PSO2 close beta days over

well ok since I havent posted much recently let’s see what I was doing from April 19- April 30 from wake up to sleep time

First Phantasy Star Online 2 spiritual successor to Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Online to be honest I did not play Phantasy Star Online but according to what I have read thus far Phantasy Star’s engine was used as the base for Phantasy Star Universe when SEGA decided to close its PSO1’s server and opened PSU servers which at this point PSU US servers have died long long time ago making way PSU Japan’s server being the only one alive at this point this also includes my knowledge that Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) was a direct port of PSU therefore I’m going to use that as a basis of  what I know, SEGA also released PSP2 to be a direct sequel to PSP1 and therefore PSU, sadly PSP2 US servers died right away in a short run to the pain of probably US players SEGA again released another expansion to PSP2 called Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (BAD NEWS FOR US PLAYERS SINCE THE PSP2 SERVERS DIED NO EXPORT FOR YOU) some years ago, the JP server was closed down recently on February not too soon as they kinda released the Alpha Test for PSO2 to make way for HYPE!. PSO2’s engine is based on the changes they made in PSP2 so If you guys played PSP2 you will like the changes.

first changes from Alpha Test to Close Beta

Costumes (Integral part of PS appeal) were initially designed to be armors but internet backlash ensued SEGA once again decided to change its engine

PSU and PSO1 used shield weaves as armors but this time they gave us Proton Units attached around your costume into 3 parts rear, arms, and legs. The change from shield weaves proton Units also have their own elemental defense so instead of a dedicated elemental defense you can mix in a certain armor build with it, unlike the slots given on shield weaves from PSU where you can improve certain character stats with certain items.

Shop area

The area was less colorful in the Alpha Test good thing they remodeled that aspect, to date the initial shop area looked like the quest counters in the game and more compact.

Quest Counter

it was darker back then but still retained that same esthetics into it. less lights in a way.


PSO still uses the same standard set of classes Hunters, Rangers and Forces for now these are the only jobs I’m not sure if they will ad the hybrid classes like the Acromasters and such or just stick with PSP2’s formula with its Braver class

changes in general gameplay


Mates in general are now used ala Monster Hunter style it seems Japan knows its Monster Hunter franchise and general battle mechanics work good in their local audience they decided to put it in anyway

like so I never knew what they originally looked like back then but know I know they look like slush drinks… Fanta anyone?


somewhat improved from PSP2 Hunters Rangers and Forces have different types of dodges take this into account when in combat

Hunters have advance step or a lunging skill basically its more of a offensive evasive maneuver against bosses as you can immediately connect an attack with it, Rangers have a dodge roll maneuver high evasive since due to their equipment they bare go near the battle field unless they are using gun slashes, forces have a mystical evasion basically during the entire period they ‘teleport’ out of view they are invincible at the same time highly maneuverable and as a longer distance than the hunter’s lunge and ranger’s dodge roll but given their soft defense good luck surviving. Also Hunters and Rangers can improve their innate skill of dodging via the means of invincibility frames more or less max level should net you .50 secs of being unhittable but Forces dont.


Its addictive… just joking some environmental hazards needs you to jump and also have a good view to some of your surroundings.

Zoom Scope

back in the days I remember thing being impractical… only used to detect traps but in PSO2 its actually “improved” up a bit especially for rangers, and forces who use cards, its better than lock on IMHO


with the PSP2 elements in the game as well as dodging they also added blocking sadly unlike in PSP2 where Forces with staffs can Block here only Hunters can only block

depending on Hunter Skill build A hunter can improve on Just Counter and Just Guard making a Hunter’s build similar to a Crusader without the healing part, back in PSP2 to damage enemies with a shield one has to know about just counter basically same mechanics apply.


compared back in PSU you had the following weapons, Great sword, Axe, Spear,Double Sword, Twin Blade, Twin Dagger, Double Pistol, SMG, Bazooka, Rifle, Single Blade, Single Dagger, Knuckles, Cards, Rods, Staffs, Force Mag, Ranger Mag, PSP2 gave us shields and thats a lot of weapons sadly some of them have very flashy PAs which I liked

here its now distilled to just Great Sword, Spear, Rifle, Bazooka, Card and Rod new ones added Wire Lance, and Gunslash changes

