You gaku First Impression

yeah its going to be one day left before collage life starts to butt-hurt me all over again so this could be my last post for the remainder of a 4 month period <_<

anyway presenting Powerful-soft’s debut game which is also the sister company of C:drive from which meromerocute is also under and also bringing back 榊MAKI’s character designs along with a partner 瑠奈璃亜.

after trying out 3 routes namely Tachibana Sekka, Lilith Loveheart and the ohh so delish Bridget Steiner I’ll be post my first impression of the game, firstly I have noticed that well the writers (there are 2 and I’d still consider them rookies even if one of them has years of experience but none of his games came to my mind) just well they did a good just making a fetish fuel game, not that I think that was the aim for anyway, but what the heck, the routes are medium in length but its just like piecing a bunch of things together making it not much of an ideal result and pluss they are like Campanella character centric routes with nothing pretty much to tie into the main plot, well considering this could also be a slice-of- life game with a setting that came straight out of Rosario + Vampire. But what the heck now time to jot in down the main highlights of my playthrough first

Here is Tachibana Sekka the school’s idol though may not act like much nearly making her an exported character of Yagisawa Mio which was my main interest in her to take her route they nearly both have the same personalities except with some quirks, her race is that of a Yuki-Onna and can be classified as a gamer oujo and a second “personality” which seems to be rooted from family bloodline. and plus her casual is a wa lolita (which is technically not rare but only a handful use this type of fashion in games)

then theres the second

a knife wielding ice queen (another endangered trait in the industry) witch Bridget Steiner even if I took her route coincidentally the end result was more satisfying that it intended which makes it more delish… too ohh yeah not to mentionnot only is she a megganekko she also has

a class A Zettai Ryouiki and shima-pan @_@… truly fetish fuel is not just an understatement.and considering she sports a twin pigtails hair and is ice cold I could nearly count her a class S zettai ryouiki (TVTROPES WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!!) and being the game’s resident Ice Queen its the job of her route to defrost her like always <_< and trully her Ice queen trait made me like her on the get go Y_Y… bah… well but at least the writers did prolly understand what people wanted in the first place until you can get her ending will you just get to know how much she defrosts. YEAH HANDS DOWN THOUGH NOT TAKING WAIFUS or anything hands down I’ll take Bridget haha XD

6 comments on “You gaku First Impression

  1. Wrathkal says:

    Woah, this is EXACTLY what I’d look for. Mio-type idol/princess character + ice queen. Glad to see my initial interest in this series won’t let me down.

    • Algester says:

      well it depends my tip for this game is basely to just go through the routes you want… unless your into those kinds of fetishes that the whole cast can impose on you… then whatever your flow goes buddeh!

  2. warum says:

    I’m abit confused on the term Zettai Ryouiki…at first I thought it meant the area covering the inner thighs and before the pantsu but it seems there are classes of Zettai Ryouiki and seem to count as an adjective describing moe-level… D: Save meee I need to know.

    But either way, Bridget looks very delish. Good luck in college.

  3. m3rryweather says:

    So is there as much ero as the amount of sample CG’s on the website? 😀

    • Algester says:

      3 H scenes was the max…. but there is one exemption for alesia she has one of the most ero scenes in the game after all you get 4-5 h scenes to her… “plot” and game wise

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