すぴぱら STORY #01 – Spring Has Come!

Let’s mix in Cherry Blossoms and wishes and make sure our basic premise doesnt look like Da Capo… well… ok it is’nt Da Capo but I can’t help to make such obvious parallelisms… and BOY DID I SPOKE TOO SOON

Game Info

Game Site (IP BLOCK Y_Y)

Random Gist

Genre: School Life, Romance, Mystery?
Character Design: Nanao Naru, Tatsuya Yuuki, 庄名泉石
Scenario: 竹田、鏡遊、御影 (last guy Da Capo… but I liked ef… but ef was also an utsuge so was Da Capo?)


our protagonist Sanada Yukimura (very samurai-ish name) goes back to the island where he grew up along with his imouto Sanada Rikka (seems her existence is canon in story but why did most of the cast don’t know her is a mystery to me as well), when 7 years prior to the start of the story a boat sank near the island said boat was also the same boat where Hotaru’s mom, Yukimura and his mother was riding to the mainland, this is where the wishing part comes in cue in Alice the magical conductor who makes wishes come true mundane but very convenient, because of her only known survivors of the said incident were Yukimura and his mother who ended up being comatose, as for Yukimura… we became a “dead” guy how is that I don’t know but one thing was certain Yukimura lived because his mother made a wish for Alice to take care of him. Then we meet the rest of the cast Narumi Sakura; Yukimura’s cousin and “onee-chan”, Amano Hotaru a half-blooded french-japanese tsundere with a high ego who also knows Alice personally, and Kamishiro Alice (not her real name Yu and Yuuko’s unborn child from ef?) as the central characters for story 1, then a pair of osananajimis, Nishizono and more characters whom I forgot which made this review long over due…


due to limited information I can extract I’ll just name the major Characters for this episode as shown in getchu

鳴海 桜 (Hotaru Sakura)

A senior in Yukimura’s school and also the school’s idol, she works in a meido kisa; also she’s Yukimura’s cousin hurr… uhh she met Alice at some point prior and made a wish but what that wish is, is something beyond me. My only clue is in the lines she was telling that “Yuu?” wants something in the lines similar to fates, ideally shes the first story part for supipara but is not the canon couple for Yukimura.

天野・アンジェリーヌ・ほたる (Amano Angeline Hotaru)

twin-tails; check, light colored hair; check, light colored eyes; check tsundere arche-type soo very much check!, she just happens to be half french so check!,the tsundere “princess” in Yukimura’s class, also a somewhat freeloader in Alice’s shop as well, though she does live on her own after her mom died on the said boat accident prior to the story, and thats where her story revolves tsun-tsundere true and true, Yukimura’s canon couple AKA his girlfriend, and like I said before is good friends with Alice, but its not like she denies it…

神代 アリス (Kamishiro Alice)

Who she is, is no surprise especially if you guys played ef’s fan-disk where she made her first appearance therefore the story is also set where the ef’s cast belongs to, to those who haven’t played the fan-disk she is a wish granting witch, somewhat with an otaku flavor judging from her room anyway, however the name she’s using is not her true name or she insists that its not, who knows… people did speculate that she was the unborn child of Yu and Yuuko in ef. Is good friends with Hotaru and is also the central character for this series after all it has her name in it. Sadly she’s not “capturable” hurr…

Sanada Yukimura

sadly I forgot the kanji of his name very samurai-ish name because he could have been named from one… , as mentioned before he was also one of the people who were in the said accident 7 years prior to the story, as is somewhat you can say as a “dead” guy if it wasnt for his mother and Alice’s intervention, and by plot circumstances he meets almost everyone? of the cast who just happens to be bishoujos and is thus framed in story to “own” a harem, if you include his imouto thats about 7 bishoujos of the cast. Canon story is Hotaru’s “route” but theres no routes in game but “stories” so yes…


Title Screen

just like their prior game eden* the game has multiple title screens max of 3 first playthrough has Sakura in it the second playthrough has Hotaru in it the final is the roof shot of Alice’s shop also signifies that the game’s story is done


wow this is stupid I thought I got a screen cap of the textbox… but no matter the backlog will help uhh like eden* and like this present game which were from ef* engine has the same textbox a blue-ish black gradient semi transparent. selection what selection?! theres no selections in the game damn it… its one big movie-ge


Backlog… ef* engine as basis as well as eden with some slight improvements on animation uhh… scroll up it will replay every single line until it reaches the top of the scroll bar as market by the ball.

System Menu

simple as I can say straight forward well I had to cut down on the animation as it makes my computer bog down on the animations… must be them Hi-res sprites and meticulous detailing an improvement from eden* I suppose.

Save and Load

dohohohoho I forgot to get a screen cap of the said menus… lul same as eden* wait was eden* a major review on my part?


CG Mode

well the classy ones the CG is same as any other ones except they are animated on full view… depends on animation.

Music Mode

jebus I’m bias on this TENMON is back and you know its going to be a divine creation of his along with minori’s other music sidekick for TENMON seems they differ for every game.

Opinions/Last Words

Honestly.. the game is still bit of a mystery for me after all theres the fact that this is still an episodic game meaning its still not yet done but has left me nothing but to speculate about the overall story, will this be an utsu-ge who will be the next protagonist why didn’t Sakura have a canon story, what was her wish? was it to make Yukimura have a long dream about her? if so why? cousin love…? a quite a number of questions raised only time will tell me of course theres still the ending left me hanging what did Rikka do in Alice’s place, and so who is Rikka exactly why doesnt the cast know her including her own mom. But overall probably as an opener this is style more of slice-of-life than something mystical or magical in a sense but when will that change that I don’t exactly know. Once again only time will tell what the plot will be all about. That is all for me to say


Story: 6/10 Tentative for now
Character: 6/10
CGs: 8/10 (despite the glorious BACKGROUNDS some character proportions just look strange)
Music: 9/10

and so with that the review is done!

5 comments on “すぴぱら STORY #01 – Spring Has Come!

  1. Amoirsp says:

    Maru eyes OP.

    Wait, do Maru eyes have anything to do with Lerrymaru?

  2. Aedes says:

    Why does such a pretty game not have porn in it. Such a waste imo.

  3. Algester says:

    ok its official minori scrapped the idea for succeeding supipara games.. guess they learned a harsh lessen that can not be emulated with CIRCUS business style with their own style PORN SELLS end of discussion

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