Tsukiyo no Fromage Drama CD

Ok since I have been an admirer of Twinkle’s art this brought my attention sharply not to mention this has been in my HD for quite a long time now and thats all thanks to iSiscon for bringing us this release which also happens to be a tie in for Tsukiyo no Fromage Manga which is of course by Twinkle and like Twinkle art the cast really does taste like diabetes so beware!!!


cover features Mearye the girl who found Miu to those who haven’t read the manga which is also available in mangafox.

and the cast is
Hiiragi Miu CV:Miyake Kaya
Mearye CV:Horie Yui
Fiyu CV:Haduki Erino
Ruri Sereena CV:Kugumiya Rie

The drama CD has 4 tracks the first one is the cast’s free talk moment
second we have the Girl’s Closet where in IIRC is about Mearye selecting a swimsuit for Miu which is almost covered in the early chapter of the manga as well
third is Ruri no Jyuujikan nano~ to those who dont know Ruri’s verbal tick is Nano~ and this track wreaks of diabetes especially for kugyu fans out there @_@ its like eating Kurimu usamaru on our ears yes…
and lastly is Chotto dake Patissier  its about the gang’s trip to the patissier not much info as I have heard so far nor have i read about it on the manga but still yeah….
Girl’s Closet
Ruri no Jyuujikan nano
Chotto dake Patissier

and lastly

I mean its a Tinkle related product so yeah… again its Mearye in ‘full’ glory

PS: I wish I could show this to hemi without killing him via MOE SEIZURE

7 comments on “Tsukiyo no Fromage Drama CD

  1. SnooSnoo says:

    Tinkle~ Thanks for the recommendation. Will read it tomorrow :O
    I suppose iSiscon is the new LonE

    P.S. Al, you need to use punctuations more often 😛

  2. lonelyamure says:

    I hear Hemi’s quite the moe fanatic, isn’t he? XD

    Σ(°.°)Illustrations by tinkle? Big fan of her art ever since I found her art on shuushuu ^^; Not to judge a book by it’s cover but indeed if it’s a drama CD with a jacket illustration drawn by tinkle, I’ll check it out~ Only thing I’m afraid of if it is full on Japanese. Nevertheless, I will prevail. ε(°_°)

    Also to mention that I will be reading Tsukiyo No Fromage the manga since it indeed is a Drama CD of that certain series.

    Another thing, the debate over… tinkle’s name LOL. Is it tinkle, bell, or tinkerbell? I’m so confused on that topic, lol. Moe Imouto made that unclear too. Tinkerbell is tagged as a circle and tinkle and bell are both tagged as artists. Oh the horror. All of the tinkle illustrations are tagged with bell too though. Ugh @_@; It’s especially confusing since most of these illustrations are single characters, so I don’t know how they connect, unless one’s doing the eyes and the hair or something and the other is doing the body.

    If you indeed got it via iSiscon, that uploader’s from HF, no? Going to check it out soon ^^ thanks!~

    • Algester says:

      he is indeed quite the moe fanatic to the degree dasaku nearly made a brigade of moe medics @_@ imagine how many moe induced seizures he has ever since m3rry is also prominent to such seizures as well so its not surprising that they can have almost similar posts

      • SnooSnoo says:

        @lonelyamure I believe the circle tinklebell is made up of three artists, bell, tinkle and harukaze setsuna

        Click on the ? beside a tag to learn more about it, although not all tags have additional info.

        reading the manga is like some kinda guilty pleasure. Still I found out the group is better at static images than manga, cos some of the art in the manga is inconsistent @_@

  3. Algester says:

    well for all i know the circle is made of 2 people harukaze setsuna and bell
    artist website most recent

    well i cant say much about the manga being godly consistent but its still capable of radiating some godly MOE aura around it

  4. lonelyamure says:

    Indeed so? Oh, ok ^^ thanks for clearing that up for me. Yeah I just checked the board again, I don’t know why yesterday tinkle had only 43 images tagged. O.o; today it has like 600.

    I must be seeing things @_@ *going dizzy* Anyway, yeah, Tinkle has around 600, Harukaze has like 80, and bell has like 40. *shrug shrug* So I guess that’s a wrap for me then. I only started using moe ever since around last winter, and I’ve gotten pretty used to navigating ^^;

    ATM I’m having weird internet connection problems. Or maybe it’s just my browser engine won’t resize images automatically. 😮 Guess I’ll try restarting my computer.

    ありがとうーございます、snoosnooさん。 Oh yeah and thanks for following me on twitter ^^; followed you back. But be wary I’m an especially volatile twitter user lol. My tweets usually come in random shots <_<;

    @Algester Indeed so? Ah, well I will be able to keep out for their quite moe posts sometime soon. Got to keep my watchglass for it ~.o I have internal bleedings from moe too, but hopefully not as bad as those guys XD

    I have yet to read the manga. Oh, how I need to cram in the time to read it XD

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