in SADness and health and in Roneriness we fall for the harems to call and we know


In anyway first girl may not be always be on the top of my list as I shall be doing this in a chaotic order I may not have stated that from my previous post…

to those who forgot rules from m3rryweather

– Total count of 8 bishoujos + 1 maid
– No anime adaptations
– No characters with similar seiyuu
– Only one girl from a title is allowed

1. Yagisawa Mio (Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu ~Kimi to sugoshita ano hi to ima to~)
CV (新堂 真弓

In truth to begin with as you guys may have known I seriously got a thing for Ill girls for reasons unknown even as to myself, not that I find it Moe or anything but probably because more or less I see myself I have no meaning in life in truth… sure I can fore-see things but yeah I’m totally not cut for the Seer job anyway, well from meromerocute’s 残暑お見舞い申し上げます。〜君と過ごしたあの日と今と〜 and also the first game ever to introduce me to Sakaki Maki’s art, which gave me a rant in my Bloody Rondo review about most of his character black hair Idol/Oujo characters seems to be his thing lol. In more ways than one I seriously don’t want to speak more about her cause this Author will shed manly tears once again. if you want you can read this paragraph exactly copy pasted from my previous post

“One of your wanting to protect bishoujos according to Konata’s vocabulary, as she is your sickly town idol, apparently due to her sickness that deals with her lungs she was diagnosed for not living for more than 6 months, but apparently her family was also not able to afford her medication so yeah… you know standard drill of “fulfilling my wishes type of story”, which is basically to become an idol as one of her dream which was apparently granted and also its one of her ways to be able to receive her medication (again seeing how the flow of girls here), and that of all of your schoolmates in town she is the most detached as shes busy with her idol life but wont now being able to pity her for being in a situation… URGH!! shes also my second playthrough in the game even if I got spoiled it still had a reaction to my life, at least she had a blessing before fate took over. ITS A FEINDISHLY BITTERSWEET ENDING THAT MADE ME SHED MANLY TEARS JUST LIKE MANAKA’S Y_Y.”

2. Irina Vladimirovna Putina (Osananajimi ha Daitouryou)
CV (伊東 サラ)

From ALcot’s attempt of doing comedy (幼なじみは大統領) and succeeded featuring action President Irina Vladimirovna Putina (Putin Moefied?) or Puu-chin for short, Now now I know I may seem out of character here but what the heck, for all the antics I might do with her straight personality can put me to a halt provided like her I don’t emit my own ビリビリ energy <_<, but despite that cheerful straight side of her of course under that stems a lot of pressure from her people and her route shows how lonely she can get only with the right set of people does her true personality shows, and that is a fun loving electrifying ride do I need to put emphasis ELECTRIFYING? well that is what I can say about her that also puts me in the same situation like her, her being president was something not she decided to do but was born president to begin with isn’t that sad 😦


3. Shinonome Satsuki (Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate)
CV (小夏 スミレ)

The very serious girl from Sprite’s first work Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate, a fragile girl that is driven by her family not to be like her Onee-san forced to be the way she is now with no any other means to relieve that pressure poor girl 😦 , Well I wasn’t interested in her character at first because of somewhat she was first viewed as somewhat a villain character but delving into a sort experiment made me like her character seriously now I’m think hard is my harem built on Social problems?!

4. Fujimaru Mikoto (Kisara GOLD STARS) PAPARA~
CV (星咲 イリア)

Yes Kres I know… the same character me and Kresnik liked and I’m not sure for the same reasons either <_<. In anycase this sharp tongue bishoujo has a knack for well being sharp and scary well not Tsubasa scary but still, but despite that exterior having no family except for her aunt after her mother died she lives quite a sad life especially once she knows that she is not the legitimate daughter of her father who happens to be a painter and she knows this only that she keeps it a secret. And that she wants to be dependent and be freed from the chain that bound her past in the form of love isn’t that sweet XD.

