真夏の夜の雪物語 -MIDSUMMER SNOW NIGHT- Review

As you guys hay have been noted on my tweeter I just recently finished a new game from a debuting company with Mikeou art on it, and please I serioucly DONT DONT WANT TO LIVE IN A PLACE WHICH HAS A REINCARNATION OF KYUUBEY. PS: the opening of the game is an apparent spoiler… VIEW AT YER OWN DISCREETION.

Game Info

Game Site

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Genre: Love Comedy, School life, Supernatural, Mystery
Character Designer: Mikeou
Scenario:  サイトウケンジ、深山ユーキ (well all I found their common works, hyper->highspeed->genius, and akaneiro somarusaka)


We have Kazamatsuri Yuuya our protagonist going back to his childhood town, called Aoi-onna chou, a town thats mysterious as it apparently snows all time around in the town, and so upon entering the town he gets some head-ache and then falls down, next scene we see his eyes looks at his cousins panties… were introduced to his cousins Koromo and Mana, then we get to see the head of the discipline committee Akigase Nozomi; who here calls him banchou from hence forth because of his silver hair and red eyes, then goes to the place where he will be staying which also happens to be the same place where his cousins are staying with the inn keeper, Kazamatsuri Hideo whom everyone calls Papa-san.., on night time he gets a prophetic nightmare on the following day before leaving school a strange incident happens and he gets to meet Shindou Yukina who asks his cousins and Mana to save the town. End of Prologue… there are side characters namely the vice-head of the discipline committee Midoriyama Kyousuke, and twins who also happen to be Yuuya’s classmates Haruno Kaede and Sakura (younger and older sister respectively).


風祭 愛奈 (Kazamatsuri Mana)

Yuuya’s younger cousin, part of the Tennis team along with her senpai Nozomi, know facts about her is that she has a weak physical constitution. And is quite rough with Yuuya cause you know Yuuya has a very very ecchi outlook of his life, and she is the one who commonly sees them since she’s the one walking him up only to find out another girl is near him herp derp… grows some flowers near the inn but I forgot what they are called…

風祭 衣 (Kazamatsuri Koromo)

Mana’s sister, her titles goes like ドS no bijin… in anycase yes I have to admit shes a seductress in terms of personality but her true relationship to Mana is a secret herp derp…, she also likes to poke fun a Yuuya’s lechery cause he’s just one god damn chivalrous pervert.

秋ヶ瀬 希美 (Akigase Nozomi)

Despite being the head of the discipline committee you would think shes quite a stoic character right?… well with the picture above I guess she’s not so stoic, anyway she is the “ace” of the tennic team with her kouhai Mana, uh… like Mana she also beats up Yuuya when he gets a tad bit ecchi…, she has quite some deep ties with Yukina but not very present until you get to see the “true” end will you only understand why.

神城 優樹菜 (Shinkyou Yukina)

A very very mysterious girl, she calls Yuuya だな様, and is actually he one who talks on exposition about the mystery of the town making her somewhat mysterious but most of all she just tends to pop-up out of nowhere when something mysterious even begins, yep but she’s also clingy when Yuuya gets too ecchi by saying he has her body to savor with yo… because you know its the job of the “wife” to satisfy her husband.

春野 かえで (Haruno Kaede)

The genki younger sister of Sakura, and once you see either one of them you know the other one cant be separated, In anycase they are like those 2 guys thing along with her older sister they tend to pop-up out of no where just for the shitz and randomness of the scene and disappear right next after. They come out when least expected… as it seems.

春野 さくら (Haruno Sakura)

The shy older sister of the twins in anycase, she’s uhh… soft-spoken and seems to worry about Yuuya despite being the ecchi… ohh well life of an extremely ecchi protagonist.

風祭 英雄 (Kazamatsuri Hideo)

The inkeeper of the inn Yuuya is staying in and is also his uncle but by no means is he related to Mana or Koromo more or less he’s also their uncle, also known as Papa-san in the town among Yuuya’s peers… uhh it was first commented that he looks like a girl…

緑山 恭介 (Midoriyama Kyousuke)

Vice-head of the disciplinary committee, he’s quite addicted to the word justice, as far as using it as his phrase ender… uhh the reason why its because Yuuya the protagonist saved him from some bullies… weird in a way I can see it.

風祭 夕也 (Kazamatsuri Yuuya)

Sadly no pictures of him… In anycase how can I sum up his character, for one thing I know he’s lecherous very very lecherous, its also defended by the narrative he’s actually more lecherous for a normal non nuki-ge protagonist as a matter of fact then theres the female cast and the huge bust lines… seriously what were the writers thinking, known for red eyes and silver hair like Yukina which earns him the title banchou, is the chosen one to save the town and breaks illusions… so basically he’s like Touma, Rito and P4 protagonist (I’ll name him Seta Souji) in a single package…


Title Screen

The title screen the only gimmick I only know so far about the title screen is that uh… the background changes for orange upon completing the first 3 “routes” so you can get Yukina’s “route” but its only temporary as it goes back to normal upon exiting the game.

