ok you guys this is from my recent tweets and when I say recent tweets its just about 3 days ago -_-… this is coming from a debuting company 3rd eye

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Genre: Vampire Action, Comedy (I know it may not seem like it but its there), School-life and clearly I know hemi these genres does not work well
Character Design: 榊MAKI、蒔田真記 (SakakiMaki art alone made me get the game -_-)
Scenario: 桑原文彦 (worked on some games I didnt play especially CDCD2)、四万十川清流、不死鳥


The story starts in the distant pass with the “society” preparing its raid to the castle that houses the purebloods and its demise whilst 2 girls escape for their life then jumps right to the distant future with our Protagonist Egami Shinkurou’s school life with his best buddy Akechi Takahisa and school Idol/Oujo Kamizu Sayaka (I do notice SakakiMaki’s characters seem to have this stereotype I don’t know why), going about his daily life in the morning whilst running his grandfather’s Detective agency as his part-time work, and being a vampire hunter at night, then on the same night of our protagonist’s introduction on his usual night job of vampire hunting he hears a high pitch scream and like the protagonist hunter he is decides to go to the direction of the scream to check out the scene and lo and behold vampires and one fainted gosu-rori wearing girl and so he decides to kick some vampire ass and takes the girl home, only did he not know who the girl is decides to wake her up only ended up being bitten, so does he start his life as her familiar and in the world of more vampire wacky comedy and action whilst searching for his missing IMOUTO.


江神 真紅郎 (Egami Shinkurou)

Protagonist of the game, becoming the familiar of Luna, and a bad ass protagonist who has some severe Sis-con syndrome from the fact he’s still alive at this point for the sake of his sister that also includes the vampire hunting, he’s also in contact with the Hunter Society, He’s currently the caretaker/owner of his grandfather’s detective agency in the light of his grandpa’s death/absence.

ルナ・フリード・クイーン (Luna Freed Queen)

Last of the Pure Blood vampires or Shinso in other words, she’s the girl that Shinkurou save at the start of the game and is the sole survivor of the Society’s final attack of her Home castle, which was burned down by her Mother just to not accept death under the hands of Humans, as expected of being a Shinso she has that pride however Shinkurou will always be there to curb stomp her antics should do they go from shear randomness and to being just flat out silly especially since he’s part of the Hunter Society he especially needs to control her from them finding her out and in turn put his life into deep jeopardy because, Shinkurou being her familiar has a life link to her if she dies he dies as well. I liked some bits of her character because of her dynamics haha.

リネット・ヴァンス (Linnet Vance)

Part of the wolf clan and is Luna’s first familiar, she likes to murmur a lot of the time and those murmurs happen to have quite sharp words which I’m not sure if the cast ever knows, and being Luna’s first familiar she wants her relationship to Luna in that yuri-esque manner, yeah… she’s clearly overprotective of her and wants her soo badly -_-… , and one thing I learned from her route is the true bad-ass she can be when pushed to the limit its soo bad-ass its really scary. and did I mention she has some severe rivalry with crazy bitch Francisca Poirot? She later relinquishes her protective role of Luna to Shinkurou after finding him worthy to be with her and also I missed to state she wants to be the Onee-sama character so badly as well?

二階堂 凛子 (Nikaidou Rinko)

Also part of the Hunter Society under the branch Silver Bullet (but this in fact is a minor thing), She transfers to Shinkurou’s class under the notion of Vampire Hunting and also moves in to Shinkurou’s Detective agency/home, And also don’t miss the point shes quite a trigger happy person XD, her route’s plot comes right out of now where to begin with and I’ll just say her route has some rule of awesome plastered into it but from the sub route’s I personally liked Linnet’s better.

神津 沙耶香 (Kamizu Sayaka)

The School’s Idol and an Oujo, she has a deep crush on Shinkurou, and a rule breaker of the Oujo she wants to live a ‘Normal girl’s’ life that includes finding a part-time job, and her father is actually quite over protective of her, she later becomes Shinkurou’s meido of sorts because of Luna’s antics, theres one thing she knows is that once joining Shinkurou’s ‘Harem’ she can see herself as the most useless girl in the batch this is to take into consideration that most of Shinkurou’s girls happen to be action girls yeah… her route is well let’s just say ignore it it’s not as ‘not-normal’ as the other routes its just a route full of crazy.

アリス (Alice)

She is an artificial vampire, this game’s equivalent to Biohazard/RE’s BOWs, she’s that monotonous silent girl who has control over electricity and source code hacking (yes if you think Nagato Yuki then your quite close to her exact definition except not being a bookworm), who she really is, is a spoiler so don’t ask me -_-, her ability is similar that to a ninja and has good knife throwing skills so yeah… (did I say she her character is now in Hemi’s list of fetishes?) though I’m not sure how he felt going through her route…

フランシスカ・ポアロ (Francisca Poirot)

Two words, CRAZY BITCH, she is basically what Linnet is not, instead of wanting to icha-icha Luna she wants to ravish her and eat her (literally), definitely not the type of character you want to cross with unless you want to go boom then go ahead -__-. And she’s also one of the major antagonist of the game delving her involvement in 3.5 routes I guess its fair.

コーデリア・メリヴェール (Cordelia Meribel)

I don’t know how to describe her perfectly but more on the lines of being the magnificent bastard of the game, you don’t know what side she’s one really. Well try to fight her you get your ass burned down to the ground.

法月 蓮 (Norizuki Ren)

Just look at Francisca’s description and add in Rinko’s name you get him quite the character already. I’m not sure if I can blame raging hormones…

明智 貴久 (Akechi Takahisa)

With friends like him who needs friends, seriously hes that average guy friend, who ends up being awesome just the way he acts. Yeah seems to learned his antics from Cordelia.


