Yep just out of laziness

In anycase I have already finished playing Vestige, however I might do a review for it sooner or later depending if I ever get to uhh… get the strength to write and collect data about it,

And in other news I’m still alive and not yet dead, currently reading Sekirara whilst waiting for 09/17 releases ESPECIALLY MINORI’S FD of ef yep… and soon I will be reading otoboku2 again and will soon give it a review sigh…

Posts of interest within this week

get engaged to Hideyoshi



and if all goes well I might be traveling to Tokyo soon perhaps next week yeah…

Just to take note most of the eroge blogging community in my blog roll hass long been inactive other than Micchi thats perhaps like how were like in this status

Hemi: busy with his lolis in ECO
M3rry: enjoying being a capitalist and some more SEXY debauchery…
Me: I’m getting lazy to write sometimes or whether or not I think there is something to write about
Accany: I’m not sure what happened to him but I received word from him somehow being in military training
Kresnik: I’m not sure either…

And also I’m trying my best to split my time playing Trinity Universe (being the PS3 game I have waited for so long after being disappointed with Xedge), Valkyria Chronicles 2, and eroge…

3 comments on “Yep just out of laziness

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Compulsory national service in the army for 2 years for Singaporeans.
    Also, what happened to zakarius?

  2. Observer 31 says:

    kresnik has been more or less busy with rl (+ laziness maybe) since he’s now working full time.

    Hmm, its interesting how a lot of the eroge bloggers are making the switch to regular games. Probably in search of better game-play, which might be saying something.

    As for vestige, this is why I have a disclaimer in my about page about “an eroge having something enough to inspire me to write about” ahaha. Trying to write an entire review on something not interesting to you is pretty difficult. But if you are doing it anyways, good luck :).

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