Relations sister x sister First Impressions

Ok… I haven’t this one covered it seems… uhh… sadly after 2 routes I reag quit on the game due to its unsubstantial  routes… but I did like the art…

So lets start we have the protagonist Kouhei Akagi, spending his life leisurely with his Osananajimi Haruka Ise, and “best” friend Ryouta. Going about his daily life aving a bishoujo from harm blah blah blah, while his father decides to remarry and so the old guy talks to his son about this and that… just when things in his life go along smoothly asides from his dad remarrying. It just bumps into him during flower gazing celebration that he has sisters and his dad apparently married their mom… yep… basic plot… nothing to see there all right. to have a more in-depth info about the game… read this guy’s review.

Paths I took before I uninstalled the game

I did say I liked the art but thats that…

job’s done for me… then

As for other news…

playing this game

and this was suppose to be related for the previous post but since I did not review for these games I will just post for the heck of it

7 comments on “Relations sister x sister First Impressions

  1. Amoirsp says:

    So Onigase Tane also had maru eyes. Wait how cone I totally remembered her name wrong (Mizuka) or something?

    Anyways that game you dropped looked really sparkly.

  2. Aedes says:

    Don’t know how I managed to play through that one, but I managed to clear it. Must be because of the imoutos, even if they aren’t blood related.

  3. hyl says:

    Seeing from your screenshot you are playing Manatsu no Yoru no Yukimonogatari (which i got today as a late x-mas gift, so i recalled that scene)after ragequitting this Relations sister x sister.

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