Title Screen

No much gimmicks in the title screen and in it self is self explanatory…

Textbox and Selection

The textbox has some dynamics akin to Kirikiri engine so it’s somewhat similar to a floating text that go over to who is speaking the line and the red orb on the bottom right of the screen brings up the shortcut menu but I like my box clean and simple so I didn’t bother with it unless I need to use skip.

The original text for the selection were color white but after choosing them they become yellow so yeah… no gimmicks still


The backlog is simple and well the scroll line is ever present even without much lines on it so other than that again no gimmicks.

System Menu

right clicking anyware brings up this menu left hand with the predominant red color yeah… hey got to stick with motif and all other options you will need in the game is in here so there we go off to Option/config

four tabs I like the interface for this one in anycase in sound tab you are given the option to chance character voice settings text brings up the font type, text speed and so on and so forth, system just sets your screen to full screen (sadly this game doesnt support a good full screen mode resulting in a lot of black ‘border’ and a 800*600 window for the game), and the game effects and the shortcut menu setting pretty much those are the given options for the game.

Save and Load

5 slots 20 pages grand total 100 save slots nothing much to offer

just like the save no change but the load text lol


Omake menu yeah… I know this part well the main menu is just the title menu with some changed text so let’s start with the

CG mode

Small pictures quick and simple UI yeah… hovering on the thumbnails shows the image on the center top of the window and clicking on it give the CG view, using a click to the next frame system and nothing else special.

Recollection Mode

Most routes will have 3 H scenes with Luna being the exemption of having 4 H scenes cause she’s that lonely 😦 in anycase hotness value may vary and the UI is just the same thing as the CG viewer hahaha.

Music Mode

All the tracks in the game can be found in the game’s website and its a total of 34 tracks, I might be bias but these tracks are godly made but hey I liked Lip on Hip’s company people’s composition and then there’s mamomo and bAsHEE. NOW I TELL YE LISTEN TO UNKNOWN

and now my closing words

Opinions/Last Word

Despite Hemisphere’s gripe about the game I actually found Luna and Alice’s routes quite good, I guess its all about the story’s pacing using comedy in Luna’s route to transition from each major arc to another whilst the last part of her route were hugely dramatic and action heavy, as for Linnet’s and Rinko’s route you can say that they are quite the subjective mediocre range after all Linnet’s route was really so bad-ass in the end, as for Sayaka… well sad as it maybe its best advise to stay away from her route lest you want to go crazy in the world that is full of crazy seriously…, as for Alice’s route it was quite sad (it made me shed some tears coming from knowing the background of the character and the epilogue) 😦 coming from a guy who watched and liked Angel Beats its somewhat reminiscent to Otonashi-kun’s life yeah but over all its route was also one of the good written ones, as for a new comer to the eroge world I guess choosing good writers are still crucial so I’ll expect some more high regard to their quality works. After all being a new comer I have to be forgiving but once they hit the 3rd mark epiphany let’s see how they can go over this hidden jewel game of the month. Plus like Kurenai no Tsuki the routes themselves are really not that long however the common route is indeed long as it ends with Luna’s first H scene and the second day of the cultural festival.

Tips play Luna, Alice (sandwhich in with Linnet or Rinko’s routes in between)

Plus I think my Tweets with hemi should shout out who the IMOUTO is of the game anyway


Story: 8/10
Character: 8/10
CG: 8/10
Music: 9/10

Well I guess and hope that people will try to see this as a hidden gem despite its huge size of 4.2 GB yeah.. I would probably think its actually Dummy files so this marks my most active week of the month and possibly year 3 consecutive posts -_- and nearly 2000 worth of words now thats something that I don’t do everyday hahaha.

there makes the review official haha

26 comments on “BLOODY†RONDO Review

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    That’s a pretty high rating? Wasn’t Hemi complaining about how shitty it is? =o

    • Algester says:

      well its pretty a subjective case but I did state there’s just 2 genres that dont really mix well that is vampire action and comedy (this is the very reason why hemi found it shitty) then theres the other factors

  2. Wrathkal says:

    I think I’ll go with this sometime then. Thanks for the review, Algester.

    Love Luna’s expression in the last pic.

  3. warum says:

    This review makes me want to give Bloody Rondo another shot D: Particularly Francisca since she is iirc voiced by Hokuto Minami, and she voices a mean loli! Though I’m going to need a time off to clear my stack of eroges…hmm

  4. tsurugiarashix says:

    Interface looks really smooth and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as the characters. Just hope the story is just as good. Thanks for the review.

  5. sakura says:

    only thing i don’t like is the fact i can’t get an effective, working english patch that will allow me to play the game in my home language

  6. bloody rondo says:

    Yeah I’m hoping to find a working English Patch too 😦 I really want to know what they are saying!

  7. kasar says:

    +1 for the english patch, spanish patch could be nice too 😀

  8. crisisdestriX says:

    how do you get the rinette route?

  9. Algester says:

    now I understood why Rinko’s route was cool… but not that cool… it basically writes in the ending fight scene from Equilibrium… Gun Kata between “father” and “son” mmmm

  10. Pfeanix says:

    can anybody tell me where I can get this game?
    (I don’t mean “buy it in japan” or something like that with it)

  11. Pfeanix says:

    ok thanks for ur answer

  12. Pfeanix says:

    wtf? i only can find nodvd patchs for windows 95 or any other useless files and the most Links on anime-sharing and craneanime I have found, are not working

  13. Pfeanix says:

    I know

  14. Amikke says:

    How do you get the omake? I’m kinda new to visual novels. So you have to get additional files or it just appears after completing or what?

  15. Bubbul says:

    So, no English patch is going to happen? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find a single patch for it. D:

  16. John says:

    Patch? Patch? :[

  17. Foldes says:

    where and who i can download this game?

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