Rarely have I realized

Yep goes to show I rarely check my WP dashboard profile except when posting some stuff looks like this blog had a belated 1 year anniversary not this is compulsory though <_< In anycase according to my site counter I already reach 12K visits which is ideally not bad and some very low times on this blog of having no posts as well assuming I’m the only remaining one from the small circle of eroge bloggers from my blog roll thats still ‘actively’ posts…

yep.. very low times of nearing 1 month lol XD In anycase this is a belated anniversary post on my part so yeah… enjoy while I still get more games, plus I need to play Vestige some other time just to let Zen know that it might be a good game.

6 comments on “Rarely have I realized

  1. Algester says:

    Yep feeling bored @_@ wow I must feel so ronery to first comment on my own post plus at least I now know edge is working on my iPhone hurr durr

  2. Choux says:

    Guh, I was planning to say something other than that generic “congratulations”, but while the idea was forming in my head I read that first comment, which completely disrupted my mental rhythm and put away any chance of me saying anything else.

    (I take no responsibility if this makes no sense)

  3. Amoirsp says:

    For some reason I checked that small circle a lot but didn’t see a direct link to your wordpress. (I’m thinking of those picture links.)

    There was also a game I wanted to ask you about that possesses like no information.

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