Hidan no Aria-conclusion of the fateful meeting

And now I could say what Kinji is capable of as this is the highlight of the second chapter as well as the conclusion of the meeting with Aria, I shall sum up his problem with awesome power comes great responsibility.

why…. cause you will seriously like/hate his character when his really excited (hormonally)

yep… a really feisty character she is…

then we have Kinji’s worst nightmare technically for him it is a nightmare because of this

yep he’s ‘changing’ when hes feeling ‘it’ the result

he can make a feisty flat chested girl blush…. yep ohh did I say

he totally becomes a different person… yep this is his fear…. but hey this is what he gets

HE totally BECOMES AWESOME yeah…

and so yeah… this ends their meeting

all thanks to CINOSS and wanganscans… yep.. since i still cant read the light novel but the transition from each media is very similar so yeah.. this is as close as I can get to it

3 comments on “Hidan no Aria-conclusion of the fateful meeting

  1. lonelyamure says:

    LMAO, that is like a SUDDEN CHANGE in personality, character, and simply AWESOMENESS… Oh these mysteries… Now I HAVE TO READ Hidan No Aria, this manga seems so tight.

    Kobuichi = awesome. Guy that makes pettanko girl blush = awesome. Petanko blushing = awesome. Both with pretty cool skills = awesome.

    Page 10 was my favorite. Oh man. Kanzaki’s up on Tooyama like that… *stares at for a long time* Alright, I’m going to read this manga. *searches google*

    • Algester says:

      mmm you do have to note he becomes cool in hysteria mode but all that is happening is well too clear to him… yes totally aware he becomes a pimp/gigolo while in the said state

  2. Algester says:

    now off to the light novel reading <_< in anycase he absolutely hates his power/hysteria mode cause its the said power that 'destroyed' his brother
    PS: destroyed is an overstatement its something else
    PPS: also to note with awesome power comes great responsibility if anyone read the third chapter by now you would understand the responsibility part assuming he does have to take responsibility by the end of the series… yep… its stand in double entrendre

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