危険日狙って!?孕ませ学園 Review

to those who might wonder what I was doing in my spare time during exams ad what was that short DL game well its this doujin game the story is what exactly says on the tin… its all about BABY MAKING <_< (well I do see the relevance considering Japan’s population decline) plus Im going to try to be transparent about my fetishes… (considering I like SQUEEZ games its something technical)

I mean considering that this is a doujin company and all plus its also a DL game I’m quite surprised how well lthe wanton debauchery (it’s still not technically coming close as AK quality on debauchery though) the game is, well I wont regard the story on this case as well the story as what I have exactly said earlier its all about baby makin I mean if you guys can read japanese and know these words quite well you know what I’m talking about. And ohh yeah the game has a ration of 4:3 similar to phi-age’s shapeshifter.

Game Info

Game Site

Random Gist

Genre: nuki-ge, kozukuri, happy sex (pretty much describe from how much I have been reading H mangas)
Character Designer: po*
Scenario: 瑞守ねおん


You start out as Mikami Kenta going his daily route until he decided to take 3 girls he really knows, 1 osananajimi, 1 kouhai chara, 1 iinchou chara into a series of baby making sessions yep… thats basically how I would put the introduction there.


深上健太 (Mikami Kenta)

Uhh to put it this way hes a loveable sex maniac thats how I can easily describe his character plus the way he was able to decide on the stuff that directly says whats the game title… and hes a technical ‘responsibility taker’.

苗代穂乃香 (Naeshiro Honoka)

Kenta’s osananajimi she basically takes care of him asides from being that girl next boor character, and being an osananajimi you guys should know her character trope well (oh god tvtropes) well either way she also doubles as your timid girl when she talks.

月嶋和葉 (Tsukishima Kazuha)

Kenta’s class representative and do I add shes a tsundere type A and well wears stockings so I cant say the zettai ryouiki potential haha, your typical stern character and well thats all I suppose.

小見野結衣 (Omina Yui)

resident loli of the game, who well not accustomed to strangers and males in particular except for Kenta cause his just that lovaeble sex maniac and can also double as a imouto-chara type asides from being the loli-type not to mention she also happens to be he kouhai of our protagonist Kenta. (according to my recent status message she envokes that) or perhaps I might post it on tweeter.


Title Screen

Well there is nothing pretty much for me to talk about the title scree due to the straight forwardness of the layout.


Well as for the text box I’m not sure… I mean it pretty much looks like a yuri game despite what it exactly says on the title so yeah that kinda left me a bit out of place. overall its simple clean layout makes the text easier to read depending if you reader out there did not change opacity settings for the textbox.


Yep same as my comment on the textbox one and there is pretty much no gimmick built on the game.


Save and Load are pretty much the same only he difference here from being a kirikiri engine is that the savefiles can now be deleted without any hitches and theres the lock feature which is basically what the name implies to locking the file so it cant be written but only read.

Game Setting

Well it’s self explanatory on what each setting does anyway. And also I know you guys would have been following some of my posts now.

and off to the ‘omake’ mode

Omake Menu

CG Mode

The game is short so what else is there to expect and the CGs are pretty straight forward in-terms of gimmicks and I do say for a doujin group its quality is already fine for me I mean sure I cant expect the quality to be good as AK or minori for that matter.

Scene Mode

Each heroine gets a max of about 5-6 H scenes total and thats just depending on how you look at it might be good or bad well like-wise for a doujin its just fine for me that is.

Opinions/Last words

I dare say this now if you guys are not into preggo sex or anything of the like then this game is seriously not for you, however I do like to point out that this is the only H-doujin/DL-game I have played so far and I kinda liked it, and you guys might be wondering why there is no Music section well first there is not Music recollection mode available in-game and the fact its like hearing fuguriya-games (made known by the sono hanabira series) music feel that made me not say anything about it anymore. well I would recommend this to bored people who want their sheer wanton supply of icha-icha whilst not minding the drama that is going on like in other games.

and now since there are no other gimmicks left to discuss off with the RATINGS.


Story: 0/10 (hah your kidding me if you say this has story)
Characters: 5/10
CGs: 8/10
Music: 4/10

thats about 2 posts in one day and I still havent finished otoboku2 nor Vestige… wow talk about being bored.

13 comments on “危険日狙って!?孕ませ学園 Review

  1. warum says:

    The doujin circle these days are producing system that looks very professional (Yes, I’m looking at how the textbox and save looks…really!)

    Though speaking of H-doujin, I played Final Fantasy Mahjong which finally came out after 5 comikets and it surprises me with how long it could be O_o. That along with various game mechanics that doesn’t focus too much on the mahjong makes me wonder if they could’ve made it completely non-mahjong and still made it work…(hey, if I can win in auto-mode with my onion knights its saying something even if I’m playing on easy mode 😀 ).

    Really can’t underestimate doujin games nowadays.

    PS: You make crazy tags.

  2. Amoirsp says:

    I don’t quite remember what the lock system is in general, but if it can’t be overridden, how would you rid of it?

  3. Algester says:

    sorry but nope nor does it come to my mind that i played assemblage games

    • Amoirsp says:

      I don’t think you did play it per se. It was just one arbitrary game that has essentially no information that I saw you put on a request list about 2 or 3 years back on a forum. You crossed it out since you found it, but the game itself isn’t really worth playing. It’s not even backlog worthy.

      Was wondering if you still had it, but if you didn’t play it, there’s no way to ask what did you think of it. XD (I don’t know anyone that’s played assemblage games.) Still, I must ask, since you did do a request on it.

      • Algester says:

        hmm i did it probably for the lulz hmm but i think i already deleted it it usually delete games even if i havent burned them just for the sake of lulz…

      • Amoirsp says:

        lulz nooo the novelty is gone. It had starforce probably anyways. Some things just don’t exist anymore.

  4. Algester says:

    well my hongfire thread told me i never did request anything from assemblage so you might have thought of the wrong person

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