Hidan no Aria

Well with this manga/light novel being green lit for anime and chances that we have a usual type of cast might as well get this started as I have last stated from my posts, in anycase the manga is written by Akamatsu Chuugaku and art by Kobuichi from Yuzu-soft and also a doujin artist. plot can be summarized as a tantei gakuen Q with shounen and possible harem twist (later chapter discussion made as such that this is indeed a harem).

brought to us by CNOSS and wanganscans but by chapter 6 CINOSS dropped from the scene its now wanganscans that’s dealing with the series, yep.. as I did say the plot is semi-Tantei Gakuen Q causeyour setting is an Island school for detectives that is divided into 2 categories the Armed type and the Investigation type cue in our Protagonist.

Tooyama Kinji as quite an unexpected first chapter it starts with a ‘bang’ he’s well… lets see…. bah… I can’t say cause it will be too strange to post it for the mean time.

Then we have a tsundere tsurupettan heroine (cue in the usual type of cast cause highly likely she will voice her so ill not be amazed if she did)

Aria H. Kanzaki namesake of the manga title so yeah its ideal that she’d be the lead uhh… tsundere (also to note full tsundere stereotype forgot to mention type S zettai ryouiki ohh god).

Ahh.. in anycase now on with the plot, the basic premise is from the first chapter and possibly an arc onwards is about the serial butei murders that has been happening in the island school and that no one really knows who it is as after all its a rumor and its latest target happens to be our ‘lame’ protaginist Kinji, which explains why the first picture, cause the bomb is on his bike lol. And is then rescued by our tsundere heroine Aria. via

This also happens to be their first meeting you know ‘coincidence’… and so wondering how Aria saves our unlucky protagonist…

if only the entire act was for a circus then yeah…. but no… coincidentally I don’t even want to bother how she got that para-glider anyway ohh well start of the chapter says so… so meh… and so concludes the chapter with well this

anycase what says on the pic

3 comments on “Hidan no Aria

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Looks crazy enough for my liking ( ´∀`)

  2. lonelyamure says:

    Kobuichi~ (*ω*)

    This is pretty cool actually. I always seem to wonder what happens to male protagonists that have to go through things like these. Pretty wild looking, no?

    I think the parachute came from the 12th page of this manga actually~ If you look, she’s holding on to those strap things and ideally I’m thinking that she’s gliding through the air that way, then on page 19 she does the transition of strapping the parachute to her legs… and that takes skill, LOL.

    Page 28 = pretty awesome, Warau Warau XD

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