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ok after for a long long time of not posting and this game having been done way long time ago as well time to give it a review, you guys may have wondered why I still haven’t posted this yet cause I got busy playing otoboku2 and playing Busou Shinki:Battle Masters on the PSP.

and now so I bring you one of the games produced by Lump of Sugar thats surprisingly kinda felt like Nursery Rhyme all over again and to note that Sakura Saori of ave;new sang the OP is even the highlight of it just like their debut title.

Game Info

Game Site

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Genre: TRAP, Slice-of-Life, Fantasy
Character Designer:
Scenario: セロリ、がのす、Hatsu


So it all starts out in the festival that would comemorate the blooming of the Spring Snow a tree that is found at the center, where Tokitou Kazuki, the Protagonist; is searching for the rumored fairy that his grandfather found while at the center of the island, which is in the Spring Snow. at the same time sightseeing the festival he finds is a loli looking at the making of soba and hungry at that, while continuing on before the true start of the festival he decides to go inside Spring Snow to start his search for the fairy only to find a woman fancily dressed. after a short moment of dismay he goes back to the island’s plaza to meet his cousin Kasumi.

Highlights of the prologue…

and now with the character introductions


土岐遠 一騎 (Tokitou Kazuki)

Your standard protagonist, well he does end up in the beltina school for some reasons other than the fact that what he searches is indeed related to the beltina school, and that he has special previleiges if he even enters the said school which is why some introductions say that its deemed impossible but he did I dont know how or why but he did. In anycase he becomes one of the assistants of the upcoming Beltinas (your other likewise known dancing master of ceremonies). Overall a very likable guy soo likable he makes even a TRAP blush for pete’s sake…

エルステリア・マリーゴールド (Elsterrier Marigold AKA Els)

Caroline’s little sister and also one of Kazuki’s classmates inside the Beltina school, also like her sister wants to be publicly accepted as one ‘grand’ beltina like her sister, but as always Older sister knows best for her imouto so the case is mostly like not what it seems.

土岐遠 カスミ (Tokitou Kasumi)

Kazuki’s huge chested cousin, also also his senior. One thing I do like to note is that she is an estrogen bait brigade to the fact that even the Girls want her -_-. Well if you think that if Gin manages to deepen her relationship with her its borderline Yuri and shes find with it… -_- yep… and yeah she’s also your classical ‘carbon’ cook not that it ends up being carbon colored but they are more on the ‘fresh’ side…, and also she is also the most likely candidate for the Beltina role

リア・ベルリオーズ (Lia Belioz)

Another Kazuki’s classmate and also your resident genki girl, she works in the library and also runs in with the newspaper club for getting rumors and news which is well kinda helpful in some ways concerning with Kazuki’s passion. I did not have yet to mention that ‘Kazuki’s mote-mote harem’ is composed of Beltina candidates (and that they are quite famous in the school as well) so yeah… she’s also one.

水音 銀 (Mizune Gin)

Resident loli of the game and also your typical koushinbou, to the degree her motto is ‘There is nothing that I can not eat’, also happens to be Kasumi’s ‘stalker with a crush’ type character, and also she has the moe MOE blush in the game just look at that picture @_@…, also happens to be Kazuki and co. junior. ohh yeah not only she’s a stalker with a crush, she also has a stalker with a crush as well… to be introduced later.

キャロライン・マリーゴールド (Caroline Marigold)

Elsterrier’s older sister, things may not look much in her appearance but shes quite a dojikko, and is also the Beltina for the Spring Snow celebration, sadly her ‘route’ is not what you can call as a route but it does clear on what Kazuki has been searching for all this time, so yeah she is what more than it seems -_- I mean the OP spoils it all not that shes a pretty important character story wise since she is barely involved with it.

ステッチ (Stitch)

I ask myself do I still have to comment… if I do this post will certainly help, in anycase Stitch enters the Beltina school for its also a school that provides a Buttler course in its curriculum but Babii’s initial sight of Stitch made it prove otherwise since Stitch’s new designated role fits Stitch all together… also to note that Stitch is taking care of at most  6 siblings…

バビィ執事長 (Babii)

Head of the maid service department of the Beltina school and is also the sorter of applicants since he also happens to be the school’s grand master/mascot of sorts, he was also responsible for Stitch’s new assigned department which becomes the reaon how Stitch became Stich that we know now… he does kinda look like an owl though but never seems to fly. He’s always carried by Stitch all the time.

浅川 京司 (Asakawa Kyouji)

Kazuki’s male friend also also his classmate, his voiced by Shirou (Fate/) and Rivaltz (Code geass) so yeah he acts out the role so perfectly that he can be easily be forgotten other than the fact he has a thing for Stitch which leads to luminescent blushing.

