キサラギGOLD★STAR Review

Yep I did promise a certain someone that I’ll be doing a 2 game reviews this past week in anycase here’s the first one yep PAPARA~ for the hell of it

yep… anyway now for the formal post.

SO as I was saying these past months have been a pretty rough ride for me failing some subjects in collage and all but what the heck time to post this one for this post was already passed its dead line. yeah…. procrastinations and all -_- sad to say 😦

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Genre: Fantasy, Slice-of-life, magic?
Character Designer: ほんたにかなえ、とらのすけ、ちまろ (I bought the original disk from my Japan Post but hell it only came with the disk 😦 was content more with koichoco)
Scenario: 新島夕、姫ノ木あく、若瀬諒


It all starts in October with our diligent protagonist Nitta Futami, taking care of his sister and his osananajimis, waking them up, cooking good food, going to school who which he knows gets unnoticed by their schoolmates because of his friend’s brilliant aura and he knows, and he also happens to be the one that’s only capable of controlling their antics lol to his demise, when one day they decide to go back to the place where they laid their time capsule, when they arrived the place started to glow and thus descends a woman clad in a kimono tells them that its time fulfill their promise about collecting the lights for the moon, thus start the story of the game of fulfilling promises and knowing love (geez do I even have to say this?). In a world where friendship knows no bounds. while preparing for the festival for the Moon.


新田二見 (Nitta Futami)

I swear I could get his pic but didn’t bother cause his portrait only shows up by the END OF THE GAME geez -_-…
In anycase your typical straight guy if it was not for his over diligence of taking care of his osananajimis and all that… a good fellow (this is an understatement in truth he’s a selfless dude), he is fascinated with the moon and dreams to someday go there which is why he enrolls in Kisaragi gakuen (other notes are spoilers so they are not worth mentioning). And if you guys think that Hitomi is a bishounen think about this guy with this game having at most 7 routes total… he can put Hitomi to shame.

遠藤 沙弥 (Endou Saya)

First of Futami’s Osananajimi’s in the character list, special skill in singing but that is way a bit too near of what she’s capable off its specifically SONG MAGIC (yet again), refer to herself as washi so you know that she has strange antics as well, and knowing her back story is just enough spoilers for me to not say it here (then again who cares knowing I know most of people here have at least played this game).

羽音々 翼 (Haotone Tsubasa)

Second osananajimi on the character list, her talent is in playing the piano, what’s interesting about her is her personality called the ‘black-mode’ which of course the cast also knows well and amusing state on it as well, which of course is empowered by her jealousy for Futami’s attention ever since they were still children MY GOD… and its so scary it also carries over to the epilogue of her route seriously , ohh yeah her curry is something to watch out for its either deadly delicious or just too overpowering over sized…

新田 いちか (Nitta Ichika)

part of the Kendo club, and is Futami’s imouto and like all Imoutos she plays the role well and lets not say that her relationship to her brother is a tsundere relationship at best, she was an ill girl when they were small so her dream is becoming strong hence her reason why she’s in the Kendo club (the exposition of this detail and her true relationship with Futami is the plot device for all the events in her route).
PS. her route has near WTF quotation.

藤丸 命 (Fujimaru Mikoto)

Artist of the cast and is part of the drawing club, carries a sketch book with her all the time, her talent as I have stated in the first sentence is sketching/drawing. To take note of her personality is akin to a Kuudere and lets not forget that her sharp tongue is normally aimed both at Futami and or to Hitomi in his bishounen (complete with womanizing) antics. With her is a ferret all the time but who this ferret is something that you people will have to read and find out.

流川 瞳 (Nagarekawa Hitomi)

The last Osananajimi to be introduced and also happens to have a talent for being noticed, thus one thing is certain he’s a freaking bishounen, works in the textile making club, and being a bishounen also comes with a catch that hes a total normal womanizer which of course Mikoto stops if not foils all the time yeah…

富良峰 英子 (Furamine Eiko)

President of the Kendo club and a sentai group in school (what they do I let you guys find out), also the disciplinary head of Kisaragi Gakuen and clearly has a thing for Futami (why is a spoiler so yeah…), A dead serious person and is dealing with her will be with out most caution unless you want to get a serious wacking on your head.

蓬田 奈々子 (Yomogida Nanako)

Master of Instanbul; a cafe where Futami works part-time, and was the one who first thought Tsubasa on playing the piano, also was a graduate of Kisaragi Gakuen and also is with friends with Sanae. And too has a thing for Futami yeah…

霧島 冬理 (Kirishima Touri)

Also part of the drawing club, so if anyone noticed that her black hair and red-eyes are similar to Mikoto but have different surnames its no surprise what is her relationship to Mikoto, a transfer student to Kisaragi Gakuen and is one of the kouhais in the game, and also has a route for the hell of it.

