Japan Trip Day 3

I’ll just make this short and quick since we only went to one place on the third day and that is nothing else than

Universal Studios

yeah I could’nt get much coverage on what we did in there due to most of the places we went too we cant use the cameras of course as expected they are rides 😦

The gate entrace

however I’ll try my best in order to get much coverage, most of the shots pretty much came from my brother

Were going to watch Shrek in 4D durr

mmMMm just hold on your mouse on all the pics from here on probably

Shark mmmm JAWS mmMMM

then there was a peter pan set yep theres my bro and a statue of a clonetrooper

Well pretty much it became a very tiring day and the only time I was able to get a bunch of picture were from the Parade section of Universal studios

Yep you never know how famous is this cat here from the land where it was created

ok im getting a little lazy here…


sigh I’m getting lazy at this… well only for this post anyway

ohh yeah since it was late at night I decided togo to Den-Den street near my hotel in Osaka, which is pretty much a smaller clone of glorious Akiba however when I went there I was greeted by this poster

then there was also this store as well

when I saw this 2 closed stores I kinda died inside feeling tired and ronery.

4 comments on “Japan Trip Day 3

  1. m3rryweather says:

    Jaws shark will always be there for your head-biting pleasure. 😀

  2. SnooSnoo says:

    Bring back some souvenirs ;-;

    I will keep bugging you for souvenirs for every post you make of your Japan trip 😀

  3. Algester says:

    ohh yeah i lack mention of what i found in osaka prior to din dins was this http://twitpic.com/31v2hm

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