失われた未来を求めて Review

Yep… I should have done this yesterday but went out to try reading one route of bloody rondo -_-…. yeah… so here it is the second part of my 2 game reviews -_-….

I’ll use some resources from accany’s review if he doesnt mind wahahahaha…

Game Info

Game Site

Random Gist

Genre: Slice-of-life, sci-fi (yeah… Initially It doesnt seem like it but yeah)
Character Designer: 深崎暮人 (Kurehito need I say more who this guy is?), 黒谷忍 (Kurehito’s colab)
Scenario: オオタリョウ, サイトウケンジ, 沢柾機


and so its a story about Akiyama Sou (protagonist) and the astronomy club, which he is a member of, and the very last moments of the old school building, well due to the fact if what the prologue said is true because all the clubrooms will also move to the new school building to accomodate new students and to relieve the last moments of the old school building its up to the clubs to make the best last moments, with the astronomy club looking for the 7 mysteries of the school building -_- which is an order by the school council president.
Copy pasted from my trial first impression


秋山 奏 (Akiyama Sou)

Protagonist of the game, a fellow that likes to prod fun at his friends therefore a tsukkomi fellow, and like any protagonist he’s a very likable character that can rummage a harem of his own doing -_-… ohh and I forgot to mention he’s currently staying in Kaori’s house because of his non-existent parents.

佐々木 佳織 (Sasaki Kaori)

Sou’s osananajimi, so you know where this is going in anycase. A character prone to Sou’s playful nature, and he’s quite over protective of her as well well thats what I can say all about her.

支倉 愛理 (Hasekura Airi)

President of the Astronomy club, and packs a kick herself, and is also capable of keeping more than what she let’s on and simply because I don’t know how shes capable of deciphering even the most unbelievable concepts. Also there’s the fact that she’s capable of handling Nagisa’s antics of speech as well. Making her a perfect conspirator with Nagisa and that alone is SCARY @_@… DID I NOTE HAS A THING FOR SOU AS WELL?

華宮 凪沙 (Hanamiya Nagisa)

Doesn’t seem like it but she’s apparently an oujo, which gives her outstanding amount of information to the world in-game, which of course is one scary thing of her so clearly dont mess with her or your DOOMED -_-, and is also part of the astronomy club. Which leads to needing Sou to change her lifestyle a bit yeah… PS. SHE HAS THE LITTLE MOST SCREEN-TIME IN-GAME WTF!!!, but clearly she’s quite cute when pressed with the right buttons.

古川 ゆい (Furukawa Yui)

Mysterious waif of the game, talk about her and I’ll spoil the story and like Airi she keeps more info than what she lets on so yeah… and can be quite a ditz.

長船・KENNY・英太郎 (Osafune Kenny Eitarou)

Sou’s friend and too is part of the astronomy club, and is actually half-American, carries with him is a picture of a girl than for some odd reason that keeps on changing for unknown reasons which IIRC is name Catherine, and perfectly according to Kamizawa’s comment from accany’s review him being Sunohara of CLANNAD is not far of from how one could describe him.

there are a lot of characters but I cant show them because of how little info I can give them.


Title Screen

This wasnt suppose to be the true title screen of the game but is the result of having completed all routes of the game, as the game’s story system uses character arcs to choose from, first being Kaori, Airi, Nagisa then Yui’s the title screen differs from start to finish having the picture being relevant to the character route unlocked, being Kaori sitting in the bus (default), Airi’s has the club room, Nagisa has the Hanamiya estate, well Yui has Yui plastered on the picture.

Textbox and Selection

textbox is clean and simple no much gimmick from what I can say other than the gear motif as the gimmick @_@ redundancy at best.

nothing strange in particular for this one either…


fairly clean and simple just the way I like it lines are clickable to replay voices so yeah…

System Menu

Well right clicking in game results this in anycase Y.U.I.S. is just a reward once you unlock her route and in all seriousness i don’t know what it does other than letting you take note what events you have unlocked so far.

simply straight forward.

well yeah need I explain more well I was hoping to a 2 page config but what the heck…

Save and Load

Cue in the blue color contrast to the pink ones I posted 2 days ago haha @_@ not much difference other than you have 100 save slots and only that -_-

With sunset as the theme for the load screen yeah… Sunrise, Sunset must be the name of the game

well then off to the omake sections


yeah clean yet again and again as stated in my system menu pic Y.U.I.S. is a reward for getting to her route -_-

CG mode

yeah… well I didnt bother getting 100% CG just bothered with the game in anycase like any other CG viewers we have its a click to go to the next screen system.