Great swords did not change from PSU, Spears however changed greatly instead of the normal thrusting attack we got from PSU the spears in PSO2 now have a great range mostly forward directional albeit wide but it makes what it doesnt have with PA and speed its actually as fast as twin blades back in PSU, Rifles now instead of a single shot they now consist of a burst shot similar to that of PSU’s SMG but has to reload every 4 set of shots think modern day rifles its PA skills evolve around the M16A4 attachments IE a grenade launcher and a “master key”, Bazooka here also has change greatly instead of a limited semi ‘melee’ range it suffered back in PSU it now has a near capability of sniping range slow and still packs a punch to its PSU counter part skills include a cluster shot and its PSU skill a stronger grenade shot, Rods unlike back in PSU are useless without being a Force first or having no skill at all, Rod and now be used to whack as melee and then chain with its originally no charge skills or charge them, basically forces here have been given more use basically they can now be equip with 30 spells in a given instance but 10 at a time due to need to change skill palettes for that extra 20, unlike being just able to carry 4 with a Staff back in PSU or 2 with a rod, plus they are now exclusive to use Resta this I’m not sure if its going to push through Open beta but close beta Rangers and Hunters can no longer use Resta heck they cant use Rods for shit AKA healing so take care of those mates boys. Cards are also given an overhaul back in the days rods are only used as a Force’s/Ranger range equipment, here the overhaul they did it still acts as still intended the additional function they added is that the thrown card can also act as a module for Forces to use their PAs on as long as its given the card is ‘active’ in combat hard to use but good if your going for actual back support for ranged healing.


Bazooka in Motion thats actually pretty far…

Rifle using a grenade launcher skill

Preparing to twack with a rod

just used a spear skill

A card being used to cast had to get in closer for the screenshot :<

Rifle in action

Current weapon changes through the PS years

now for new weapons

Wire Lance think of a weapon thats actually a hybrid of a grappling hook a knuckle and twin blades…. this is the epitome of that weapon hard to use due to its vague range, Gunslash remember Squall’s gunblade? give that concept a working pistol that can also double as a blade.

Wirelance very blurry….

Gunslash in Gun form

Gunslash in blade form

Race Specifics

3 Races present ATM Im think ATM they may or may not come out with expansions.

Humans, Cast and Neumans

Humans retain much of their integrity in terms of roles in combat, Neumans as everyone now has a constant 100 PP they have higher magical damage rating still typical for ‘early’ players to try out forces, CAST on the other hand loose their ability to summon SUVs exactly I’m not sure to be considering SUVs back in PSU were equipments but instead everyone is given a Mag in the course of the game the Mag replaces the summon system back in PSP2 and CAST’s SUV, but are still considerable dependable rangers. But in the long run I see them more for esthetics than Class roles, like if one likes standard human look go for humans, want to look like elves? go for neumans, like mecha? and mecha musuko and mecha musume go for cast. considering in the PS lore neumans was a result of human research into bestial genetics/amalgamy… I still don’t know about the pointed ear stuff.

Class equipment

Hunters get Sword, Spear, Wire lance and Gun slash
Rangers get Rifle, Bazooka and Gun slash
Forces get, Rod, Card and Gun slash


Biggest hype on PSO2 was really to boil it down was the character creation system

through the course of the game you can get accessories for your character as well through scratch cards notable FUN points which can be gained when you join in missions with your friends or friend’s NPC character data yes… those ZB in the past pictures was not really ZB controlled by AI controlled, so many figures to choose from go ahead… spend some time tinkering with your character’s looks you can still edit them in game but you need to spend 10 AC points which is real money notable with those letter As.

My Room

accessible when you spend 10 AC which is good for 1 month another integral part of PSO the change here is HUGE… in anycase

My room is now expandable into 3 rooms each remoddeling ticket can be used only in a single part of the room it even has its own size enjoy more customizing your OCD value!! this game is soo OCD I tell you…

Final Image found by ZB courtesy of sibladeko enjoy.

2 comments on “PSO2 close beta days over

  1. Eo says:

    😮 i need to play this and learn Japanese in summer

    • Algester says:

      despite not knowing japanese its still playable… but if you really want to blend in you need at most japanese knowledge at most to conversational level

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