Your Diary Review

Your diary…. reminds me of elementary days when your forced to write one daily :< was I happy obviously not :< especially for a system that’s coercing you to write without freedom. Now I ask you ARE YOU HAPPY?

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Genre: Slice of life, Supernatural?…, Romance
Character Designer: Kantoku (nuff said), すいみゃ(SD原画)
Scenario:  種村いのり、皆本あいる


Tomoki the protagonist of the story, part of the library committee along with his senpai Sayuki Ayase (who seems to be always wishing for happpiness as well) and its other members, going about his life while living under the same roof as his osananajimi Yuuhi; whose family is the owner of the cafe where Tomoki works part time, because his parents are away on a trip that’s why while his former house is being lived in by his another osananajimis kyoudai, Kanade and Hibiki. One day he stumbles upon a used bookstore shop thats being handled by Misuzu who insists to be called Misuzu-oneetan… while browsing in the shop he stumbles upon a book called “Your Diary”, Misuzu explains to him that the choose him to be its “master” and is therefore the only one capable of opening the book and gives Tomoki a key, and so he opens the book and pops out Yua the Goddess of Happiness from the book… and so starts Tomoki’s life of “searching for happiness”.


ゆあ (Yua)

The goddess of Happiness and also the “writer” of the book Your Diary which is directly linked to Tomoki’s action and her interpretation of events I don’t know how she does it but because she’s a goddess you know… always looking for happiness and is somewhat borderline genki girl, Sayuki knows her but why, yet she doesn’t seem to remember Sayuki is a major plot point on how she came to be and the plot point of Sayuki’s route as well. Currently stays in Yuuhi’s room at night cause you know Yuuhi doesnt want the aspect of a girl staying in Tomoki’s room hue…

綾瀬 紗雪 (Ayase Sayuki)

Some what from a well-off family, and is the President of the Library committee because of her atmosphere she’s quite famous in the school, but thats probably what I think I read unless I’m mistaken, she acts like the Onee-chan of the cast and knows Yua as I have said earlier, her relationship with Yua is the plot point of her route and why she is the way now. harbors a crush on Tomoki cause you know its probably a need for a protagonist with harem making powers a spoiler on why Tomoki is such a special guy acts quite mature and a top scorer on exams.

深菜川 夕陽 (Minagawa Yuuhi)

Tomoki’s Osananajimi and also since its her family’s business after the death of her mother she also takes care of the Cafe which her parents have built on the first floor of their house. Has a tsundere streak but not the tsun tsun as most people would have thought, and like any osananajimi she has feelings for Tomoki way way long back, the Onee-chan to Kanade as their relationship is already considered as Osananajimis as well. Did I mention she also beats up Kaho and Hiibiki for their antics.

広崎 かなで (Hirosaki Kanade)

Ohh god Kanade… , Hibiki’s Imouto but also Tomoki’s “Imouto” she’s a Kouhai to the rest of the cast except for her friend Mitsuki, I can’t describe much of her character but one thing is certain She will give you DIABETES AND RUN AWAY WITH IT… DAMN IT SNOO WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO PLAY HER ROUTE TO END UP BEING ENTRAPPED INTO AN ENDLESS LOOP OF MOE… , she cooks for Hibiki as for most of the time their parents are away of their house or is virtually non-existent in the story’s narative, one thing is certain I’d like to compare her to a small puppy that you would’nt let go, like how Sae was describe from Amagami back then…

美鈴 (Misuzu)

Caretaker if not the shopkeeper of the used bookstore that Tomoki stumbled upon on that certain day, she’s as weird as she can get I’m not sure whether because she’s also a goddess or somehow is a spiritual mediums of sort. More or less most of the books found in her shop also contain gods and goddesses so somewhat making her shop a Pantheon of sorts… Or I’m just over thinking things and know that the gods and goddesses thing are just Moefied books. Yua calles her Onee-chan I think its understood why.

榎本 香穂 (Enomoto Kaho)

Some what has the those 2 guys relationship with Hibiki, more Genki that Yua a friend of Tomoki and Yuuhi and also their classmate, I dont know why Snoo wants CUBE to give her a route… but I’m seeing somewhere in the lines that she’s more compatible with Hibiki, after all she’s his co conspirator with his antics of Tomoki shipping with anyone of the cast who knows have feelings for Tomoki.

藤村 奈月 (Fujimura Natsuki)

Kanade’s bestfriend, a Silent girl with a few words. Despite her cold exterior she deeply cares about Kanade. And because she has twintails she’s somewhat a tsundere with Kanade (poor girl doesnt seem to understand).