岡部 早苗 (Okabe Sanae)

Nanako’s friend and also a graduate of Kisaragi Gakuen, in which is also the school she works in as Futami’s class homeroom teacher and frequently gets ignored by her own class because of Futami’s osananajimi’s radiant aura, ISNT IT SAD OKABE-sensei, and probably because of this she too has a thing for Futami which in turn why she frequently calls him for private sessions about him maintaining his friends which in turn activates Tsubasa’s ‘black-mode’, to which of course this private sessions hilarity ensues, lamp-shaded by Nanako as well.

稲垣 梅子 (Inagaki Umeko)

Part of the Music club which is the same as Tsubasa, who happens to be the want to be rivals with her piano playing skills, happens to be Tsubasa’s route only character so she doesn’t get to be shown much.

藤堂 桂子 (Fujidou Keiko)

Part of the Kendo club and is also part of Eiko’s sentai group, ill girl and has a thing for Futami yeah… ohh yeah she also happens to be also a Genki girl that suffers from hematemesis yeah… gives out Yuzuna’s char definition from Iro ni made waga koi ha.

田辺 葉月 (Tanabe Hazuki)

One of Futami’s kouhai who harbor a secret crush on his friends as well like she idolizes them cue in her route… well technically her route but its not really a route cause its a BAD END -_-…. yes THIS GAME HAS A BAD END, I know seriously this happy looking game having a semi-normal happy looking BAD END.


久遠 三日 (Kuon Mika)

Member of the Choir Club in which Saya is also a part of, like Umeko to Tsubasa she sees herself as a rival talent to Saya (but is that really the case) in any way she has a hidden agenda why she looks herself like that, yeah… oh yeah she happens to be a child idol of sorts as well.

well that’s that for the characters there are some more missing but I didnt want to bother with them -_- theres Sakuya (the woman clad in a black Kimono just like Kaya from Fortune Arterial) and Mika’s Manager (who this is I forgot but its a spoiler to talk about him)


Title Screen

The title screen has no special features or what so ever and just like Koichoco its pretty straight forward.

Selection and Textbox

Yes the text box is pink in all its glory on the side its pretty much stated what they are so yeah…

the selections too are no different just really staple and still uses the transparent pink that is predominant in the game’s UI.

Another aspect of the game’s selection is the map yeah… stick to one character to get to her end type of selection…


back log is simple and like old backlogs I have posted its self explanatory asides from the floral border designs it has and is pink as well…


what you get from right clicking in any part of the interface in anycase this brings up the system menu yeah…

And heres the Config Menu yet again self explanatory the second tab can let you control the voices and who to mute but thats depending on your liking -_-

Save and Load

yeah… yet again its pink as for the buttons whats good about here is that well given 100 save slots plus delete button are something that I dont see everyday in anycase theres also the comment textbar just for the hell of it the only gimmick here was the delete save slot nothing more nothing less.

so enough with the pink we get blue instead for the load screen yeah… pretty much self explanatory from here.

And now for that mode

Omake Mode

CG mode

CGs are divided by chara and is again mostly straight forward.

Recollection Mode


ok need I say more about this in anycase main routes have 3-4 H scenes extras have 1 so yeah… hotness may vary.

Music Mode

trust me on this…. PAPARA~ PAPARA~ yep I know… BGMs are actually quite catchy and PAPARA~ is just the tip of the iceberg. BGMs were really enjoyable at best or thats because PAPARA~ hypnotized me to get addicted to it.

in anycase last part of the review is here.

Opinions/Last Word

This game at best is when I say is a mix of being a moe-ge and a plot made on crack, or prolly mix in some supernatural theme into it and still doesnt come out wacky, well considering that this is a multi-writer story I’d take that into consideration, but then again I could recommend this game to those people bored enough doing nothing cause I’d like to say to routes are short at best and has some predictable plots, but still gains that certain ‘WTF did I just read’ territory stories, cause I’m LOOKING AT YOU SAYA, then theres Eiko’s route and end which is yeah really WTF material. Let’s not even start with the true end I mean sure it resolves some of Futami’s background but the ending is something I need clarifications on what really happened other than what I think Kresnik told me. Yeah but comparing this to October’s release last year I guess this was a hyped game with good reasons after Natsuyume Nagisa being a success. So I’ll just wait for some more time before I’ll read another release by Saga Planets I guess.


Story: 6/10
Character: 8/10
CGs: 10/10
Music: 9/10

and so thats that

but one last thing

cause you know…


2 comments on “キサラギGOLD★STAR Review

  1. Amoirsp says:

    Haotone has a good character design.

    But yeah seems like Natsuyume Nagisa was constructed better. Well, at least you can tell it’s Saga Planets at first glance.

    I’m also trying to avoid getting the catchphrase stuck in my head.

  2. Wrathkal says:

    Making slow progress since the story’s kind of tedious, fitting the score you gave. Might give it up after a few more routes, unless you tell me something like ‘the true route is worth reading through’.

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