恋と選挙とチョコレート Review

and so this debut game from a debuting company which also happens to be a company related to Selen, a game that is all about LOVE, ELECTION, AND CHOCOLATE it all says on the tin anyway on with the long promised review XD.

Game Info

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Genre: Political slice-of-life, Romance
Character Designer: 春夏冬ゆう(Akinashi Yuu)
Scenario: 堅木功 (Kou Katagi)


We have Oojima Yuuki going his usual life along with his club life which is the food research club, along with the club’s president who is also his osananajimi Sumiyoshi Chisato, and their club mate, and their club adviser Shinonome Hazuki, until one day with the student council coming close Shinonome Satsuki, decides to pay the club rooms a visit in order to ask questions about the nature of the club rooms, thus starts Yuuki’s forced journey for the elections to save his club as well as other clubs from the rule that might put their clubs into jeopardy.

and for the character introduction


大島 裕樹 (Oojima Yuuki)

The unfortunate guy/main protagonist who was forced to enter the student council president election by his club, truth to be told this guy is well can you say somewhat similar to Cynn from Twinkle Crusaders, he’s a good person overall and he is afraid of his homo-kouhai Obaro *shudder*, and in some routes he knows when to be dependent and sometimes he can be a man. I LOOK AT YOU CHISATO @_@. Ohh he has a very famous roll cake among the members and somewhat the school, and also happens to be a tsundere of a male variant also in Chisato’s route

住吉 千里 (Sumiyoshi Chisato)

The ‘selfish’ club president of Yuuki’s club, who also happens to be the childhood friend of Yuuki, to those paying attention to the game’s subtitle shes the very girl who hates chocolates all due to a past trauma that involved with her habits and younger brother (this of course I wont say as its a spoiler) >.<, playing through all the routes she has the most complex character dynamics there is as you really would’nt expect, but her basic character is the tsundere arch-type.
PS: first run of the game no matter what you do you will get her route no matter what.

森下 未散 (Morishita Michiru)

A 1st year student who does’nt belong to any group of students, who happens to be most of the time like a stalking ninja of sorts, a girl with few words, not that I can’t say she’s shy but more like emotionally repressed for some reason, she also happens to be ‘accidentally found’ by Yuuki in their club room and is quickly adopted by the food research club into their circle. And the fact shes quite mysterious also hangs a bit of air of what her true nature is.

木場 美冬 (Kiba Mafuyu)

A girl who should be at the same year as Nozomi if she didn’t repeat the year prior to her transferring to Yuuki’s school, she is the best friend of Chisato; who was the first person she was able to talk to comfortably after transferring and also follows Chisato around and apparently ships Chisato and Yuuki to develop their relationship other than being childhood friends. She happens to the ill girl prior to transferring which was why she had to repeat a year due to absence. In comparison her character is similar to Yakumo of School Rumble being the ill girl that she was, she decided to neglect her emotional needs.

東雲 皐月 (Shinonome Satsuki)

The student council president candidate from the the financial management group, as the surname implies she is the imouto of Hazuki-sensei, a girl who is strict with the school’s rules, she’s the person that most clubs fears of due to her presidential policy of cutting most of the school club’s budget by 80%. But beneath that cold exterior lies a very fragile girl, like a Kuudere. Yep…. I personally liked her route in some ways.

青海 衣更 (Aomi Isara)

Michiru’s classmate, who happens to study in Yuuki’s school via scholarship, she’s talking care of her 2 younger brothers and works part-time just to support them as well, a technical orphan as her parents are not present in the game in anyway, prone to abuse in school but that was only a short mention. the most normal route you can ever read from the other capturable heroines.

枝川 希美 (Edakawa Nozomi)

Yuuki and co’s senpai, a inventing genius they say but most of her creations flop anyway other than that she supports Yuuki all the way via his way of justice once he starts running for student council president. And she also happens to be friends with the current council president. shes also part of the food research club and holds the position of vice-president.

猿江 愛 (Sarue Ai)

A member of the food research club, and is friends of Kii who is her osananajimi they talk the same way and think the same way. Awesome sub-characters by my standard.

門前仲 綺衣 (Monzennaka Kii)

read above post -_-… shes totally no different from her osananajimi lol.

東雲 葉月 (Shinonome Hazuki)

Yuuki and co’s club adviser, Satsuki’s older sister and a possible route capture for Yuuki… who knew she fell for Yuuki as well… in anycase that I don’t know how it happened but she likes Yuuki. She left the Shinonome house due to some issues and is now living alone and likes being drunk yep awesome teacher lol.

夢島 朧 (Yumeshima Obaro)

2 words… that homo… in anycase he is Yuuki’s kouhai and is well… gay for him, sleeps like a log and has about 10 sets of alarm clocks every time he sleeps. HE IS NOT YUUKI’S BEST FRIEND

毛利 夜雲 (Mouri Yakumo)

The current student council and also knows something about Michiru; as hes quite concerned about her well-being inside the food research club, he also know Nozomi, and looks like a pretty calm guy asides from hidden depths about his character all shown in Michiru’s route.