広崎 響 (Hirosaki Hibiki)

Kanade’s Onii-chan, also the osananajimi of Tomoki and Yuuhi, as I have stated before he has that those 2 guys relationship with Kaho, and no Seele I dont know what you thought about Kanade’s route that time, and also happens to be the “guy’s best friend” for Tomoki.

深菜川 千歳  (Nagamina Chitose)

Yuuhi’s father and is the owner of the cafe where Yuuhi and Tomoki does part time work. Is quite over protective of Yuuhi which Yuuhi reprimands him from time to time.


Title Screen

The title screen Is clean and the only gimmick is that the image pans through out the BG while selecting the Menu Items. and that you can see the version number on the lower right corner of the screen.

Textbox and Selection

The only noticable thing about the text box is that its a gradient and the buttons, and like other recent games lately it also uses the Kirikiri engine so expect the font changes from time to time also the text box has 2 mode the one with the pinkish hue is in Tomoki’s POV while the other one

While this one uses the other characters POV normally he Heroines. Its ironic the main textbox uses the pink one while the extra textbox uses blue.

I dont know why it hits me but for the recent games I never paid attention in getting the Selections mode…. ohh well <_< it has no gimmicks but yeah… fortunately I still have the game so I could just do a screen cap with it.


The backlog uses the Notebook theme well technically I have little to do to explain these things.

System Menu

Like the backlog again the notebook theme the first “bookmark” or tab refers to the global settings you know message speed volumes as such as for the second tab its to fine tune the sounds especially the voices and also from there you can select what would the system voice would be.

Save and Load

Its just like any ordinary save screen 90 slots all in all nothing more nothing less

Well the load screen has a darker violet hue in terms of color and like the Save menu its no different. Sep it loads….


The game in a way is divided into “skits” and they are all separated with transition screen like the picture above it will display the prominent place of that skit, and to know if your in a route this happens.

basically the route’s heroine will appear once the route starts it varies from character model to another character model.


CG mode

The CG mode is quite different here its like those recent whirlpool games but with a slight difference as you can see theres a preview button up there in the top right corner what that does is basically let the next picture appear in a way that kinda looks like the XMB of the PSP and PS3. Like this.

the bottom right picture is a “zoom” feature if just basically zoom in the picture and you can sroll with the mouse’s drag


Recollection Mode

4 H scenes per heroine but I guess thats a given. Again like what I always say hotness may vary.

Music Mode

The music well… I have some mixed reactions for the OST… I liked Natsu no Ame’s OST none the less then again relentlessflame pointed out its quite an iyashikei game… yes the tone is slice-of-life after all… then again I miss Duca songs… lol

Opinions/Last Word

Well at one point I had to choose and from my expectation I already foresee that Your Diary will not be as good as how Natsu no Ame in terms of the writing department. I talked to Accany about this and I think these type of stories feel saturated already that the concepts for a better writing style seem only next to impossible. Yet overall the game is still enjoyable in a sense that I had to play Koikishi before playing your diary because you know… peer hype… yeah… I kinda blame why I played koikishi first <_< and in the end regretted it. But I can say this if you guys expect this to be like Natsu no Ame I’d hate to break it to you guys but don’t expect it, I myself may not have played that game fully as I was only at the prologue yet I know deep inside me what the story is so yes dont expect it to be like Natsu no Ame. The writers I was mistaken about as they are not really part of the creative team for Natsu no Ame in fact this is their first project, as one of the story writers for Natsu no Ame wrote for Duelist Engage. Yep… now I know lol. Anyway my special concern about this game is that the CGs are very inconsistent I think Zen also noticed about this I’m not entirely sure who to blame is it the CG artist or the one who did the shading considering they are not kantoku and are totally different people, whether or not this is rushed I’m not sure…


Story: 6/10
Character: 8/10
CGs: 9/10
Music: 8/10

and now my stamp of approval
and some Kanade

cause you know I’m still expecting HIbiki to make that Kanade Dakimakura yo. and shes just too MOE despite the fact I couldnt fine any Maru eyes anywhere… again I guess because its emphasis on the slice of life but not as exaggerated as the slice-of-life presented in ARIA.

One comment on “Your Diary Review

  1. Aaeru says:

    Well rather than impossible to reach a better writing style, i reckon more like the studios Decided NoT to pursue a better writing style or the writer is incapable of a better writing style. Saturation just means, the recent titles we have been seeing have reached stagnation point –

    I mean, when i see characters like yuuhi or kanade, i already see it as a business decision to keep everything as close as possible to a rigid and established formula. None of the characters in Your diary are personalities we have not seen before – which is fine, its playing it safe. but nothing in moe particularly dictates that characters must moe one way and only one way and no other else, after all… there are many many ways to moe.

    There is no such thing as a new concept anymore under the sun, but
    Imagination itself coupled with some openness of mind, should be more than enough to break out of any well-trodden cycle.

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