well uhh… yeah…

Amoirsp told me maru eyes… well why the hell not lulz


and so there we have it the stamps of official posts all in one post… thus making it a truly repeatedly official post lulz

2 comments on “well uhh… yeah…

  1. Amoirsp says:

    Ong this is the most amazing post I’ve read on your blog. This makes me jitter in smiles. Too bad gold star wasn’t that good, but how about the rest? The pool seems pretty reasonable and not as bad.

    And how do you catch these? Half of these aren’t CG images and a rare facial expression sure stands out but isn’t easy to find unless you knew exactly where it was. (I sometimes save when I see a particularly rare or unique facial expression like maybe eyes looking up for a chatter that doesn’t necessarily do that)

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