Recollection Mode

I did say I never bothered with 100% CG so yes…. my gripe is that NAGISA’S ROUTE DOESNT CONTAIN HER H-SCENE UNTIL YOU GET HER SCENARIO B WTF?!

Music Mode

Ok nothing much to note here cause for me its like a standard fan fair…. yeah

then off lastly to

Opinions/Last Word

Ok what I can say about the story is that it seriously gets repetitive (and by no means this is not an understatement), there should have some parts that meant to be skipped out especially with the clubs fighting (Judo and Astronomy club namely) for some unknown reason… unless thats because of the school moving to its new building perhaps. And as for the story reading through Kaori’s route will give you a basic idea on what the story is all about the subsequent routes are just repetitions in other tackling concepts and routes… It’s not until Yui’s route will you see the outcomes of those repetitive routes (if you didnt get bored with them at least)… so yeah advise from me if you guys are serious is finish Kaori’s route A and B, hell you can’t evade from it anyway and get the save file then play Yui’s route, as for the story I like how it develops really it just gets dragging and boring the more times you see it -_-… yeah…, well other than that GIVE NAGISA MORE SCREEN TIME SHEESH <_<


Story: 5/10
Character: 8/10
Music: 6/10

YEAH THE ART!!! well that concludes the review…

11 comments on “失われた未来を求めて Review

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Cradle is god. Bow before them.

  2. Kamizawa says:

    I hope trumple will make FD for this game like smile cubic.
    Need more nagisaaa

  3. Algester says:

    But cradle is only by Kurehito only @_@

  4. Wrathkal says:

    Lol, scenery porn… nice to look at, but not my type

  5. Anonymous says:

    the reviewer is sure an idiot, just look at how he presented the game he just played, I dare bet that even He himself doesn’t really understand what the story is about !!
    You said nagisa doesn’t have any H scene until you get her scenario B eh ? you are undoubtedly a true idiot…!
    Nagisa is the best heroine in this game(to me), she’s typically an agressive girl just like kanade in mayo chiki,
    She has 4 H scenes in which they do the H after her true ending with sou
    and you gave 5 score for its story eh ? I believe you didn’t even read the kanji, coz you’re a true idiot, at most you just skipped the game only to get the entire H scenes, as we can see in the R collection of yours and your CGS, there are even incomplete scenes available there !
    what a joke . you call your self an eroge player ? GTFO, you’re not even worthy to play japanese eroge ,dimwit !
    the story is decent and above average, If you knew the story, you’d cry out loud for sure, especially the true route of this game, (Yui’s route)
    It contains any mystery of this game, and did you forget to mention what actually yui is ? you’re even stupid enough not to mention the most important stuff of yui, she’s not human, she’s an artifical robot/android that was created for certain purposes concerning the world, she came from the future,and that’s why the title is USHINAWARETA MIRAI WO MOTOMETE,
    and you don’t even know that kaori is sou’s childhood friend, and it’s not that he’s overprotective as you said , moron, It’s only in her route that sou always protects her…Do you even know what happened between karate club and tenmon gakkai (astronomical club) ? do you even know what connection is there between kaori’s story and yui’s true ending, ? if you really understand the entire story, I challenge you to rewrite the review not from what you perceived through skipping the story, but from the true story within, only if you could figure out the story, but I bet it’s impossible for you…!!
    Just by seeing how you judge this game alone makes me laugh, You only gave 10 score for its CGS eh ? because you’re one hell of a perverted who plays eroge only for its H scenes,right ?
    the chara design is even better than lovers koi ni ochitara, and it’s also animated,the animation is much better than any available eroge nowadays,exception for sisters. To me, this game deserves 10 for its entire stuff, the lack this game has is only that every bad ending of each heroine always leads to the story where they’re already in 2022,
    and sou ends up having sex with airi, what a joke…!!
    the system of this game is great, one route opens after another is completed,
    you should get the fuck off yourself if you don’t even understand the great story…this game is aimed for those who understand japanese, don’t even dare judge the story if you’re too stupid to understand kanji..

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