SOPA and my regards

Considering the recent events that is running amok amongst internet users and pirates alike, including search engines this post will and shall be concerning that. Reader’s discreetion is advised this is one wordy post

What am I talking about well according to recent news in America and internet alike its the SOPA bill or known as the Stop Online Piracy Act or in legislative terms also known as the house bill 3261, what is it exactly well in layman’s terms its exactly what it says on the tin its a bill that stop’s piracy, by who… Known backers of this bill comes from Holleywood and thats what I understand. But let us understand the situation here better and to understand that why don’t we look at history the foundation of the internet as of that matter.
What is the Internet
The Internet was just really a functional concept originally that one could say was used by high class Universities in America and was also used by the American military its basic principle was high speed exchange on information in a given place at a point in time, and also the ability of computers to be linked up to a centralized system for exchange and control of information. We do understand that this is the basic principles behind the foundation of the internet. And when was this one might ask well all I can say is that it started officially in the late 1960s but early development started in 1950s. Some of this info might be incorrect but I’m happy to correct them either way. So where is this discussion going let here it is as we know the Internet was really not the typical thing we know what internet really is now nope not until 1990s when America fed up with the pressure of such a system not being felt by the public decided to open its doors to the international opening of the internet through the use of those retro dial-up 56kb modems. What was the basic reason of opening the system… You can probably see it when you open your local search engine and look for a word. And thats simple its information and public voice perhaps and so we proceed to the next topic.
Internet as Bridge
So here it is another topic did anyone know that the Internet can be used as a bridge? In terms of not only in commerce but also in hobbies and lifestyles? Of course probably many people know that one of the reasons why social sites become prominent was because of this reason, for one I can relate to this because I too am a fellow pirate in software. I understand this fact because I experienced it, as a pirate in software we look at games to me and probably not everyone would also express the same idea as me is that, I look at pirated games as somewhat a full test demo unless if it was photoshop or anti-virus programs then that is another scenario, So what am I saying here is that this is my point of view we can say we look at games as a full test demo because we can see everything what a game has to offer and we then have a given choice whether or not to support the company by buying the original hard copy or soft copy of a game, I experienced this when I played phantasy star portable 2 in Japanese so is its expansion called phantasy start portable 2 infinity as well as busou Shinki battle masters, thus I can say gave me an opening to my fetish for mecha mususmes in terms for busou shinki, so in turn I decided to buy the “fixed” game expansion busou shinki mk2, as well as collecting money to buy PSP2i despite its servers closing in late next month, its here we can argue satisfaction and disappointment, now in terms of eroges we do understand unlike console games PC games have a different approach this including eroges is that they give out demos, and yes I played some eroge demos before indeed in the start they would look interesting, but if one didnt open the full game in public one can’t say for sure that it would be the same feeling for the rest of the duration of you people playing the said game, and look at my reaction when I reviewed Kisaragi gold stars this is not to including I went to Japan just to get it and at the same time played the demo I ended up regretting it people. And in speaking about money I wont miss this
Internet as a tool for economics
We have scammers and paypal here as perfect examples people, but also for official software developers as well we certainly can not miss this how does internet become a tool for economics? Basics pirates and producers play a very large role here does not seem like much does it? Well here i I can say software developers develop a program give out a “demo” with a protected serial lock depending on the how-to can I rise a new argument basically in most cases pirates will buy those serial-keys for them to unlock the software yes this happens, but there will also be some times when pirate developers will crack the serial code them selves either developed by them or bought by another cracking developer and who says pirates are are the main reason of loosing jobs here people its actually marginally making jobs here and that is too also important in terms of software business but we do understand that not all businesses can afford to pay counter-pirates as well, but that will be their problem because living in a capitalist environment has this commercial disadvantage. Here I can see a relationship what internet has given us and its called digital distribution a lot of markets are involved here so I can not pin point names, and also the law of supply and demand in other products, yep and this is where our personality as humans come into play remember we do know that people has this need for personal gratification, yes its this drive where my opinion comes into play, example here is steam look at steam notice how the prices are cheaper than the actual hard copies themselves, and the feeling of feeling the solid box package when you buy a hard copy of a game for bragging rights especially if its a limited edition… Yes I know those feelings, so where does the law of supply and demand comes into play well look at the demand from steam sales versus the actual product despite being games its still applied here basically the prices of hard copy games become relatively higher as long as its still a fresh-hand copy not a second-hand as long as there is demand for it thus making people money compared to soft-copies where despite the increase in demand the price becomes stagnant unless there is a sale, so is there income in this adventure you people decide as its understood the developer can not have a hand in the price determination of its product unless it was a hard copy. And we have to understand that there’s another incident if it wasnt for pirates we would not have been able to enjoy some games and thats what I am going to talk about next.
Piracy can help game related problems
In a sense I’m not talking about cheaters no sir but more specifically I’m talking about a certain game company called NISA and their questionable QA yep remember Ar Tonelico II has that memory leak issue with reki that was fixed by hackers I mean sure you have the original game but what is a game if it can’t be played the OST sure but if only you own a copy of a limited edition. But I bought the Ar Tonelico III boxed and the cover for the OST doesnt do justice its a basic paper sleeve the hell yo. So where is my stand in this.
Passing SOPA will defeat the purpose the internet as opened for.
It can also break a country’s economic power.
And finally there’s no internet the paradox of the first statement.

I would also like to pinpoint a problem to all of this as I have remembered way back some years ago also relating to America and its Business sector, I hope everyone still does though remember the time when Blackberry services went offline? the day when the stock market froze to some degree, and the business sector went bonkers like CRAZY BONKERS, I would like to add here that WE HUMANS have in turned created our own problems, not just to the environment but to our society as well, IN SIMPLE WORDS WE SIMPLY BECAME SLAVES OF TECHNOLOGY, WE BECAME THE SLAVES OF OUR OWN CREATION by proxy of technology, why is this so… LOOK AT OURSELVES WHEN DID WE NOT BECAME TOO HIGHLY DEPENDENT ON TECHNOLOGY, like how we still depend on fossil fuel as out main source of energy.

5 comments on “SOPA and my regards

  1. Alg I don’t care if it’s irrelevant but throw in some porn to make reading this easier for me DX

  2. eonux says:

    SOPA is using the exuse to stop piracy but it will stop the freedom of talk. It will be like the Chinese google…

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