ユナハ・クリスティ (Yunaha Christie)

Gin’s stalker with a crush which also means is that shes a lolicon as well, She happens to be the Beltina school’s instructor and is quite close with Kasumi (but with Gin being close with Kasumi is indeed another case) for that matter she also thought Caroline or prolly the other way around. In any case to those people who played W.L.O. the nosebleed is such nostalgia. Ahh… -_-.


Title Screen

Title screen is well kinda straight forward the only animation seen is the view pans out unil you can see the Spring Snow completely. I still dont get what the Coninue button is for since its kinda different from that was used in Tayutama its prolly for quick load but since I still havent tried it so who knows.

Selection and Textbox

The selection does affect the game end well by now you guys reading this should know this and like tayutama you are given a marker to know what selection has been chosen from the previous saved playthroughs. The text box is also to to be noted to have the scene skip function and comes in 2 colors one that is blue if you are in Kazuki’s point of view and the other

and pink if you are in any of the girl’s point of view.


The backlog in the only thing I could say what the Ethronell engine gave it is the fact you can now backtrack scenes from the backlog by clicking the text @_@ thats just delish… other than that its your standard backlog.


The config is well pretty much your standard fanfare other than the fact that its mostly blue in color just like the game’s theme being water centric… -_-.

Save and Load

Ok disrefarding the fact that the save is quite pinkish in hue there is the friendly 2 stop buttons that any windows user knows and thats copy and delete really handy when organizing save files lol in any case you have 10 slots to fill in to pages so thats a whooping 100 save slots total plus 10 for quick save which you can manually overwrite for convenience and yeah pretty much straight forward other than the copy delete part.

the load is quite purplish in hue and has the same gimmicks as the Save part.

and now the Omake!!


CG mode

Ahh just like tayutama-it’s happy days- its very all too similar the CG mode is still quite staple with all so awe CG quality Ahh… -_- reminds me of more Nue antics…

Scene Recollection

The only thing that is worth mentioning is that to the people like me who just use ctrl on H scenes this is where the reason is anyway all other heroines have 3 H scenes except for Caroline who has an effing one, wonder what the writers have been thinking anyway… so no comments for me to do here.

Sprite Viewer

If I’am not mistaken this is the first tim Lump of SUgar decides to put in a sprite viewer in their games well the only mishap in here is that the backgrounds are not complete in what you see in game like the time in day sunset or night. for the BGs other than that its still good now that they have it here as well, the sprite viewer that it.

Music Mode

Ahh the music mode one of the crowning things that Prism rhythm has to offer because one thing is certain its top notch really.. it does let you imagine the fantasy theme the game has and also you can play the OP movie if you want more Sakura Saori moments.

Extra mode

I cant post pic here but one thing you guys should know ones your done with all the routes this gets to be unlocked and you can say this is the ‘Caroline route’ that I have been talking about.

Opinions/Last Words

Seeing how far Lump of Sugar gave us our usual need for Diabetes they have presented us yet another one with a slice-of-life story with fantasy elements in it, In anycase to those people who have followed LoS when they first debuted with Nursery Rhyme can still take this if you want to reminisce on what made Lump of Sugar the company for its name sake AKA diabetes with lovable characters, but off course seeing that this team was entirely another set of people than the ones who made Nursery Rhyme, to those who are expecting something like Itsusora or Tayutama interms of story dont expect it. This could be a ‘disappointment’ to Lump of Sugar but overall its still good other than the fact its draggy in terms of its events, I would happily recommend this to those who still does’nt know LoS though.

PS: seeing this I wont be surprised if Lump of Sugar ever makes a sister company with these staff and with ZIPPERSROOM still being the main company’s artists.

and now


Story: 7/10
Characters: 9/10
CGs: 9.5/10
Music: 9/10

and now back to my PSP and mecha musumes (Busou Shinki) and prolly start again with otoboku 2 with 3 routes left to do.

10 comments on “Prismrhytm Review

  1. warum says:

    As usual I love mousing over your pictures to find which comment is out of the group!

    Definitely agree that the story got draggy, and I’d go even further to say the dragging adds no important plot elements (such as with Gin’s route T.T).
    Oddly enough, the extra route felt gave the most satisfying ending for me, and it was the shortest! Maybe its just a preview for fandisk.

    Still, I have to say Gin’s business card is one of the cutest things I’ve witnessed to date…even comes with chance to win another one!

  2. SnooSnoo says:

    >> Scene Recollection
    Admit it, you just want a Stitch H-scene xP

  3. m3rryweather says:

    I was really sad when there wasn’t a real Caroline route. Isn’t she supposed to be a really important character? What gives man?!

    • Algester says:

      I was not sure what the writers were thinking about but yeah she is an important character @_@ and only 1 H-scene to effing boot does not give justice

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