It’s that time of the year

hmmm so tomorrow is the start of a new month the only thing I can point out is that its my bday and i just got the perfect gift for myself -_- why is it so… cause you can say that I’m that much of a ronery person and what am I getting myself as a gift well incidentally what surprised me was that HMV apparently sells books which for a video and music shops is really quite a feat. And heres what im getting myself. I do dare say myself being ronery is a blessing for me as for now I’m not missing playing love plus even if my DS is still missing somewhere in my house.

yep hopefully i do get what Im suppose to be expecting hehehe ahh…. sure minori are xenophobic but that doesnt stop em from churning out quality games which are quite hard to hack -_-…

anyway will soon be posting a manga namely hidan no aria @_@ fans of kobuichi art would surely love it hahaha and still im hooked to busou shinki -_- cant play otoboku2 as im still on mac DLing vestige and sora no aogite. So just stay tuned… and I’m still waiting my opportunity to buy trinity universe or hopefully someone willing to lend me a copy before buying one.

6 comments on “It’s that time of the year

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    I googled Trinity Universe and ended up in the Wikipedia page. Whut? A crossover, sounds fun. More Flonne is welcome :3

  2. lonelyamure says:

    Happy birthday, Algester! 誕生日おめでとう, Bon anniversaire! ^^

    You’re getting ef? Mmm… good luck on that~ XD

    Iggy is a big fan of Muririn, Kobuichi, and Ko~cha, lol. Unluckily at this time he’s always busy now >_<:

    Super Dimension game neptune looks so win. Sega gave Compile Heart a chance, and I know it's from Compile Heart (which has yet to release a great game), but maybe it might just be their debut yet! Battle of the consoles, lol. PS3 guardian and Sega Neptune guardian is just win. especially PS3 guardian, which seems sooo tsundere. Neptune is an awesome transformation in her own self, also, and I just can't stress how much I love purple… and bangs and hair like that. Actually, I'm really glad that it's only on PS3 and not multi console. Microsoft's gaming division are not nice people when it comes to what they market. Ugh, the heck is with kinect *facepalm*

    Gust is doing Trinity Universe so I might try looking into that later if there's a chance for me to do so. At the moment my ps3 fattie is still broken and I won't be able to get another one anytime soon. Right now, I just really want a new computer, so I can start using Photoshop again.

    If anything though, I wish I preordered Super Dimension Game Neptune because I heard there's an exclusive artbook that comes special with it… Oh how I would just fathom right now. But I guess I can wait because I want to see what other people think of the game first. Particularily, in Japan.

    • Algester says:

      but it doesnt help the fact that super dimension game neptune is a huge parody of its own @_@… and yes the pre-order of it has the artbook… and i looked at the artist info seems to do a lot of loli art -_- hmm nippon ichi-chan i wonder where they got the color schemes though lol

      • lonelyamure says:

        I think it was from a prinny, wasn’t it? Blue, mainly?

        Might check into the artist later if you indeed say he/she does a lot of loli art. ^^ always interesting to look up these kinds of things.

        Oh yeah and I left out that Gust, IDEA factory, and NIS are all working on Trinity Universe mashing up with characters from Atelier and Disgaea, which are both great series in their own way. Chances are, what I will predict is either it will make the high score, or it will droop down low and disappoint. Though the same goes for Super Dimension~

        Gust can’t disappoint though. I really like the Ar Tonelico and the Atelier Series~

  3. Algester says:

    yep GUST has a lot of things to say when it comes to a franchise hhehe Ar tonelico was a great series only if NISA didn’t do a sloppy job of breaking the game YES THATS AT2 FOR YOU, well considering if you include mana-khemia 1 and 2 on the broken games then yes… these games are also broken god damn NISA

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