TIPS? first time to a cherry poppin world? EROGE?! well why not

Yes this I could say be an entirely separate post or a continuity on what Zeroblade’s post has started as what I initially started with was only but a simple life and do take note if you (the reader) is entirely new to this genre there are tips that I could also provide here is that,  However please do bare with me that like Zero’s post this is also quite wordy because I unlike Sankaku complex’s Artefact who seems to have every single picture perfect for every post am not capable of doing.


Take note not everyone especially in my country filled with Christians see sex as a taboo, why open mindedness well its basically you should be prepared to see the world in a different view especially with the rise of the internet, but for me it was a very different case and yes I was very open minded with certain issues even there’s the fact I doubt all Religions as what you could say. It all starts with the fact you know theres a game not knowing what it was just played it not knowing the said game was from your brother and it turned out…. well an eroge (yes Brave Soul by Crowd was my very first) let’s not mention it happened in mid-day AKA office day yep… good times.


Related to my Open Minded paragraph there will be some games that you never know yes it was this trait that led me to what I am now, is that Being Open and curious will make you learn a bunch of things never intended for you know know but somehow stumbled upon them next thing you know it your treading upon on a funneled influx of information a Pandora’s box as what I might call it, be it good or bad BE PREPARED! tats the only thing I could say.


This is not a joke once you tread on a path theres no going back (tell me who rejected a VICE). One thing is certain playing eroge will someday be someone’s vice yes Catholics views it a sin but what if that vice is nothing but a hobby yet they say sin will always be a sin but what the heck… It’s one of those human natures that seem can’t be stop and knowing being different than the norm is something that a given society normally frowns upon on. Yes it could be a given fact but what gives, its a hobby that you interest upon on and no one even higher than you should stop you, unless you yourself made it stop I RESPECT DECISIONS!, okay…? okay I might be deviating from the topic But yes playing eroge is simply a GUILTY pleasure that one day be addicted upon on, why is it so even after knowing you yourself is going against the norms and all its because probably you know people don’t see the world in a wider context other than a glimpse of true Epiphany (WHICH I HAVE AND DAMN IS IT SCARY), but its a whole new society which only a few amounts of people have threaded upon on. but not Japan I mean sure there are hated otakus but seriously I went there and bought eroges namely from my Japan post and it all seemed normal YOU SEE IMAGINE HOW THEIR ECONOMY WORKS THESE THINGS ARE AS EXPENSIVE AS PS3 GAMES EVEN MORE!

Forth Loneliness

Its like the 2d marriage logic who knows?… but what the heck… I made a vow when I was in grade 6 that I will never marry and this was even before I started baring down this path. But god knows what it seems I’m enjoying it as well I would have never opened this Blog in the first place if it was’nt the case other than the Harem Meisters inspired me to do so, but how lonely can you get… well its kinda relative… to your life style and That I WISH TO NOT CARE ABOUT NOR PEEK INTO CAUSE I DONT WANT TO MEDDLE WITH ANYMORE LIVES LIKE THE GODS WANT ME TOO, EPIPHANY STROKES ORDERS bah… I don’t give a care about these things anymore even though I’m essentially one of them <_< >_>…

FIFTH could be the last but what the heck… BOREDOM!

This word and Curiousity are largely relative they cant go without the other cause by god’s name you could be playing DoTA right now for what I care or Battle Realms/RO which was the in when I started to read eroges, sometimes feeling there’s nothing worth while to do boed with your routine which is something that’s quite hard to break, and sometimes there will just a decisions made in the spur of the moments like those WHY THE HELL NOT?!, somehow thats how relative these 2 words are with each other its either your bored and that is why your curious. and your curious cause your bored?… I mean sure it doesnt make make any sense nor understanding it would make it any better but you get the point…

so one you meet these requirements and decided ok so what now? which games should I take…?

Well there are give or take scenarios first of course your just a newbie and you own a console mark my word I wont back down on this but… why not start playing Ar tonelico series more or less these is what’s Japan’s idea of putting some VN games to the console other than their myriad of VN products in the consoles protable or not how many… too many to count give or take, but you may ask me why Ar tonelico?… well once you start playing you know what your getting its a slice of ecchiness gameplay and a VN system all combines into one musical package trust me… though I’d like to people to try playing the game without ever laughing TRY IT ITS A TALL ORDER… lol… with surround why the hell not? once you do this I now know your both bored curious and open minded really…

so Once your brain has been fried by the goriousness of  Ar Tonelico whats next?… well its now time to understand how everything works, why is that so? well from here you can now use the PC as the gateway and your curious mind as the key to that key hole waiting to be installed with shear epicness?…

so where to start… well good games have a lot of criteria but I normally start with my given knowledge of good games like how I start recommending games by giving them a list yes a LIST of games I know with different fetishes/genres ranging from Romance comedy, to straight out sex based plot (nuki-ge) for short its from here I give the the decisions that you the reader makes that is why I always ask WHAT GENRE YOU LIKE? in anycase once thats done next thing I know it you would want to play more… well thats not for me to decide because in all seriousness even I don’t know what to do at that point but all I know i just go to’s adult section look at the list then just do an eny miney mo type of selections, these however make a hit or miss list but do take note sometimes some of them have their potentials especially debuting companies… but I guess these are for the veterans… for the straight beginners hmmm… well I started with the generation where there was only JAST peach princess was under them I think and g-collections doing the localizations of eroges (yes this is why I give praise to the true entreprenuers of the eroge  localization), we could start from their line up other than what Zeroblade has already given. well I guess thats it IF YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY BORED WANT TO START RIGHT AWAY I’D SUGGEST ONE THING PLAY ILLUSION-SOFT GAMEs and dont look for me until you meed the criteria as stated above

6 comments on “TIPS? first time to a cherry poppin world? EROGE?! well why not

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    [16:48:00] Jun: woooooot Google Reader empty again
    [16:50:05] Jun: lawl at algester’s new post
    [16:51:22] Jun: his posts are sometimes so hard to read
    [16:51:38] Jun: Same for talking to him
    [16:51:58] Jun: It makes less sense than hemi’s
    [16:51:59] Jun: XD
    [16:52:43] Jun: The way Algester talks is comparable to ATLAS


  2. Algester says:

    what… hey this way no one can understand me once I start ranting the better

  3. Micchi says:


    In before ‘HOW DO I STICK IT IN?’

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