whirlpool’s -77- you can also opt to copy, paste and delete your save files for save file management really handy to me its not just over writing that really helps <_<… mmm pinkish…

nothing special… load…. and purple-ish color…


CG Mode

The omake menu can get confusing at first especially its been quite some time since I last touched a Lump of Sugar game completely… ok there was gaku ou… but yeah never mind… ok characters on the side display all their related CGs buttons on the bottom display Recolection mode, LoS signature Sprite Viewer, Music and Secret route AKA Kanaka scenario where she goes moe moe mode…

Recollection Mode

mmmm Hotness may vary…

Music Mode

Music… I can’t say pretty much some are catchy some are just quite mediocre.

Sprite viewer sad to say I didnt took any screenshot of it… ohh well 😦

Opinions/Last Words

well… Diamic Days is indeed one of those mediocre releases nothing special about the game, this is unless your into chara-ges and slice-of-life the drama parts are easily resolved doesn’t really pump up the character value… so I dunno what was really the selling point other than cute characters and the cast really doing what it takes to run a freshly made school that has no identity. Speaking of which I think that was the aim of the writers… well ok its not that good nor was it that bad… like Nekonade BAD (ever since playing that game it has been my benchmark on what makes a bad game a REALLY REALLY BAD ONE), but due to its length it takes a day to finish a route at a decently paced state (toilet breaks, tv watching and eating involved) I guess this is one of those good time killer games and a breather if your expecting a heavy load on a monthly release. Other than that… hmm good points huh… uhh… cute characters doing cute things?


Story: 5/10
Character: 8/10
CGs: 7/10
Music: 7/10

well uhh… wait…

ok review is done… time to look for a new game…

7 comments on “ダイヤミック・デイズ Review

  1. Liemyx says:

    I personally felt that this was definitely one of Lump Of Sugar’s worse games (Gaku Ou being the worst, in my opinion). The characters are cute but they also felt overly stupid. And the game was far too dragged out as well. But yeah, not nekonade bad. Nothing could be worse than that xD

    • Algester says:

      well indeed Lump of Sugar has been at a lost with each releases but what can I do about that… havent played Hello;Good bye due to its anti piracy protection… -_-

  2. warum says:

    Was wondering how long it’ll take you to get to this STITCH, xD.

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