神聖にして侵すべからず Review

well this has been in my review backlog for so long since I finished the game… sooo uhh…. here it is whilst I do nothing in Hong Kong

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Genre: Slice of life, Romance
Character Designer: 仁之丞、田口まこと
Scenario:  丸谷秀人、十睡みちたか


We are introduced to Hayato the protagonist taking care of his “osananajimi” of sorts, Haruka; the queen of Falcon’s Heaven Kingdom; as her butler of sorts, which is apparently a small land in Japan, that consists only a castle for its only property. While his mother acts as an adviser and works as an author, then theres the family’s friends and each of them has their positions “inside” the court.


晴華 瑠波 (Haruka Ruha)

The queen of Falcon’s Haven Kingdom, also happens to be Hayato’s “Osananajimi” of sorts, she has a stuff toy bear called Fredrick (I’m not sure what it really is honestly), the position of queen of Falcon’s Haven was given to her by her mother as it seems the Kingdom is quite a matriarchal in nature. She only wishes the best for her friends and in the ends questioning her legal position as queen becoming the conflict of her character.

国友 澪里 (Kunitomo Miori)

A Tall, Dark and Bishoujo type of character; to the extent she exhibits an untouchable aura, she works part-time as a model and her family owns a pharmaceutical company. However despite being quite rich her family is quite traditional, or probably thats what she thinks. This in turn makes the conflict to her character as she is somewhat awkward to some point. Forgot to mention she likes cute and fluffy things lol especially cats.

実蒔 希 (Sanemaki Nozomi)

Oujo of the Sanemaki group, and is the grand-daughter of the chairman of the school. Her hobby revolves around collecting and breeding insects, she actually has a spider for a pet yo! In anycase anyone who becomes her friends will be given a nickname that revolves around insects as well.. hurr… awkward I know but what can I do about it… Her character conflict surrounds on how she feels to be accepted by the family group with her grandfather seems to be ok with what she is.

樫村 操 (Kashimura Misao)

To be honest I did not play her route… Yes I know… In anycase what I only know about her is that she works part-time in a bakery owned by her family, is friends with Haruka, or as close to what you can say to an adviser of sorts perhaps a “self-proclaimed” title… but thats what I only know about her character hurr…

風峰 涼香 (Kazamine Suzuka)

uhh let’s see… She is the president of the student council has quite a number of pet cats most of which are actually strays that roam around the school which she is at odds with Miori who too is a cat lover, her family is a decorative glass atelier, which her father owns, technically a minor character.

辻賀崎 弘実 (Tsujigasaki Hiromi)

Haruka’s first osananajimi, works as a model whom Miori considers as a rival or in the lines of friendly rivalry at work. But she is actually more famous, she is the only friend that Ruha has next to Hayato, quite lonely for a queen eh.

堀内 響子 (Hariuchi Kyouko)

Kyouko… Kyouko… Kyouko… Nozomi’s grandfather’s secretary of sorts and uhh… I guess she’s M… as she nose bleeds from the thought of Nozomi “punishing” her… very awkward character I mind you, as you know about her “weird” self-proclaimed relationship with Nozomi, one shall incur her wrath upon wishing to make friends with Nozomi, and seems to like older men.

諫見 隼人 (Isami Hayato)

Protagonist of the story works as the butler and Knight to Ruha, while his mother works as an author or editor I forgot which of the two while at the same time working as the Kingdom’s secretary of state, how he knows about Ruha is quite the story, well technically his family was invited by Ruha’s father the king of Falcon’s Haven before he died, and left him a mission to make his daughter happy which you can see from it does his job. You can say this guy is a housedad as he does everything himself that includes cooking, washing the dishes, waking up Ruha, laundry, taking care of a garden.


Title Screen

well to be honest I only played almost all the routes available except for Misao so yeah… I any regards the only special about the title screen is that, it changes from Day to Night upon complete completion and a change of BGM somewhat similar to recent August titles. And the “after” button appears upon finishing a route it basically replays the epilogue of the character route you chose.

Textbox and Selection

The textbox as you may have noticed despite i chose a nigh time BG is that well its predominantly blue as for gimmicks to take note of theres not much I can tell you, but the clean and floral border motif may indicate the elegance of it I might quite say so myself. Buttons are self-explanatory.

Selections… the gimmick here is that the font color changes upon a finished selection, this is to helpful when in keeping track of the selections. Originally the font color is white.


well here is the backlog again predominantly blue and the floral border, not much to take note here as it acts like any backlog for most common engines anyway.

System Menu

well the system menu is actually self-explanatory 3 pages dedicated per setting (Interface, Text, Sound) the pages are as listed respectively, again the color is blue… yeah…

Save and Load

what can I say about the save and load… nothing other than I forgot to note on the system menu that as you can see from the top you can access the config from this menu as well.

yep nothing at all… hurr… well after all its self-explanatory if the menu has no gimmicks.

After/Epilogue Menu

This menu will only come out once you finish a route as previously stated, and yeah… nothing much in particular except effects? unless you forgot the epilogue and want to review it down without the need of loading a save then I guess this is where you go.


CG mode

Ahh CG mode… uh… what can I say… ok the men is simple it just uses a click and enter type inputs… nothing more nothing less.

Recollection Mode

2 H scenes per heroine you decide if its good or not…

Music Mode

The music… ahh this was the problem its been so long since I played the game I forgot the feel of the BGM… man that was bad of me… all I know shimotsukin performed the OP IIRC.

Opinions/Last Word

What can say about this game… all I have to take note of it is that this game is short but it uses the same formula of 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの in terms of plot except chopped down to its bare essentials I guess thats what I can take it. I liked the game to be honest as you could see from my previous comments but yeah… you know its short and anti-dramatic… but then again unlike 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの I have to say since its been a stripped down version of that plot I guess I can not argue with the length as the game I was talking about by the same writer from Pulltop is an ass long… well not as long as Itsusora. you can look for accany’s review for the game I’m speaking off here. well yeah..


Story: 6/10
Character: 7/10
CGs: 9/10
Music: 7/10

Here we go found the pic it was in the wrong folder so I guess this makes the post official

3 comments on “神聖にして侵すべからず Review

  1. Amoirsp says:

    I was thinking this game probably didn’t have that stamp lol.

  2. Aedes says:

    Who cares about the story when there are such cute and fluffy graphics.

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