Ok if anyone has been following my twitter lately this post is going to relevant to that whilst playing Prismrhythm by Lump of Sugar
introducing to us according to the character site…

I can never go wrong…. yeah if visit the character site for Prismrhythm you guys will know what I mean… sure there’s Shinobu from KissxMaou but that does’nt take the bait for another lovable TRAP and an extra with a decent character “plot sidequest” can we now…

“HE/SHE” CLEARLY MIGHT NEED A ROUTE even if it was cleared in game…

seriously “his” reactions make you want to question both his gender and sexuality… yeah… short post is short but since I need to get back to playing this fluffy game again I’ll post as much as I can… be that “him” or the review.

his reactions are not route specific I might get more as I play the game… yep…

and yep the cast might need to constantly remind themselves that STITCH IS A MAN @_@… such is an attractive genderbend

cause in Kasumi’s route Kyouji is ghey for him

3 comments on “WHY… just WHY! LUMP OF SUGAR!!

  1. Amoirsp says:

    Honestly, I never saw that one coming.

  2. lonelyamure says:

    Prismrhythm, huh? Well… I guess they really wanted to pose the intriguing question by sticking in some sort of weird reacting creature.

    Heeeek, you might be lucky that it is an owl. I find those things quite worth the speculation… Strange… watashi lol

  3. […] ask myself do I still have to comment… if I do this post will certainly help, in anycase Stitch enters the Beltina school for its also a school that […]

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