5. Mizune Gin (Prism Rhythm)
CV (沢野 令果)

From Lump Of Sugar’s lackluster game Prism Rhythm, She maybe a stalker but she’s still moe for a reason, Well ok I think I’m seeing a pattern here is it just me or clearly I really do have a fetish for long black/silver colored hair…?  yeah yeah a moe moe cute stalker loli who is desperate for her Onee-san ok I’m seriously not cut for that job :(… but touching the right buttons well she can be that MOE MOE CHARA YES?!

6. Kounji Rin (Festa!! -Hyper Girls Pop-)
CV (かわしまりの)

The gun wielding miko from the City that is divided by the line, that also happens to rain steel tubs for some unknown unexplained reason, Lass’ wacky project Festa!!, even though I can protect myself but my gun knowledge fazes me there’s no way for me not to turn to her for all that is Gun Porn, and also has a family corporation that deals with technology yeah… a some-what trigger happy so yeah… I’m not totally like Hemi MY GOD IF I WERE <_< my harem will be filled by immortals -_-… ok… 2 more girls 2 more girls… , Seious but has a fear of cockroaches (then again who would’nt) but seriously don’t you dare scare her unless you want RPGs straight to your face :<

7. Amane Ruru (-77- When the two stars meet again)
CV (都ほのか)

Finally a base breaker for me, with all of these bishoujos having a lot of social problems of course there’s no cure like a very calm and relaxing atmosphere Ruru gives out especially she’s that my pace type of girl sleeping most of the time despite the commotions and has the ability to sing SONG MAGIC! yeah…, well I can consider her the second Onee-san just to keep up with Gin lol but even then she can’t be in charge of Kasumi.

8. Erika (eden*)
CV (山田 ゆな)

Well according to m3rry I need a maid, so here she is a technically a maid who is in fact not but still insist that she is in truth she is but the director of save the world project and is in charge to be the caretaker of a 500 year old loli, but like the Onee-san she is she actually looks out for everyone’s well being, let’s just say she’s but only a maid and only that.

Well there’s one more bishoujo I always wanted to add but never seem found the time to add and happens to be the same person who voice Mio… ohh well 😦 to be honest though I could’nt trace her there for a bit then again the arch-type of this Bishoujo is ice queen XD

well its

Bridget Steiner (You Gaku)

yeah sadness 😦 and the hell its SAD day today why is it that auto correction seems to do some words that I dont want


10 comments on “in SADness and health and in Roneriness we fall for the harems to call and we know

  1. Not Kresnik says:


    Watch your back at night..


  2. Wrathkal says:

    It’s 8 girls + 1 maid, should have a total of 9. Unless you didn’t add Bridget in because of Seiyuu clash?

    By the way, 7 & 8 have seiyuu clash already.

    Really, your harem is like so full of social problems.

    • Algester says:

      really now ok checking back the list there done and fixed 山田ゆな for Erika’s CV
      well yeah then again I’m a social psychologist whose course is Multimedia arts right now just to be dismayed and it doesn’t even help im a total social misfit :<

    • Algester says:

      too so i never notice the need for 9 @_@… ohh well maybe next yeah <_<

  3. Micchi says:

    Damnit, you beat me to it. Well, all my RABURII BISHOUJOS are still free ^o^

    I love reading these for the sole reason that we can see all the meisters’ tendencies (do-M, suicidal, etc).

  4. warum says:


    I volunteer to be the bridge member that is always the first to report something is wrong if we are going with the meister analogy xD.

    But yeah I can see most of your harem members have trouble with social communications….but that just means they’ll cling onto you that much more right!? 😀

  5. […] In light of the harem route in Imopara, I’ve decided to finally stake my claim to those bishoujos that trigger the strongest omochikaeri feeling in me. This harem post has been over a year in the making, as I felt that I hadn’t played nearly enough eroge to construct a list that abides by the restricting rules imposed on it by the gods m3rry. If I didn’t write this up now, then I risk my precious bishoujos being snatched up by all those raving eroge maniacs. […]

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