恋騎士 Purely Kiss Review

God… good thing I now have quite some spare time but sadly I had to read something very bad…

Game Info

Company (sister company of Akatsuki Works so site block on foreign IP)
Game Site

Random Gist

Genre: Love Comedy, School life
Character Designer: 憂姫はぐれ、SPR魔人(SD原画)
Scenario:  藤原休樹with企画屋


ohh screw this OFF TO MICCHI’S SITE

Kaname has aspired to become a knight and protect others ever since he was saved by one as a child. Now he enters the knight-training specialty school Shiromiya Gakuen and is greeted by the knight order Esquire. He meets his fellow knights-in-training: beautiful and serious Elusia, positive and energetic Akari, the daughter of the Shidou business group Mana, his perfect imouto Yuu and the calm oneechan-like leader of the group Kaori. Wait, aren’t they all girls? Why is he the only guy there!?

how Zen sums it up

Infinite Stratos goes medieval. (well somewhat I can’t agree with this but it has its shades)


エルシア=ハーヴェンス (Elicia Havens)

The “boy” who Kaname met back when he was a child (making her somewhat an Osananajimi but not), they made a promise that day also that they will become knights who will come to respect each other in their own ways.

獅堂 真奈 (Shidou Mana)

Daughter of the Shidou-group’s head honcho… uhh basically somewhat a borderline Oujo-sama… yeah…. ohh god damn it… I can’t say anything about her route, from what I have understood she wants to become a knight so that she can prove her worth to the family despite being the heir to the group.

風間 明莉 (Kazama Akari)

What I can say about her all I know she’s taking care of 6 siblings and she’s class mates with Mana, Kaname and Yuu. Very genki and has a hard time digesting school lectures. yeah…

藤守 由宇 (Fujimori Yuu)

You guys said you want a soo bro-con Imouto… you have her… what else can you ask for yo?… Kaname’s imouto and yes they are blood related she’s so bro-con that she skipped grades just to be in the same class as her onii-chan which clearly dumbfounds Mana, Akari and Elicia, she will do anything for her onii-chan and yes EVERYTHING that includes being yandere.

ベルナデット=ヴィルブルグ (Bernadette Vilubulug)

Princess of Vibulug where Elicia hails from… I cant say she’s bratty or what but one thing is certain she wants Kaname to be her personal Knight, I don’t know why but I guess its in his blood…

国中 佳織 (Kuninaka Kaori)

If you have an Imouto you got to have an Onee-chan and that’s where Kaori enters the fray, senpai to Kaname and Co. she’s the leader of the Kaname’s company and is somewhat the dormlady of the dormitory where the Kaname and Co. lives, Also she’s such a tease and is quite bad in the mornings, according to the narration she’s capable of free-running yes (running on the roofs of houses).

松下 良平 (Matsushita Ryouhei)

Like any eroge you got to have a man’s friend he takes up that role, part of the investigation department; a fast runner and Kaname’s underground informant after all thats where his division is specialized on. Gives Kaname some erohons from time to time.

南雲 宗善 (Nagumo Muneyoshi)

Uhh… how can I say this he was the one who saved Elicia and Kaname from an accident in the museum when they were still children and someway somehow he end’s up dating the Fujimori’s mother… he also happens to be Kaname and Yuu’s uncle as well.

藤守 要 (Fujimori Kaname)

The protagonist of this story… one thing is certain about how much his character is, and thats being quite calculative but only and only in the common route he somehow looses character in the route proper. Seriously what does this guy really aspire to be at the end of the long road.


Title Screen

The title screen no gimmicks here basically the Omake menu won’t be unlocked until you clear one route of the game it’ll be blank at the first start.

Textbox and Selection

The textbox is clean with some floral border motif IIRC thats what its called and its lined with gold… yeah… well asides from that I don’t know but since the game uses Kirikiri engine I guess the variation of text sizes are there.

Ohh wow silly me… anyway the game has 2 selection mode types for reasons I don’t know why… in anycase I missed the ordinary selection mode <_< and I have already uninstalled the game so my bad… the one posted is the “map” type selection mode basically it automatically nets you 1 heart point from any selected heroine by visiting the “flag”.