辰巳茂 平治 (Tatsumimo Heiji)

Yeah he wars what kinda looks like a sack mask I’d ever wonder how the hell he can see in that thing, in anycase he’s the rival of Satsuki and is part of the general affairs department as the council president candidate. He’s first seen in the game giving out prepaid cards to the students as a PA on his candidacy and thats just tip of the iceberg on the dark times that is the student council elections.

佐賀 玲二 (Saga Renji)

A club president of admiration for festivals club and has a weird propeller on his head that is attached to his excitement as when he is excited for some weird reason the propeller spins faster -_-…. is classmates with Yuuki, Chisato and Mifuyu. Technically your not guy friend as she happens to have a crush on Chisato, the rule breaker of the guy friend classmate.

有明 美絵瑠 (Ariake Mieru)

The rumor catcher of the school, and is also a club leader, supports Chisato and Yuuki when he runs for the council elections and is one of the closest friends of the food research club.

汐浜 陽高 (Shiohama Hidaka)

She is part of the ASP which is the school mass communication department, Yuuki is confused with her true gender as he meets her wearing the male uniform of the school, which is later explained as simply put the power of media journalism -_-. It’s to get coverage through out the school and it helps that shes a washboard chest as well like Michiru.

and thats that for characters

and now onto the system specifics.


Title Screen

The title screen is clean and simple just like and new games this month Kisaragi GOLD STARS for example however the Extra menu wont be unlocked until you finished the game and like Selen games neither can use other people’s savefiles, why cause finishing the game gives you an ending bonus signifying you finished the game with all routes acquired.

Selection and Text box

this cuts the chase thats its really down to earth that it runs on the same engine as any other Selen games bracketed selections just like Shakkin Shimai 1.

clean and simple is the name of the game the icons are well organized and you have play, skip, log, repeat and system icons on the top most part of the textbox mouse overing the icons will show their functions. other than that yeah…

I forgot to get a screen cap of the back log @_@ I’ll get back onto it soon.


yep it kinda looks like a notead format but in anycase the settings is pretty straight forward the second tab lets you adjust voices like so.

Save and Load

The saves are well cataloged and that you have a total given of 90 save slots as the File number symbolize and then theres the comment edit pretty straight forward stuff once again.

well asides from the difference of the removal of the comment edit and the blue bar I guess its pretty much the same like any save screens so far, that contains no gimmicks.

Omake Mode

CG mode

CG mode of course i did say earlier that you wont unlock and omake material unless you finished the game completely, the very reason I got/bought this game was the art so yeah no compaints here each individual CG has a setting on how you would want it to be shown as per category and you have slide on click or 3 second slide or a 5 second per CG slide.

Memory Mode

All routs have 3 H scenes and thats that :<… yeah… ok no complaints here as its very straight forward.

BGM mode

The 25 tracks have a picture of their own completely unrelated to the scene but what the heck you have Auto Play and Shuffle button there and they are self explanatory. The BGM is mostly composed by the group ElementGardens which is one of the composing groups that I like whilst the OP/EDs are done by I’ve.

and thats the finish of my review for the overall parts of the game.

Opinions/Last Word

If you guys want some what of an ice breaker with quite long routes this is the game to get especially if your into politics as this is how the Election part of the game shows, sure you might learn some or understand some but thats how I found the story quite intriguing. Plus theres the art which was the very first impression I got the softness and blends of the CG do most nicely especially for a very new company the debut has to be striking and I liked it plus the music is well could be said as sub-par to superb depending on your varying tastes. yes the game is indeed quite long and that’s not an understatement its about 9-10 hours for the first play through succeeding routes go about 7-8 hours but it’s all worth it considering you get a bonus finishing the game.


Story: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
CGs: 10/10
Music: 9/10

and thats all folks now I have to get back to Dream C Club and PAPAR while palying the PAPARA route from youtube hahaha PAPARA~ PAPARA~ PAPAPARAPAPAPARA~ hmm I just forgot theres something missing in this post

There we go wwwwww

6 comments on “恋と選挙とチョコレート Review

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Every time Dorae Renji talks I have to replay the sentence because of the way he speaks. >__>
    Oh and admit it, you love Yume too. He makes some of the best jokes, and I haven’t even completed the damn thing yet.

  2. m3rryweather says:

    LOL everyone is turning GHEY for Yume. Too bad you won’t be having a cherry but a banana. XD

    I am interested in Save #31.

  3. warum says:

    But Oboro is so funny! senpai no yaoi bo xD. You also ended with 3 pairs of maru eyes this time…I NOTICED.

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