When an alien crash lands to earth and goes to school only to declare war because its his mom’s order… and only to find out said school only has 7 students including him and said school is very much understaffed… well when can you take a plot like this seriously?… cause despite him declaring war its not even a “technical” war in a sense he is like fighting teachers to revive the school… weirder than as it sounds… considering your classmate also happen to be your teacher….

Game Info

Game Site

Random Gist

Genre: Love Comedy, School life, chara-ge
Character Designer: 梱枝りこ、奏ナコト(サブ原画)
Scenario:  しげた、二葉つばさ、唯の言葉


Hiroto; a protagonist with no surname cause he’s an alien in a literal sense crash lands into earth, with the intention of declaring war with Gynesis… for what reason its simple because it’s his mother’s wish why… I don’t know and also add to the fact that his mom was also the queen of Erutaria making him the prince of Erutaria but the monarchy is highly matriarchal so making him in no-power other than saying he has an Imouto who is very bra-con about him… (Micchi might want to take this to note) making his imouto as the prime candidate for a ruler. And so with is news of him crash landing he ends up somewhat in a house and in the bathroom no less and thus meets his first heroine Akari; whose grandfather is the director of the nearby school, how he meets the other heroines is well via uhh… questionable circumstances with pictures I can’t post just to make this post SFW. And so thus start his school life which he always wanted but to find out he has only like 6 classmates and a school with 2 teachers one being his classmate as well, Kicks of his war against Gynesis and a very very… dumb plot. Heck the circumstances cant make you even to think the plot seriously cue in this guy’s post


近衛 光莉 (Konoe Akari)

The first Heroine Hiroto ever sees while inside her house actually he was inside their house’s bathroom while she was taking a bath… Tsundere yes uhh… she’s also the school director’s granddaughter so yeah, to be honest though I havent played her route yet I’m still doing this review… well I’ll just ask questions about that lol…

天宮寺・アクアリウス・海月 (Tenguuji Aquarius Uzuki)

A Genki Oujo but not tsundere… excels in sports, and the osananajimi of Akari, likes to grope Akari and tease her yeah… and yeah actually to be honest I’m dumb founded on whats her name… Is it Tenguuji or Uzuki… if so why the hell does she have a second name? And I like her hair down better as so to speak…

アンネマリー・ローエンシュタイン (Annemarie Lohenstein)

An exchange student from Switzerland along with his onii-chan uhh… Oppai-Loli likes to bake and cook, carries with her a floating live alpaca? I dunno… but I guess thats what you can give or take about the characters

黛 比奈夕 (Miyaumi Hinayu)

She’s one of the first 2 teachers of the school the other one being a floating head… also the senior classmate of the cast cause they technically belong in a single class, has a doctorate degree and is more inclined to science related subjects, and belongs to Mr King’s eleven masters who are at well known of being the best teachers in their fields. Deadpan and loli should I add

穂仁原 翔 (Onihara Shou)

Nickname Harashou, the music inclined guy of the class… other than that I dont see much in his character.

エルケンバート・ローエンシュタイン (Erkennbert Lohenstein)

Nickname Eroken, Annemarie’s Onii-chan and by his nickname hes the ero otaku… of sorts.

大陸 (Hiroto)

Protagonist of the story, he’s an alien crashing on earth declaring his “personal” war against Gynesis… he’s the prince Erutaria. Because he’s a alien he can defy earthly logic weird… then theres the classrom being able to transform into any classroom type the cast oh so wish


Title Screen

The Title screen as usual the Omake screen doesnt appear until you finish a route nothing happens other than that… and like Lump of Sugar BGI engines you can also play from the last scene you viewed before closing the game.

Textbox and Selection

I dont know why but this game has like 3 text boxes… I could post them here but I’m not sure if that would be spoilerous enough…. clean and simple with a dash of pink… buttons on the box are self explanatory

The selection system is very straight forward but be careful as the selection system prevents you from saving sucks as it may so if your not following a “walkthrough” I will suggest you to save during the cultural festival scene as thats where the major selection starts. and theres only 1 decision choice that affects the route you will follow so yes be careful. But on the good side the routes themselves are quite short.


The back log… noting to complicated in fact it works like any backlog, I’m sadened by the fact you cant rewind via back log…

System Menu

hmmm about the Settings page… I dont see anything different well asides from being orange… on some parts… ohh yeah the full screen mode is adjustable yeah… but still who still uses 800 x 600 resolution on eroge engines when pretty much its now mainstream to make them wide…. well other than uhh… nadeshiko drip and cafe sorire…

Save and Load

Save screen we also get the copy paste delete buttons to save file management… seriously these should also be mainstream with other VN engines they are actually quite convenient despite seldomly being used…

Well the load screen like the save screen and load your games


CG mode

Well please forgive me about the CGs and holes… just goes to show how I pretty much ended my share of game time… no gimmicks just your basic click to enlarge and view gallery.

Recollection Mode

All heroines have 8 H scenes EACH FULL STOP 8 H SCENES… man…. thats a load hotness may vary to one’s personal taste then again I’m still skipping H scenes.

Music Mode

Somewhere in the mediocre range or me thats what I can say some of the music does fit the scenario so thats what I can point out. Ohh Ohh you want TRUE MY HEART back from Nursery Rhyme? its still here well I think it was Annemarie’s VC doing it I’m not sure…

Opinions/Last Word

Art by Korie Riko… OP by ave;new with Sakura Saori… I mean I give them props and sure the art is good but I just can’t take the plot in its raw form… its just… dumb… but not confusing If you want more confusing stuff just read Nekonade Distortion on some routes without reading Gizumo’s route… or the Imouto’s route… now thats confusing… the protagonist is somewhat likable despite his first meetings with the cast, hes not that donkan… somewhat hetare but straight down he quite consistent in his character and thats somewhat good… I still want to look at a school there the classrooms transforms as so wished by the students… magic probably but none the less awesome, well the game is mediocre at its point… but then again I haven’t played Hello;Goodbye so I dont know and then theres still Diamic Days… but I don’t think I cant swallow Diamic Days without being distracted by a certain TRAP in-game… and its apparently on this game do I find out that someway somehow the entire LoS universe is quite a verse. Unless they are purely Easter egg purposes that I dont know.


Story: 4/10 well I cant say anything about the plot seriously…
Character: 6.5/10
CGs: 7/10
Music: 6/10

and now my stamp of approval

and somewhat sponsored by nintendo now go look at Brain Age

5 comments on “学☆王 -THE ROYAL SEVEN STARS- Review

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  2. Aedes says:

    Why are you so harsh on this man? There are TWO lolis!

  3. growler says:

    how to enter music gallery, omake, CG gallery and so on? i couldn’t find them in my game

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