色に出でにけりわが恋は Review

So after a quite a long slumber on posting I decided to post yet once more before schooling starts and getting busy yet again <_<.

Now Windmill brings us a game all about having an oujo-centric life and PENGUINS!! ok… totally and oh yeah the game by default is wide screen

Game Info


Random Gist

Genre: Oujo-sama, Comedy
Character Designer: Ko-cha, Narumi Yuu (11eyes)
平 内太兵衛 (one of the routes in prism ark lovelove maximum)


So it all starts out as an ordinary day for Yuuto, living in a prestigious shinto shrine being rich and all, studying in a school that was formerly an all-girl school, until he gets home, until he was shocked to see a maid who greeted him and told him his attending duty as a Kamiki family member to oversee the result of the “Sentou no Gi”, which is a battle of sorts by the Main Branch of his family the Tenjou’s which will determine the succeeding head of the Tenjou family between the Tenjou’s; namely Kikyou and Rio, as the maid explains that since Yuuto’s father was not around (who was apparently busy overseas and clearly did not inform of his son about the match) and that he was suppose to oversee the result, its boils down to Yuuto as the stand-in judge. To which hilarity ensues

with that well I’ll just get along with the introductions


神木 悠人(Kamiki Yuuto)

Your average protagonist, neither dense but has a streak of starting up a roll of tsukkomi in his comments, practically he lives alone and does everything in the house clearly and wakes up quite early in the morning to clean the shrine grounds well nothing much I can say about this guy. Well other than the fact that all of his childhood friends have routes and all of them are females what can I say more about this guy.

天城 梨桜 (Tenjou Rio)

Kikyou’s sister from Britain who came to Japan via a rocket (don’t ask me where it comes from), to participate in the “Sentou no Gi”, well all I can say shes quite a lively character which Yuuto tends to play with in the lines of Manzai, after the hilarity incident of the first match she decides to train in the Kamiki shrine until she will be able to beat her sister, plus she for some reasons tends to act like a dog and has been a running joke ever since ok…ok… not that I can’t complain anything about it right Zen?

天城 桔梗 (Tenjou Kikyou)

Rio’s sister and what the school say being a perfect girl. She was also the school’s student council president later becoming the student council adviser of sorts she owns a garden at the school rooftop. And her present personality is a personality just “forged” out of necessity for becoming the next head of the Tenjou family her real personality is quite a quirck to it so I’ll consider it as a spoiler.

鈴枝 小町 (Suzueda Komachi)

One of Yuuto’s childhood friends, and is currently working on her grandfather’s bakery and wishes to succeed the shop so she tries to bake some breads which she brings to Yuuto’s shrine while working part time to have him taste not that its going to end up in carbon cooking anyway, and Rio calls her a witch so figure out why was Rio’s wanko personality became a running joke. Plus not to mention she has that largest bust size of the cast which Yuuto prods on in anycase.

御園 美苑 (Misono Misono)

Head maid of the Tenjou family main house, she is also the maid who greeted Yuuto at the prologue of the game, and the quirck to the maids in the Tenjou household is that they have various standard issue equipment this varies from RPG launchers to flintlock rifles to tea trays, and she wakes up Rio in Yuuto’s shrine before coming to school (well technically she goes with Kikyou as a disguised maid of sorts). and tends to be the straight person in Yuuto’s manzai approach due to her deadpan seriously look all the time.

楓 柚菜 (Kaede Yuzuna)

Token loli of the game, as well as your genki anemic (yes one of the world’s oxymoron) well truth is that she suffers from hematemesis but is also likely caused by anemia (my research told me otherwise), has an addiction to penguins and is also one of Yuuto’s childhood friends. Every time she has hematemesis attacks Tomone comes to get her every time and almost anytime in anyplace.

春風 朋音 (Harukaze Tomone)

The last of Yuuto’s childhood friends introduced, well for all I know she is like the attendant of Yuzuna in terms of her health and is always accompanied by ambulance sounds every time she gets her, well pretty much I know little about her myself even if I read through the game…. seriously…

鳥羽 綾媛 (Toba Ayame)

A family friend of the Tenjou sisters but is more close to Rio as she was in-debt to her when she went also to study in Britain.

