When all You have are Twins… A Konosora shorty

Reminiscent to my Canvas 4 post, this will basically conclude WHY I played this game… thus I point to the title… TWINS… yep…

Introducing the twins Yoru and Asa

forgot to mention GENIUS TWINS…


I know you people who played the game the choice was the hardest choice! I look at you Amoirsp and Accany, but the genre savvies in the dev team KNEW what they were doing… :<

but pass that hard choice its easy to say its rewarding VERY VERY rewarding… like for example

when all you have are twins indeed but sometimes as twins they will have their disagreements

but you know in the end it will always be rabu rabu and service

PS: I like the append disk path… lul

IN OTHER NEWS WHERE IS MY HOTARU ROUTE!!!! HOTARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thus this marks the end of my review

remember when all you have are twins

make icha icha to them once you clear the confession for MAX social link especially if the imouto is a tsundere.


7 comments on “When all You have are Twins… A Konosora shorty

  1. Aedes says:

    I thought twins are all you’ll ever need?

  2. anon says:

    依留ちゃんを選ぶ where?

  3. Algester says:

    I still want my Hotaru route so badly :<

  4. Amoirsp says:

    Why can’t you have Hotaru and the twins at the same time?

  5. Nargrakhan says:

    I smelled twicest. I like twicest. Give them to me! GIVE THEM TO ME!!!

    I really enjoyed this game. I hope JAST picks it up for English translation. Not just because I liked twincest… okay… I liked… because I like twincest. But the non twincest is good… just not as delicious.

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