The backlog based its motif on the textbox and typically is like any backlog :<

System Menu

FFFF I Didnt get any screen caps of the System menu :<… FFFFF

Save and Load

Cue in the blue color gimmick none…. well theres the edit comment button but I sparingly use it… who the hell uses it anyway?

Well the load screen has a lighter blue hue in terms of color and like the Save menu its no different. Sep it loads….


Quite prevelant in the game and I dont know why… probably adds a quite a cool factor in the game perhaps not that I see them trying.

Heart Chart

Basically this is just a chart showing whose route your approaching soon highest number of hearts wins the flag.

like this flag


CG mode

Well please forgive me about the CGs and holes… just goes to show how I pretty much ended my share of game time… no gimmicks just your basic click to enlarge and view gallery.

Recollection Mode

Well… uhh yeah 5 H scenes per character however Kaori and Bernadette have 1 each… hotness is subjective…. cause one thing is certain I used CTRL on most of them.

Music Mode



The music well… some where in the mediocre range for me…. Despite its Barbarian on the Groove that did the music or thats what I’m supposed to believe…

Opinions/Last Word

Do it or not to do it… this game is a chara-ge I suppose, bad routes and a somewhat decent common route you know the writing seems to be the same disease that suffers from Koisora Mouyou…. but what the heck… I guess it’s up to you guys to decide what what to do with this piece of crap (in terms of story I mind you).


Story: 4/10
Character: 6/10
CGs: 9/10
Music: 6/10

and now my stamp of approval

14 comments on “恋騎士 Purely Kiss Review

  1. feal87 says:

    All the Yuu are belong to me!

    That’s all! 😀

  2. What happens if you have the same amount of hearts for 2 or more heroines? Some kinda priority takes place?

    • Micchi says:

      Generally there’s a default order in case affection levels for multiple charas are the same. Since this is just a visual representation of what normally goes on behind the scenes, it’s most likely the same (probably Elcia > Mana > Akari > Yuu with single choice toggles for Bern and Kaori).

  3. This review is rather short of “review-ness”. ^^; What exactly makes the routes bad? What were you expecting? How could they have done better? Which heroines had the best-executed routes? What made the common route better than the individual routes to you? And so on and so on…

    (Well, I have my own thoughts about the shortcomings of this game’s story myself, but I’d like to hear more details about it from others too, rather than just “it’s bad”… why?)

    • Algester says:

      if you played koisora mouyou you would probably understand

      • It’s not that I can’t understand (or at least guess), it’s just that how is this a review if you don’t actually explain your opinion other than to say “it’s bad, and if you played this other game it’s like that”. How is this review going to help anyone know whether they’ll enjoy the game, or why you didn’t enjoy it? ^^;

      • Algester says:

        well Micchi also has pointed out the problem…
        the routes themselves basically felt they were rushing for the ending in game time only accumulated for 1-2 weeks of the growing relationship… yo

  4. Micchi says:

    From what I’ve played, the problem is that the common route is too long so there’s not much development in the routes. They’re badly written and make the charas look 1-dimensional.

    I do like some parts, but aside from good art, it’s lacking for a chara-ge.

    Also: Akari has 9 siblings and Yuu has 6 distinct H scenes, albeit with some repeated CGs.

  5. Jun says:

    I will play this game just so I can appreciate its FINE ART.

  6. […] Koikishi “From what I’ve played, the problem is that the common route is too long so there’s not much development in the routes. They’re badly written and make the charas look 1-dimensional. I do like some parts, but aside from good art, it’s lacking for a chara-ge.” Micchi’s review of Koikishi. […]

  7. Aedes says:

    Yuu, the yandere imouto, is all I need from this game.

  8. Wrathkal says:

    According to Hemi, Elcia and Mana have nice jitome, but Yuu, for all her brocon, doesn’t have a very good route.

  9. Metaler says:

    So this game’s bad? i have it on my list, but if I dunno. The art looks so good I must just have massive multiple orgasms and die a happy man.

    • Algester says:

      for art’s sake then you could probably get it after all its good, but if you are looking for characters and plot… light’s games seems to have these elements I’d suggest look elsewhere…. though i havent reviewed shinsei from pulltop sitting in my blog backlog for quite some time now you could get that it was a decent read after all or thats just me since i think their prior work was better. up to you man up to you

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