Second shipment from HMV

and so heres the one for my classmate yep its the MGS4 master art collection ahh… it costs about 2900 yen as for the belated ronery gift for myself the ef-master illustration book is now at my house waiting for me to unpack it and celebrate 512 pages of EPICNESS Ill post the pictures of the book soon haha so theres the report for the day. Well the lateness of this post was because of the parcel was stuck at customs from ems so yeah…

in anycase time to show the highlight of this shipment

so yeah my belated ronery gift to myself as usual minori offers one of the most awesomely bittersweet game of 2009 yeah… and so here are some of the contents I just brushed through them because its so EPIC, the EPICNESS cant comprehend what pictures can give.

well the sleeves has the characters on it well cant post the back part haha and underneath that sleeve is this

well its the characters from the sleeve except its in blue ink haha

and so what does the book contain

basically put inside the book is just a bunch of in game CGs with quotes to the related scene the said CGs are from the entire 2 games so yeah people who still havent played the game will indeed spoil some parts so yeah…

and so after that the rest of the book has to offer

and so finally the epicness of the book is its thickness

seems to look smaller on the camera but ohh well.

to those who are wondering what my first shipment was it was this

sure minori is quite xenophobic but it doesnt even help them that they do produce AWESOME quality work -_- talk about eden* making me feel like a lolicon.

5 comments on “Second shipment from HMV

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Why MGS4 would be stuck as customs I’ll never understand? -_-“

    • Algester says:

      apparently it was because my package which not only consist of MGS4 master art collection but also the ef-fairy tale of the two master illustration guide book/art book which was about 10900 yen in total and because of that price it was flagged for checking by the customs of ems here in the philippines and along with new regulations where small parcels may also get flagged for checking so yeah it was stuck in there… in anycase i picked it up safely still package so no biggie hahaha
      in anycase a package that is under 5000php will not get flagged so yep… reasons why i got my eden* art book fast

  2. LonelyAmure says:

    Nice, nice! Looks pretty cool~ and congratulations on getting it 🙂

  3. SolistraSora says:

    Wow….I’d love to have that ef and eden* artbook >3 *steals and runs away*

    Congrats on finally getting it…XD I hope it was worth the wait =p

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