Was this I was always missing?

this will all soon be related to my future post?

god damn I cant get out of my head with her voice saying Kaname! Kaname! Kaname! or probably because she kept on doing it post relationship upgrade… www

Depending on my mood I may finish this game entirely… right now Playing Diamic Days I might have stumbled on Tokiha’s route which is pretty fine for me… perverted amounts of Saccharine

3 comments on “Was this I was always missing?

  1. bakahyl says:

    Sora was one of the cutest characters in 1/2 summer. Too bad i didn’t like the story in her route as much as Ushio’s or Kanami’s

  2. Algester says:

    well true that her route was very felt like slice of life but since I played akinourarano which was very slice of life it was fine for me

  3. Algester says:

    It just hits me Sora was Voiced by Kadowaki Mai… GOD DAMN

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