Taking a drive on the dere lane

Ahh Mercuria its like Aria but with a royal family and magic!! yeah…. I’am not sure about how deep the magic aspect would be in the game anywayz

we all start with Nagatsuki Wataru and his friends going to school. All is normal until…he and his friends suddenly get drop into a puddle of water and suddenly ends up into a beachfortunately and unfortunately of him as he got separated with his friends, fortunately for his eyes other than seeing the landscape of the beach his first sight gets to be like all other drifted characters we know… his first sight will always be a yep… his first images of the world he gets drifted into… well all she ways that hes in Artoretika and that they are in a private island and as by law of their world who ever gets to meet a person from the other worlds gets to “claim” them and let him or her do what the finder want him or her to do… luckily for the bastard he gets to be her friend cause in school she does not have any friends… how ever as people who came from the other worlds are normally not yet used to the atmosphere of their world so, in other words he gets some seizure attacks and next sight he beholds

yep a pretty lucky dude indeed and anyway after some series of unfortunate events, and finds the girl’s name to be Fiolelilia shortened to Ria on the beach he finally gets to see what Artoretika looks like and that apparently he’s in the Kingdom of Inblulia looks like which is

apparently in a peculiar shape and contains all known landmarks of Venice to those who have watched Aria you will know San Marco Square along with Saint Mark’s Campanille and the Grand Canal yeah I got the vibes of Aria when seeing the entire thing… anyway moving along on finding a way to get home they go in the academia to find the head of the school while at the same time looking for Ai; A mute loli, Himiko, his childhood friend and his Buddhist buddy, which he finally finds out that someone was already claimed Ai and Himiko, and finds out to be the head of the school; Kurarii Gentile, apparently she is a closest yuri who also knows about the ancient magic and so on and so forth… luckily for them the ancient language for magic is strangely familiar to them which is apparently their native dialect the Japanese language it could’nt even get simplier lol and thus start their knowledge in magic and finding a way to get back home ASAP. And thus also begins his new life into the magical world of dere-ness and water magic for Wataru and his friends…

2 comments on “Taking a drive on the dere lane

  1. Wrathkal says:

    Here’s a question: In order to have that law, they obviously must have had otherworlders come by rather often. Apart from the protag and his friends, are there any others?

    Claiming sounds so unfair…

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