Japan Trip Day 1-2

so here it is as promised to the guys at HauOmochikaeri irc in anycase from now on if possible I’ll be posting you guys about my 7 day tour in Japan -_-

so first arrival in any case from my place it was about an estimated 3 hours and 25 minutes flight to Kansai International Airport

Since it was night time already we didnt do anything except go to our hotel which is Ana Gate Tower

Uhh... Im sure the elevator view can be posted right?

funkily enough my brother got to take the picture of their elevator interior sadly @_@.

and so the true tour starts the morning after, on breakfast we wee greeted with this view

firstly Kansai airport is viewable from our hotelohh and i dare say its view is epic

from another side

Then after breakfast we proceeded with the tour proper with out first destination being Kiyomizu-dera, in Kyoto where also lies KyoAni famous for well being infamous?

Ironic as it maybe but there was a shopping street on the way

and now presenting you the gate of Kiyomizu-dera

which was famous for also its temple stage that didnt use any nails and is also one of UNESCO’s world heritage site

and theres the stage

Next was Sanjusangen-dou since we were prohibited to take the picture inside the main hall

This was the only picture I can take whilst inside the area

also this main hall houses about 1001 statues of Kannon-sama as well as other Buddhist deities that came along in Japanese Buddhist religion.

then we had lunch

It was Nabe I think I’m not sure but wiki told me it could be… anyway the soup is made from shoyu base, then we proceeded to Kinkaku-ji which is famous for the Golden Pavillion

The golden pavillion upclose

then after that we had a 2 hour trip to a shopping area at Tempozan Market which is just beside the Osaka Bay… sadly I didnt take any photos 😦

after Tempozan Market we went to Umeda sky building to have a night view of Osaka City

sadly most of my pictures were affected by the strong wind and could’nt get any good photos 😦

then for dinner we had shabu-shabu so yeah…

anyway thats the first wrap up. Will post more soon


3 comments on “Japan Trip Day 1-2

  1. warum says:

    Kyoto is an amazing place for tourism, so many temples and culture. Though nothing puts a smile on me more than visiting a shrine in Kyoto and seeing 絵馬 with an anime drawing on it.

    Requesting more pictures of delicious Japanese food ><… *drools*

  2. Micchi says:

    Kyoto is on my list of places to visit. Hopefully I’ll get to go there on my next trip!

    Thanks for the pics. Keep ’em coming!

  3. SnooSnoo says:

    Bring back some souvenirs ;-;

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