Textbox and Selection

The textbox I should note that the textbox is quite different as its apparently movable yes… first of its kind out there you can move it for what purpose I dont know… they just inserted it there for the hell of it. Should anyone be curious on what is CS2 Engine according to ITH its called Catsystem2 and known software makers for using this engine is non other than Windmill as far as I can tell. So there was some slight improvement to the engine after all these years. Notice as theres a skip scene button, yes a skip scene not a skip text button,

As for the selections I dare say they are insignificant to the narrative system used instead you start the game with a selection after you read the Prologue which is quite long for a Prologue, so In a sense the selections still affect the story your going to but this menu is the only selection in the game… except the one used on H-scenes but I guess you guys would know what that deals with. If anyone played Aster from RusK way back then before they became inactive/bankrupt it also used the same story select system… least it doesnt end with a bad note unless you were stupid not to notice the obvious.


The back log… noting to complicated in fact it works like any backlog

System Menu

Well it may look simple but in fact the voices are hidden by another button… in anyway the settings page has 2 sections the voice and the general settings, inside the voice you can select the voices only available as the game’s system voice or you can select them all. I dunno about you people’s preference. All I know I have Nozomi and the Protagonist’s voices as the system voice… cause for some weird reason Nozomi reminds me of Mana from Koikishi.

Save and Load

Im sure you guys may have noticed this when I made the Campanilla review and the Iro ni made waga koi Ha review this is to say that its really the CS2 engine is that you initially have a limited number of save slots which you can continually expand should you do so wish. But really with a game like this its more like useless, unless you want to make some reviews with the paths then you will use up those given initial slots who knows…

Well the load screen like the save screen you can add more slots.. and well load…


as the game is divided into chapter, well the transitions are prevalent in the game and also an inter breaks that happen with these pictures

and let us not forget since these are chapters there will always be chapter enders so


Main Menu

The extra menu well as far as thats concerned the extra menu has a photo thats similar to a polaroid film border well… in anycase this is the only significant part of the extra menu as the picture inside the border changes the cycle as I know of depend on how many CGs you have unlocked to far.

CG mode

Well please forgive me about the CGs and holes… just goes to show how I pretty much ended my share of game time… no gimmicks just your basic click to enlarge and view gallery. (Well considering I have to get the bad endings to get all CGs… plus this is taken from my Koikishi post…)

Recollection Mode

Hotness varies… Koromo and Mana has 4 H scenes Nozomi has 3 as seen above as for Yukina she has 3 but some of them are long…

Music Mode

Somewhere in the mediocre range or me thats what I can say some of the music does fit the scenario so thats what I can point out.

Opinions/Last Word

Well ok this was kind a good time killer for me anyhow the writing… the writing was somewhat consistent but because the OP video kinda spoils the game but I’m still forced to post it because I have no any other way to not post it, you will expect what the plot is somewhat right away, some notes I can point out is that the way how the protagonist meets the cast is somewhat similar to Kurenai no Tsuki yes fan service… blatant fan service, plus the way its written is technically somewhat in homage to to-love ru for some reason… Or probably I can attribute that to the fact this guy is ecchi kinda weird cause his “best friend” is not that type of character, as for the overall plot it may seem shallow but if you live in a town that incarnated like KYUBEY you know its not going to end up good, its actually quite deep especially considering how the characters involved has quite a relationship going on. Plus I kinda like how the characters never degraded depending on the story and stayed consistent with how they were introduced unlike… a certain game…*cough*KoiKishi*cough*. ECCHINESS OF THE PROTAGONIST aside this game is definitely a good start for me. Besides how the female cast has em huge busts but I guess because its needed by the protagonist as a relax-o-vision in fact his monologue even covers how he feels about them!… but sadly to fully complete the game you are forced to take the bad end routes… which sadly I didnt do it because why would I if I will only end up with extra H scenes…

PS: I forgot to add that the game’s system uses lip synch and eye blinking somewhat an improvement from Windmill thats what I can tell you guys.


Story: 7/10
Character: 6/10
CGs: 7/10
Music: 6/10

and now my stamp of approval

12 comments on “真夏の夜の雪物語 -MIDSUMMER SNOW NIGHT- Review

  1. hyl says:

    I didn’t have that much time the last few weeks, so i only managed to complete Nozomi’s story and i am only half way into Koromo’s.
    So far I think that Ex-ONE did pretty ok for their first eroge. Eventhough Yuuya wasn’t that likeable, but the other characters were (in my opinion especially Kaede and Nozomi).

    Because you gave the story a 7, does that mean that the overall story was just average?

    • Algester says:

      Overall was ok but it wasnt that striking cause you know what the point of a story if you can all ready see the ending… I mean look at some points of the OP video then play the game slowly and surely it will make sense

  2. Aedes says:

    Why would you not do the bad endings for some extra hotness? I understand if you don’t want to do them when there’s no H scenes, because doing them would be kind of pointless and depressing. But bad endings with H scenes? Those are the best kind of bad endings.

    And I can’t help but think OH GAWD the BALLOONS every time I see this game.

  3. Alexander says:

    Wait, so does this have a english setting?

  4. Algester says:

    to play its simple follow this guide and post
    its a good beginner’s guide to playing eroges and such that may apply in between

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