Japan Trip Day 5-6

Ok for our Day 5 of the trip we went to Mount Fuji to the fifth station via bus sadly it was a foggy day so no pictures could be considered good @_@ but if you guys insist here are some of them.

then after that we went to Tokyo on an hour trip ride via bus to Sanrio Puroland you know the birthplace of Tokyo’s poster pet Hello Kitty (a perfect place for the family but since it was me and my brother are on this tour it felt kinda awkward because everywhere you look you see either dating couples or families… truly it was an awkward feeling…

when we have our lunch there as well, we ate at the food machine store where in you have to get food from a conveyor belt ala sushi-ya, that is separated by each section with a price tag per item

after that uhh… ohh yeah we went to Roppongi hills for a Tokyo city view sadly our camera lost its battery power after not charging it in 2 days

As for dinner in Shinjuku we yet had another buffet meal so yeah… no delicious food 😦

As for day 6 was quite complicated we went to Asakusa Temple but I didnt took any photos in it, then went to GLORIOUS AKIBA!, then Ginza after that we decided to stray away from the tour group to Odaiba which I didnt kinda regret because when we came back from Ginza we heard from them they only had to go to Toyota mega web then had dinner and went back to the hotel immediately because the weather got so bad their last stop closed down :(which was rainbow bridge.

This concludes day 5-6 of my Japan Trip XD. interesting enough when I went to Asakusa Temple and got my omikuji it told me that I will find a person waiting for me coincidentally キサラギ GOLD STARS was the very first thing I saw once I got to Sofmap eroge section…

Well tomorrow will be the last post… 😦


8 comments on “Japan Trip Day 5-6

  1. Micchi says:


    I always love just going around the bookstores and game stores and looking at the walls of books and games >w<

    Kinda like how I went to the Japanese supermarket today and stared at food for an hour…

    I see Light Novel no Kamisama… Tell me how it is :3

  2. SnooSnoo says:

    *_* That Tinkle book. I can’t find any info on it. Scan a few pages when you get back 😛

  3. Wrathkal says:


    Is this your first post regarding otaku loot?

  4. warum says:

    Aww, cheer up :S (so many sad faces..)

    >>because everywhere you look you see either dating couples or families… truly it was an awkward feeling…

    Brotherly love! 😀

    Thanks for fulfilling my food picture requests, the kaiten sushi-esque Hello Kitty food machine looks delicious!

    Grats on your loot from Akiba! Papara forever!!

  5. Amoirsp says:

    Kind of funny that the loot portion draws attention quickly. Wait, buffet meals in Shinjuku netted no good tasting food? Is it like buffet = no specialty items or such? (If that was the case, why not a different store?)

    Akiba is good when incorporated (dunno what I’d do if I encountered there). Integrating it into a portion of a day is good, as you only have 7 days. Your items are nice, but they’re also … really really recent. [Or no, I’m just on the lookout for items from 2005 and earlier which is too old by now.]

    I’m surprised you didn’t like, get a Koshino Karen wallpaper or something. Then again you clearly were shopping for light novels and games.

    Sushi on conveyor belt is awesome. Too bad the weather wasn’t too fitting for touring as you stated.

    Care to explain “Empty is run about freely”?

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