大原 九郎 (Oohara Kurou)

Well not really like not Yuuto’s best male friend but he certainly almost acts like one, his family is closely related to the Tenjou family but its because his family belongs to an Intelligence branch that the Tenjou family seems to use that makes his family quite useful. In any case he always tends to pop out from now where with sparkles (something thats like straight out of a shoujo manga).

and now the System


Title Screen

Like the past Windmill games ones you clear a route you will gain the extra menus and those are the omake and the extra stories of the routes you have so far taken over all its straight forward with the bright color of pink haha

Textbox & Selection

As opposed to the title screen color theme the text box is quite colorful to those who has played Happiness! will exactly know what I mean what good about the text box is that it has a scene skip pretty handy to those you want to skip but none the less due to the game length its nearly useless but what the heck, then there is the selection well not much gimmick there is but still if you want to see the responses of the characters then go ahead however it does determine your route but theres also the rewind button for those other selections yet again another gift haha.

how amusing you asked? here’s a sample and there you have it.


Well for much what I can say I can not say anything with the backlog again its straight forward system stuff click on the line to replay the voice if you use AGTH (or other similar programs) highlighting the line automatically captures the lines as well.


Ok for the Config again its has your standard buttons the only difference in here is that it has a surround effect option but who in the right mind would use it anyway? there is also a dramatic mode option but I really do not know what it does tried it and there was no effects anyway.

Save & Load

Well again to those who might have known about windmill engine is that they normally give you a starting 10 save slots however the change here was that you know have about 120 slots and can still be expanded plus the other noticeable change are the three friendly buttons namely move copy and delete and yeah as you can see its predominantly pinkish in hue.

Well for the load screen like the save screen only predominantly blue in hue just like campanella… bah…

and now for the


CG mode

There is nothing much for me to say here well its your standard fare CG viewer yep… well technically all the buttons to go to Omake mode is also at the title screen by their respective buttons.

Scene Recollection

For H scenes the number varies having maximum of 3 scenes for main heroines namely Kikyou, Rio and Komachi while others have 2 to 1 H scene.

Sprite Viewer

The most enjoyable part in every Windmill game is the sprite viewer as the name implies it lets you view character models in bust mode and full body mode which is what I used for character portraits.

Music Mode

Well here is the Music mode well I have mixed feelings about it since some of them are good and some of them are your standard feel of theme I can’t say anymore than that… now next is the extra story menu.

Extra Story

Every time you accomplish a route you will get your epilogue story which in turn unlocks extra H scene and a side story in any case they are fun to read which I guess was the emphasis of the story anyway.

and lastly my Verdict

Opinions/Last words

The game is really short if you have the time I guess 1 day tops I could recommend this to you for some of the fun reads once in a while like what m3rry told me its like the cast is really acting on their own but I guess thats the beauty of the story anyway its more on slice-of-life and school-life story with oujo-samas tucked into the bundle, though I may not have enjoyed it quite a bit since Happiness! was more enjoyable. I guess it really depends on the writer now a days to come up with good ideas for the story no matter how weird the results can get. But what the heck comedy and slice-of-life have never been this fun without TRAPS (prolly one of the reasons why I enjoyed Happiness!) of course.


Story: 6/10
Characters: 8/10
CGs: 9.5/10
Music: 8/10

well now to post what made Denikeri known for among prolly fellow ero-bloggers alike

I mean its such a waste if I did'nt use the Penguin right?

now to find my next dream game

4 comments on “色に出でにけりわが恋は Review

  1. m3rryweather says:

    I was disappointed at the story length but I still enjoyed myself with all the quirky dialogue, Yuuto’s ERO DRIVE TO DA MAX and loads of BLUSHING. YEEEAAAAHHH!!!

    Where’s the Ayame route? ;_;

    • Algester says:

      YEAH!! WHERE IS HER ROUTE!! god… they should add AYAME ROUTE but prolly it’ll end up into some sort of 3P anyway but still… its amusing that way

  2. warum says:

    Misono is :D.

    Other than the each stories being abit short, I found some inconsistencies in Rio character. Well, it could be just me but I found the transition from a high class sword wielding lady to a dog-like dancing boke character to be awkward (nooo my image of an ojousama is ruined).

    They also brought my hopes up with the sword fight foreshadow that led to nothing but 2 line dialogues with anti-climatic fight and no fight CG’s.

    My greatest complaint would be there is practically no plot-like element. The whole game could be just summarized into two words: Character interaction. Sure, you can have people moving in and out the mansion and have romance, but there weren’t any major conflicts that is threatening.

    Well, not that there are too much story to expect from a gag eroge…

    *also votes for ayame route*

  3. Wrathkal says:

    Glad to see you’re updating the blog. Overall a 6/10 interest rating for me, so I doubt I’ll touch this.

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